Charged and Neutral Particles Channeling Phenomena: Channeling 2008, Proceedings of the 51st Workshop of the INFN ELOISATRON Project, Erice, Italy, 25 October-1 November 2008

Sultan B. Dabagov, Luigi Palumbo
World Scientific, 2010 - 848 páginas
The Status of the SPARC Project / A. Cianchi -- Laser-plasma acceleration : first experimental results from the Plasmon-X Project / L. A. Gizzi ... [et al.] -- The powerful nanosecond duration electron beam effect on the crystalline tungsten target / Y. N. Adischev ... [et al.] -- "Shadowing" of the electromagnetic field of a relativistic electron / G. Naumenko ... [et al.] -- The acceleration of the charged particles in a low temperature acoustoplasma / A. S. Abrahamyan, A. R. Mkrtchyan and R. B. Kostanyan -- The experimental study of the surface current excitation by a relativistic electron electromagnetic field / G. A. Naumenko ... [et al.] -- Synchrotron radiation from a charge moving along helical orbit around a dielectric cylinder / A. A. Saharian and A. S. Kotanjyan -- Particle acceleration in a helical wave guide / X. Artru and C. Ray -- Effect of heavy ion charge fluctuations on Cherenkov radiation / V. S. Malyshevsky -- Hard photons powerful radiation of electron bunch interacting with plasma beat waves / A. Shamamian and L. Gevorgian -- Diffraction radiation as a diagnostics tool at flash / M. Castellano, E. Chiadroni and A. Cianchi -- Methods of charged particle beam cooling / E. G. Bessonov -- Ray tracing calculation of PXR produced in curved and flat crystals by electron beams with large emittance / K. A. Ispirian ... [et al.] -- On dynamic effects in coherent x-radiation of relativistic electron in Bragg scattering geometry / S. V. Blazhevich and A. V. Noskov -- Optimization of relativistic electron diffracted transition radiation yield / S. V. Blazhevich and A. V. Noskov -- Geometrical effect of target crystal on PXR generation as a coherent x-ray source / Y. Hayakawa ... [et al.] -- Observation of dynamical maxima of parametric x-ray radiation for 20 Me V electron energy beam / A. R. Mkrtchyan ... [et al.] -- The comparison of monochromatic x-ray sources based on compact electron accelerators and x-ray tube / Yu. N. Adischev ... [et al.] -- Labsync : a project to develop a European facility based on a table-top synchrotron light source / G. Di Domenico ... [et al.] -- New experimental results with optical diffraction radiation diagnostics / E. Chiadroni ... [et al.] -- The radiation yield in different spectral ranges from low density structured laser plasma with different high Z-admixture / V. Rozanov and G. Vergunova -- Time and angular distributions of ions transmitted through insulating capillaries / F. F. Komarov and A. S. Kamyshan -- X-ray propagation in multiwall carbon nanotubes / P. A. Childs ... [et al.] -- Tunable x-ray source based on mosaic crystals using for medicine applications / D. A. Baklanov ... [et al.] -- Capillary optics based x-ray micro-imaging elemental analysis / D. Hampai ... [et al.] -- Neutron number enhancement in uranium thin film waveguides / S. P. Pogossian -- Schwinger scattering of fast neutrons in aligned crystal / Yu. P. Kunashenko and Yu. L. Pivovarov -- Experimental investigation of Smith-Purcell radiation focusing by using the parabolic gratings / G. A. Naumenko ... [et al.] -- Plasma channels in air produced by UV laser beam : mechanisms of photoionization and possible applications/ V. D. Zvorykin ... [et al.]

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