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his arm-chair, with a book in her torney-general, the papers which hand, and the candle burning be- er-officio passed through his hands hind her on a table. At half-past from the Cour de Cassation. It six a gaoler entering the room, is said, he has in some degree spoke to her, but met with no re- committed himself by keeping ply; he repeated the question, these important documents full and astonished at the continued two days longer than the law ausilence, he approached nearer to thorises, in his possession. The the lady, when, with a smile, suc- attorney-general must have done ceeded by strong convulsions, she his duty immediately, and Lavaexclaimed Il est parti !"-you lette would have been to-night a may imagine the confusion. The headless trunk." prefect of the police was acquaint- 21. As Captain Thompson, of ed with the event at a quarter be- the Cistus, Newcastlc trader, and fore seven ; estafettes were dis- two of his brother captains were patched in every direction, and proceeding on board their ressels the barriers closed. It was at first in a sculler, about nine o'clock in rumoured that the ministers them- the evening, one of the captains selves had concurred in his eva- suddenly started up to prevent it sion; that an English gentleman barge running foul of them, when, had conducted him away in his by reason of his leaning too much carriage, which was waiting at on one side, and the tide running the end of the street for him; that very strong, the sculler upset, and one of the turukeys had fled with the whole were plunged into the him, &c. The first of these re- river. The consequence was, that ports is absurd, the others I am capt. T. and another were drownneither able to confirm nor con- ed; but the other captain and the tradict.

scullerman by a miracle were The police traced the chair two saved. The captain and scullerstreets distant; there, it appears, man were driven by the tide near M. de Lavalette alighted and step- to a boat, when a person who was ped into the carriage that was in in it, seeing a hand above water, readiness for him. It is conjec- instantly caught hold of it, and tured he will fly into Bavaria, drew the person into his boat, where his intimate friend and re- who proved to be the captain of lation prince Beauharnois will re- the Ljrothy, and to his great surceive him with open arms, and prise the scullerman had clung the influence of that distinguished fast to his leg. The body of capcharacter is so great with the king, tain Thompson has been found, that should he reach his territo- and taken on shore, but we do not ries, there can be little doubt of learn that the other captain has his future safety. This well-cun- yet been found. ducted plan was executed with pe- 26.-Last week, as two boys, culiar felicity, and at the decisive about 11 or 14 years old, were moment; for M. Barbé Marbois, employed in a barn, at Penreur, after several invitations, was re- in St. Keverne, Cornwall, where luctantly obliged to send yester- a loaded gun had been incautiousday evening to his majesty's at- ly left, the elder one took it up,


and snapped it at the other, the lars of which are as follows: charge of which entering the back On the day in question, about 19 part of his head, passed through o'clock, at which hour none of his mouth, and carried off his Mr. Kean's men, except one, who tongue, and he immediately ex- works in the stables, were on the pired.

premises, three men, one of whom 97.-- Eaton, the Pedestrian.- had the appearance of a miller, Yesterday morning, at a quarter came to the yard; they first went past eight o'clock, this person to the dwelling-house, and told completed his task of walking the female servant, they came for 1,100 miles in 1,100 hours, upon some corn, which was lying in a Blackheath. The early period of certain part of the granary, and the day, however, at which the that they had a cart at the gate to performance was concluded, in- take it away. The servants not duced the pedestrian to continue suspecting any thing wrong, sufhis labours throughout the day, fered the cart to drive up to the and this he was requested to do, granary, and the two men put six by a large party of respectable quarters of corn into the cart, the persons, who proposed visiting master amusing Mr. Kean's cook ihe scene of his operations at four and nursemaid in the mean time o'clock. At this hour he finally with his conversation; when the retired from the course, in the loading was finished, the cart most perfect health and strength, drove off, and was clear of the greeted by the cheers of an im- premises long before the fraud mense multitude of people. Within was discovered. the last few days, Eaton was vi- 30.-One of the most serious sited by several persons of fashion foods took place in the Tyne that as well as sporting celebrity.- has happened since the great flood Captain Barclay was also on the in 1777. Great damage was done ground. Eaton it appears is a na- to the small craft in the river. tive of Woodford, near Thrap. We hear that by the violence of ston, in Northamptonshire, and current in South Tyne, two of since his youth has been equally the arches of Haydon bridge have distinguished for health and a

been destroyed. Great damage power of pedestrianism, scarcely has also been done by this storm known in his own country. The on the banks of the Wear and facility with which he has exe- Tees.- Newcastle Paper. cuted his unexampled task, and 31.—This morning the inhabithe unimpaired vigour he has still tants of Finsbury-square were preserved, have induced him to thrown into the greatest consterpropose some further undertak- nation in consequence of a fire ings, with a view to derive some which broke out at the house of advantage from his extraordinary Mr. Mitchel, broker and appraispowers.

er, in Crown-street, corner of the 29.-A most audacious robbery square, which burned with such was committed a few days since, rapidity that the family experion the premises of Mr. Kean, corn- enced the greatest difficulty to factor, on Bankside, the particu- escape with their lives. It was


discovered by one of the servant- were 7050, viz. males 3462, femaids, who got up about seven males, 3588; deaths, 7047; maro'clock, and finding the lower riages, 1963 ; divorces, 14. part of the house quite full of Patriotic Donation.-The rector smoke, informed her fellow-ser- of Framlingham, in Suffolk (the vant, who instantly alarmed her. Rev. Mr. Norcrosse), soon after master and mistress, and then the battle of Waterloo, wrote, to went down stairs with two of the the duke of Wellington, stating children and escaped. Mr. M. that in his opinion, the non-comwas also coming down with two missioned officers of the British more of the children under his army were by their valourous arm, but was prevented by the conduct on that day entitled to flames ascending up to the first some distinct marks of their counfloor. He returned, and happily try's approbation, and therefore got out at the garret window, and he felt disposed for one to offer after leaving the children safe at a his humble tribute to their merit. neighbour's house, he returned In order that this might be proand succeeded in getting out Mrs. perly applied, he requested the Mitchel and the rest of the family favour of his Grace to point out the same way. They had scarcely to him the non-commissioned offileft the rooin when the floor fell cer whose heroic conduct, from in with a dreadful crash, the the representations which his flames issuing out at every aper- Grace had received, appeared ture. The neighbours and seve- most prominent, to whom he, ral engines arrived, but their ef- the rector, meant to convey, in forts were of no avail, as the fire perpetuity, a freehold farm, value appeared to burn with increased 10l. per annum. The duke set fury, until in about half an hour the enquiry immediately on foot, the whole of the premises, con- through all the commanding offisisting of a shop, dwelling-house, cers of the line, and in conseand a large warehouse full of quence, learnt that a serjeant of goods, at the back, were totally the Coldstream, and a corporal consumed. The adjoining house of the 1st regiment of guards, had also sustained considerable had so distinguished themselves, injury, and undoubtedly would that it was felt difficult to point have been destroyed, only for the out the most meritorious ; but exertions of the firemen, who pre- that there had been displayed by vented the raging element from the serjeant an exploit arising out extending any further. It is sus- of fraternal affection, which he pected that this calamity was wil- felt a duty on this occasion to refully occasioned by some evil dis- present, viz.—That near the close posed person ; one person, how- of the dreadful conflict on the ever, is in custody on suspicion, 18th, this distinguished serjeant and will be fully examined before impatiently solicited the officer the magistrates on the diabolical commanding his company, for charge to-morrow.

permission to retire from the In Amsterdam, during the pre- ranks for a few minutes; the latsent year, the registered births ter expressing some surprize at this request, the other said, - safely for the moment, under a Your honour need not doubt hedge, he returned to his post in of my imme'liate return :" per- time to share in the victorious mission being given him, he flew pursuit of the routed enemy! We to an adjoining barn, to which the need scarcely add, that the supeenemy had set fire, and from rior merit of this gallant nonthence bore on his shoulder his commissioned officer was thus wounded brother, who he knew established, and that there is no lay helpless in the midst of the doubt but that ere this he has reflames. Having deposited him ceived the patriotic reward!


& son.


The wife of the Hon. and Rev.

Archibald De Grey, a son.

The wife of the Hon. Edward

Stourton, a son. The wife of G. Smith, Esq.M.P. Lady Selina Ker, a daughter. a son. The lady of J. Owen, Bart. a

March. son. Hon. Mrs. Butler, a daughter.

The wife of the Dean of St. Hon. Mrs. Bland, a son.

Patrick's, Dublin, a daughter. Duchess of Newcastle, a son. The lady of Sir Simon Clarke, The wife of Major.-gen, J. bart. a daughter. Hope, a daughter.

The wife of the Hon. and Rev. Hon. Mrs. Wellman, a son. J. E. Boscawen, a daughter. Lady Harriet Blaquiere, a son. The lady of Sir C. Colville, a

The lady of Viscount Powerscourt, a son.

The lady of Sir G. Cayley, a The lady of Hon. C. Law, a daughter. daughter.

The Lady of Sir H. Fletcher, a Hon. Mrs, Morris, a daughter. son. The wife of Hon. Rob. Leeson, Lady Mary Long, a daugh

ter. Lady of Sir H. Torrens, a The wife of Admiral Young, a daughter.

daughter. Hon. Mrs. Pleydell Bouverie, a The lady of Sir W. Yea, bart. daughter.

a daughter. Lady of Sir George Eyre, bart. The lady of Admiral Sir C. a daughter.

Rowley, a daughter. Viscountess Avonmore, a son. The lady of Sir W. Wake, bart.

Lady of Sir Wheeler Cuffe, a daughter. bart. a daughter. Lady H. Foster, a son.

April. "Lady of Sir T. J. Cochrane, a daughter.

The Duchess of St. Albans, a February

Viscountess Arbuthnot,a daughViscountess Grimston, a daugh- ter. ter.

Right Hon. Lady G. Beresford, Right. Hon. Lady Eliz. Smyth, a daughter.

The lady of Sir Hungerford The wife of James Alexander, Hoskyns, bart. a daughter. es :4. M. P. a son.

The lady of Gen. Sir W. NiLady F. Ley, a son.

cholson, bart. a son. The lady of Sir W. Milner, bart. Lady Emily Drummond, a daughter.

daughter. Lady Blantyre, a daughter. Lady Eliz. Talbot, a son.

The wife of the Hon. and Rev. The lady of Gen. Sir J. Keane, Mr. St. Leger, a son. Vol. LVII.




a son.

a son.

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