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Página 277 - VIRGIL, adapted for the Use of English Schools. By the Rev. F. METCALFE. With Notes at the end. 12mo. cloth 076 CICERO, with Notes and Indexes.
Página 275 - THE ANABASIS OF XENOPHON, based upon the Text of BORNEMANN: with Introduction, Geographical and other Notes, Itinerary, and Three Maps compiled from Recent Surveys and other Authentic Documents. By the Rev. JF MACMICHAEL, BA, Trinity College, Cambridge ; Head Master of the Grammar School, Ripon. New Edition, revised, price 5»., cloth.
Página 277 - BROWNING'S History of the Huguenots. 8vo. sewed .060 BUTTMAN'S (Dr. P.) Intermediate, or Larger Greek Grammar. New edit., by Dr. CHARLES SUPF. 8vo. cloth . 0 12 0 BYTHNER'S Lyre of David. By the Rev. T. DEE, AB New edition, by NL BE.NMOHEL, AM 8vo. cloth .1 40 pAESAR de Bello Gallico.
Página 203 - The legislative power is vested in a Congress consisting of a House of Representatives and a Senate, and the executive in a President. Representatives, elected by each state, at the rate of one member for 80,000 inhabitants, hold their places for two years.
Página 275 - M. Tullii Ciceronis Cato Major, Sive de Senectute, Laelius, Sive de Amicitia, et Epistolae Selectae. By G. Long, MA 4s.
Página 278 - FLUGEL'S German and English, and English and German Dictionary. With numerous alterations and corrections. New edition. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth . .180 , Abridged. New and revised edition, 1 2mo.
Página 276 - Long's connexion with the work is something more than nominal. It is a bond fide production of his hand, — not a mere make-up from foreign and other sources, labelled with his name. From first to last it bears the impress of his vigorous and well-stored mind. We scarcely know which more to admire, the ability with which important matters are handled, or the honest pains-taking care which has been bestowed on the minutest points, — points which, though essential to accuracy, many an editor would...
Página 277 - CICERO de Amicitia, de Senectute, &c. With Notes, &c., by G. LONG, Esq., MA, Trinity College, Cambridge.
Página 20 - It is bounded on the N. by the Arctic Ocean; on the W. by the Atlantic Ocean; on the S. by the Mediterranean Sea, the Sea of Marmora, the Black Sea, Sea of Azof, and the Caucasian Mountains; on the E.
Página 276 - Mr. Long's name stands deservedly so high, that those who feel any interest in a work like this will need nothing more than the above brief announcement to assure them that we are likely to have here an edition of Cicsar surpassing and superseding any one that has previously appeared in this country.

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