The Poems of Sir Richard Maitland, of Lethingtoun, Knight


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Página xvi - The labour of compiling so rich a collection was undertaken by the author during the time of pestilence, in the year 1568, when the dread of infection compelled men to forsake their usual employments, which could not be conducted without admitting the ordinary promiscuous intercourse between man and his kindred men.
Página xvi - the Buke of the Howlat' by Holland, ' the Buke of the Sevin Sages,' and a fragment of ' the Preistis of Peblis,' besides some prose writings, including the valuable contemporary Chronicle of the reign of James II. of Scotland. From a table of contents at the beginning of the volume, it appears originally to have consisted of 71 articles, 36 of which have been preserved, but partially mutilated. Among the articles in the portion which is lost, were the Bukes ' of Ralf Coilzear,' ' of Sir Golagrus,...
Página 174 - Hunsdon, governor of Berwick ; and being carried to York, suffered there the punishment of his rebellion. The king's party were so sensible of their dependence on Elizabeth's protection, that it was scarcely possible for them to refuse putting into her hands a person...
Página 156 - Scots for furnishing of the minister, John Knox, in his household ; and because he had been furnished on David Forrester's...
Página 17 - And gif thy Hienes plefis for to marie, That thow haive help I pray the Trinitie To cheis and tak ane hufband without tarie, To thy honour, and our utilitie ; Quha will, and may, mantein our libertie...
Página 54 - Thay leif them nocht on bed nor bakis; Baith hen and cok, With reil and rok, The Lairdis Jok, All with him takis. Thay leif not...
Página xii - Mr Dunbar," and several other of our old poets, are under great obligations to Allan Ramsay, who was the first to recommend them to public notice, we shall here insert some lines by him, which are not included in any edition of his works. They were intended to have been prefixed to the Evergreen, and are worthy of preservation, not so much in regard to any merit which they possess, 2 Appendix, p.
Página 51 - For it perteinis to thy majeftie This Colledge to uphauld, or lat it doun ; Bot, will thow it uphauld, as it fould be, It will the help for to mantein thy croun.

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