Poemas Arábigoandaluces

Cola Franzen
City Lights Publishers, 1989 - 91 páginas

These poems, from the astonishing 10th- through 13th-century civilization in Andalusia, are based on the codex of Ibn Sa'id, who wanted poems "whose idea is more subtle than the West Wind, and whose language is more beautiful than a fair face." Spanish readers have long been enchanted by their enduring appeal through the versions by Emilio Garcia Gomez. This poetry of Arab Andalusia made a profound impact on Spain's Generation of '27. Rafael Alberti says that it "was a revelation for me and had a great influence on my work, but above all influenced the work of Federico Garcia Lorca.

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Review: Poems of Arab Andalusia

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Poetry is always a good conversation starter! Leer reseña completa

Review: Poems of Arab Andalusia

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I read this in college and absolutely loved it! Beautiful and moving poetry. I regret loaning it to a classmate who never returned it ... now I'm planning to buy it again, because this is something I'm planning to re-read in the future. Leer reseña completa

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Sobre el autor (1989)

Cola Franzen has translated from Spanish some twenty volumes of prose and poetry, including Poems of Arab Andalusia (City Lights), Claudia Guilln's The Challenge of Comparative Literature, and Dreams of the Abandoned Seducer by Alicia Borinsky.

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