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of war: that the militia who had strong guard in the fort. An esalready withdrawn to their habi- act police was maintained in the tations should be protected in per- capital, by which order was person and property, but that those fectly preserved, though it was who were still in arms should be evident that the French inhabittreated as prisoners of war, and ants looked upon their conquerors sent away: that no individual with great aversion. should be molested by the British Some important proceedings in government on account of his po- the House of Assembly of Jamaica litical conduct to the present have been reported as taking place moment: and that the laws, and in the month of October. They private property on shore, should originated from the receipt in that be respected. All the forts, re- island of the copy of the bill redoubts, &c. in the island, with lative to the registry and regulamagazines, arms, and every thing tion of slaves, introduced by Mr. military, were to be delivered to Wilberforce to the House of Comthe British troops ; and all persons mons in the last session. A comunder arms were to surrender mittee had been appointed by the them.

House of Assembly to take into By later intelligence from the consideration the bill in question, West Indies it appeared that Gua- which in their report gave an daloupe, though completely in the opinion that a more solemn inves. martial occupation of Great Bri- tigation, by a committee vested tain, was not reduced to a state with fuller powers, ought to be of tranquillity. A number of made into the allegations and facts French soldiers who had deserted set forth in the bill. They also previously to the surrender of the recommended that the House island, took refuge in the woods, should without delay take into whence they carried on a desultory consideration the constitutional and ferocious war against the posts question arising out of the said of the English, several of whom bill, concerning the legislative auwere killed in their desperate sal- thority within the island. With lies. Many of the inhabitants of relation to this point, they drew Point-a-Petre, who formerly pur- up and offered certain resolutions, sued the trade of privateering, declaratory of what they considerwere suspected of holding corres- ed as the constitutional and un. pondence with them, and supply- alienable rights of the inhabitants ing them with provisions and am- of Jamaica. The first of these demunition. Measures had however clares the right of the colonists of been taken to prevent this inter- Jamaica to enjoy, so long as they course, and a force had been sent have no representatives in the Briagainst the insurgents. A letter tish parliament, a distinct and enfrom Basseterre, dated Nov. 2d, tire civil government. The subasserts that about 300 of Buona- sequent resolutions are suppleparte's adherents in the island mental to the claim advanced in had been apprehended, and that the first. The fifth, however, aca ship load had been sent to Eu- knowledges the authority of parrope, many still remaining under liament to make laws for the general benefit of the empire ; but the same were ordered to be sent the sixth alleges that the parlia- to the agent, with directions that ment has “ in fact, but not of they should be laid before the right,” made laws depriving the ministers of the Prince Regent, colonists of their legal privileges in expressing at the same time a cases mentioned; and the eighth is confident expectation that the expressly directed against the pro- discussions on Mr. Wilberforce's visons of Mr. Wilberforce's bill. bill would be delayed, until an op CHAPTER XIV.


On October 31st the House, portunity was obtained of sendhaving resolved itself into a com- ing over evidence that there are mittee of the whole House, took no grounds for the measures prointo consideration the above re- posed in it, as far as they relate to port and resolutions, which were Jamaica. agreed to nem. eơn.; and copies of

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East Indies.-- Attacks on Kalunga and result.-War of Nepaul.-Con

quest of Candy, and Anneration of the whole of Ceylon.--Disputes with the Chinese --Embassy.--Converts to Christianity.-- Expedition of the Viceroy of Egypt against the Wahabees.-Revolution at Tunis.


WHE vast extension of the ported on thc 27th, an assault

British Company's posses- was directed Colonel Mawby. sions in the East Indies having The storming party, however, proportionally enlarged the sphere met with insuperable obstacles ; of their contact with the neigh- and after the exposure during two bouring powers, always either hours to a galling fire, they were jealous of their sway, or envious ordered to abandon the attack.of their prosperity, it cannot be Their efforts, though unsuccessexpected that they should long re- ful at the time, produced such an main in the enjoyment of perfect effect on the enemy, that the fort peace, even supposing no ambi- was evacuated by its Nepaulese tious views on the part of their garrison on the 30th, and left to own servants; and the present the occupation of the British. In year has afforded some interesting the same month some small forts intelligence of the military kind garrisoned from Gorkah in Nefrom that quarter of the world. paul were taken; and a Nepaulese

A dispatch from the Adjutant- Subah was surprized in his posigeneral of the Company's forces tion, and slain. in Bengal, dated Lucknow, Nov. The British government in In9th, 1814, communicated an ac- dia was now engaged in a direct count of the unfortunate result of war with the state of Nepaul; and an attack upon the fort of Ba- the Vice-president at Fort Willunga, in the Dhoon district, made liam thought it proper to publish, by Major-gen. Gillespie, on Oct. on January 6th, a declaration of 31st. After various unsuccess- the causes which had produced ful attacks on the fort, attended hostilities between them. It begins with a great loss of officers and with observing, that the course of men, the General himself gal- the Gorkah (Nepaulese) conquests lantly cheering on his men within having approximated their fronthirty yards of the gateway, re- tier to that of the company, of its ceived a mortal wound, and the at- ally the Nawaub Vizier, and of tempt was given up. A battering the protected Sikh chieftains, train having been brought from through a great extent of counDelhi, operations against Kalunga try, it was scarcely to be expected were resumed on November 25th, that differences would not arise and a practicable breach being re- among the inhabitants and publie

officers officers of the contiguous districts. engaged in preparing a battery, A minute relation is then given of he was attacked by the enemy in instances in which these have great numbers, who attempted taken place, in all of which the to surround him. The warm reNepaulese government is charged ception they met with obliged with a premeditated system of en- them to retire with loss; and havcroachment. It is affirmed that ing evacuated one stockade, they the Rajah of Nepaul made a pro- took possession of a post at a position for commissioners on small distance with all their force. each side to meet on the spot, and About the close of 1814 and decide the respective claims of the the beginning of 1815, an advance parties, which was accepted, and of the divisions, commanded by Major Bradshaw met two com- Major-generals Waod and Morley, missioners from Nepaul. Their was successfully resisted by the proceedings, after much procras- enemy, who, with much superior tination, were brought to a close, numbers, obliged the assailants and irrefragable proof was ad- to retreat. An attack also, upon duced of the British right to the a stockaded fort, made by the diwhole of what were termed the vision under Major-gen. MartinLow Lands. The Rajah, how- dell, was repulsed with considerever, refused to give them up; able loss. The particulars of these and further application proving petty actions in this remote and ineffectual, the British govern- little known country, as given in ment determined to take up arms, the dispatches, are totally uninwith the resolution not to lay them telligible for want of maps and down, till it had obtained full plans. justice.

It appears that the army of NeThechief command of the forces paul in the early months of the against Nepaul having been en- year occupied a fortified position trusted to Major-gen. Sir David on the Malown range of mounOchterlony, he began his opera- tains, from which Gen. Ochtertions by an attempt to take pos- loney expelled them by a series of session of three points in front of operations on the 14th and 15th his right, by which the supplies of of April, terminating in the estabthe enemy from the interior would lishment of the British troops on be cut off. For this purpose Lieu- that range. On the 16th a destenant-col. Thompson was sent perate attempt was made by the at night, on December 27th, with Gorkah commander in person to a detachment to dislodge them storm the position of the reserve unfrom the stockades which they der Lieut.-col. Thompson, which bad erected on two of these points. terminated in the total defeat of The difficulties of the road having the enemy with severe loss. In prevented him from reaching the the same month Colonel Nicholls first point till late on the follow- · was employed in another part of ing morning, he found the stock- the Nepaul frontier, where he ade too strong to be carried by carried, by assault, the fortified assault, and brought up his ar- heights and town of Almora, retillery against it. Whilst he was pulsed the enemny in a night attack on the British positions, and till at length a suspension of war. on the 27th concluded a conven- fare, rather than a renewal of amition with the principal Gorkah cable intercourse, succeeded, the chiefs of the province of Kemaoon. Candian monarch still refusing to The result of these combined ope- release Major Davie and the offirations was the surrender of the cers captured with bim, and treatGorkah Commander - in - chief, ing them with the greatest barbaUmmer Sing Thappa, the evacua- rity. His tyrannical government tion of the fortresses of Malown becoming insupportable to his suband Iyetuck, and the cession of, jects, many of them removed from the whole country from Kemaoon the interior to the British settle: to the Sutlege ; for which suc- ments, and some of the chiefs apcess, the Governor-general direct- plied for military aid to protect ed that a royal salute should be them against oppression, which, fired at all the principal stations however, our government declined of the army. It seems evident, granting. The atrocious act perhowever, from the details which petrated in October, 1814, of seizhave been published, that the con- ing and cruelly mutilating ten test has been with a bold and ad- natives of the British province of venturous foe, with whom the Columbo who were pursuing their establishment of a lasting pacifi- traffic in the Candian territory, cation is perhaps more to be de- joined with a revolt of the people sired than expected.


on the frontier provinces, against At the opposite extremity of the their tyrant, finally determined Indian peninsula, the island also the English governor to take up of Ceylon afforded employment in arms; and troops were put in mothis year for the British arms. On tion in January, whilst a proclathe transfer of that island from mation was issued promising seHolland to Great Britain, the lat- curity and protection to the Canter succeeded to a singularly cir- dians, and announcing that the cumstanced possession, the ring of court alone was the object of hossea-coast being under European tility. occupation or authority, whilst The Governor and Commanderthe central parts were held by the in-chief, Lieut.-gen. Brownrigg, native Sovereign of Candy. Such arranged the march of the ara divided dominion could not fail my in divisions to avoid the diffiof being the cause of frequent dif- culty in supplying it with proviference; and in 1803 an expedi- sions. This, and the ruggedness tion was undertaken by the Bri. of the roads and rainy weather, tish government against the Can- were in fact the only obstacles dian king, which, after the tem- they had to contend with; for at porary conquest of the capital, fa- no point did they meet with armed tally terminated in the massacre resistance, and the Adigars were or imprisonment of the whole Bri- all ready to join them as soon as tish detachment. The Candian they found it could be done with troops afterwards advanced to the safety to their families. A deBritish frontier, and hostilities tachment entered Candy on Feb. were for some time carried on; Ith, which was found entirely


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