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Mordel, Mr. John, Speenhamland Phillips, Mr. S. Manchester
Morris, Capt. Park-street, Grosvenor Pike, Rev. J. B. M. D.

Pike, Mr. John
Morris, Mr. Ratcliffe-highway

Pike, Mr. Waihington
Mullet, —, Esq. Steining-lane

Pike, Mr. Watchmaker, Bunhill-row
Musgrave, Mr. Cambridge

Pierce, Mr. Cutrile, Thames-street
Pierce, Mr. James, Camberwell

Pitt, Mr. Robert

Pope, Mr. H. Birmingham

Potter, Mr. Five Foot-lane, Bermondsey
Nah, Mr. Royston, Cambridgethire Podmore, Robert, Esq. Well-tr. Hackney
Nellou, Rev. T. Newark

Poole, Mr. Joseph, Brook-street, Holborn
Newbery, Mr. Wm, High Wycombe Prattern, Mr. Engraver, Cloth-fair
New Book Society, Maidstone

Preston, Mr. Borough
Newman, Mr. Dock-Town, Devon Preston, Mr. F. Sloane-street
Niass, Mr. Cockspur-street

Priestman, Mr. Princes-street, Leicester,
Northmore, Rev. Tho. F. S. A. Quech square
street, May-Fair

Pritt, Mr. John, Wood-Street
Notcutt, Mr. Wm. Ipswich

Puller, Mr. Long-Acre
Nottingham, Mr. Southwark

Putby, Mr. John, Borough
Norman, Mr. Sam. Surgeon, Yatton
Noakes, Mr. James, Newington
Norton, Mr. James, Yarmouth

Nowlan, Mr. John, Dublin
Nunn, Mr. James, West Malling

Rafall, Mr. T. Newark
Raworth, Mr. H. Plymouth

Reading Society, Hopstead

Reed, Mr. David, Carpenter, London

Reid, Mr. J. Plymouth
Opie, Mr. T. Plymouth

Rees, Mr. King-street, Cheapside
Ordoyno, Mr. Jacob, Newark

Relph, Mr. Leadenhall-freet
Osborne, Mr. Wm. Borough

Reppel, Mr. L. New-rents, St. Martin's.
Ovington, Rev. John, Clapham

le-grand Overbury, Mr. Warwick

Reyner, Mr. Tho. Borough

Reynolds, Mr. Philip, Borough

Reynoldson, Mr. J. Newark

Riggs, Mr. Wm. near Midhurst
Payne, Sir Gillis, Bart, Tempsford-hall Robarts, Mr. Nathaniel, Abingdon, Berks
Payne, Major, Tempssord

Roberts, Mr. Richard, Mancheiter
Payne, Peter, Esq. Tempsford

Robins, Mr. J. Tooley-itrect, 12 copies
Paine, J. Esq. Newhill-House

Robinson, Mr. John, Piccadilly
Paine, Wm. Esq. Frickley

Robard, D:. Ipswich
Packer, Mr. Richard, jun. Mile-End-road Rogers, Mr. Sims-court, Cornhill
Page, Mr. John, Borough

Rowse, Mr. Exeter
Page, Mr. Joseph, Bury-ftr. St. James's Rowe, Esq. Speneicoombe, Devon
Parkes, Mr. John, Warwick

Russell, Mr. New College, Hackney
Parkes, Mr. William, Warwick

Rusel, Mr. Gray’s-inn-lanc road, 2 copies
Parkes, Mr. W. Birmingham

Russell, A. C. Borough
Barker, Mr. William

Rutt, Mr. Thames-street
Parker, Mr. S. W. Swithin's-lane

Rundall, Mr. Tooley.street
Pattison, Mr. Joseph, Thorp Hall, Esex Runnington, Charles, Esq. Serjcant at Law,
Pattison, Mr. Jacob, Coggelhall, Essex Serjeants-inn
Pearce, Rev. Š. A. M. Birmingham
Pearce, Mr. Wm. Plyinouth
Peacock, Mr. Holborn-hill

Peck, Mr. Stanlake, Oxfordshire
Persons, Mr. Mercer, Chipping Norton Spencer, Lord Robert, M. P. Berkler-squa
Pewtress, Mr. Walworth, 3 copies

Smith, Wm. Esq. M. P. Park-Street, West-
Phelps, Mr. A. Milton near Sittingbourne minster
Phene, Rev. P. Yarınouth

Stewart, J. S. Esq. M. Port Glasgow
Phillips, Mr. Joiner, Chipping Norton Stonard, Nathaniel, Esq. Bromley
Phillips, Mr. J. M. Union-street, Ratcliff Swainson, Isaac, Frith-street, Soho

Sikes, J. Esq. New:rk
Phillips, Mr. Birmingham

Stone, Mr. Wm. Old Ford

Salter, Ms. Seething-lanc

Thompson, Mr. J. Broad-street, Golden Samel, Mr. Princer, Aldermanbury

square Sanders, Ms. Michield-place, Brompton Thon, Mr. Southampton-Street, Coventa Saunders, Mr. John, Artomey, Plystiouth garden Sawyers, Mr. Wm. Rosemary-lane' Tice, Mr. Surgeon, Ware Sayer, Mr.Wm. Moorfields

Titford, Ms. Union-ltreet, Spitalfields Scott, Mr. Tho. Wellclose-square

Townsend, fohn, Esq. Southwark Scager, Mr H. Maidstone

Tompkins, Wm. sen. Esq. Abingdor, Seager, Mr. Denmark-Street, Sohn

Berks Sharp, Mr. Charles-street, Middlesex Kola Tompkins, John, Esq. Caldecot, Berks pital

Tompkins, Miss Mary, Abingdon, Berks Showler, Mr. Newark

Toothacre, Mr. Wm. Borough Shiells, Rev. Mr. Hampstead

Tomes, Altorney, Warwick Simpson, Mr. Lendenhall-street

Tompkins, Mr. Snowford, Warwickshire Simpson, Mr. Tho. Winerhanı, Suffolk Tomiinson, Mr. Retford $iminons, Mr. Jeddedial, M. D.

Tremlett, Rev. Mr. Glosacester Simmons, Miss America

Trerrgrouse, Mr. H. Helstone, Corowall Simmons, Rev. Mr.Taunton

Treacher, M. J. Pater- nofter-TOW Slater, Mr. Cheapside

Turner, Mr. W'. Borough Smith, Opic, Esq. Exeter

Turner, Rev. D. Abingdon, Berks Smith, Rev. Mr. Kirby-street, Hatton Torner, Mr. Dawson, Yarmouth Garden

Turner, Mr. J. Bertham, Denbighihire Smith, Mr. Thamcs-Itreet

Tulk, Mr. Sloane-street Smith, Mr.

Tvamley, Mr. J. Dulley
Smith, Mr. Coachmaker, Margaret-treet, Tye, Mr. Jofeph, Wrexham, Deabisan

fhire, 9 féts
Smith, Mr. J. Maidstone
Smith, Mr. J. B. Newark
Smith, Mr. Newgate-street, 2 copies
Smith, Mr. Cabinet-maker, Mary-le-bone
Spiller, Mr. Charles

Van, Ellesi, R.v. Hackney
Starton, Mr. Nottingham
Stafforth, Mr. Great Ruffel-Street
Stafford, M:. Surgeon, Besningtos
Staley, Mr. Benj. Moorhelds
Staples, Mr. Cambsidge

Waymoutli, Henry, Esq. Western Bank, Staker, Mr. Taylor

Exeter Steci, Miss Martha, Caldecott, Berks Waymouth, Heory, jun. Elq. Bitterfer Stephens, Mr. Franklin

Walker, Thomas, Elg. Machefter Stephens, Miss Eliza

White, Snowden, Esq. Dawlith Stevens, Mr. R. P1vngouth

Wilkinson, W. Erą. Court, 11ear Wrexo Stevens, Mrs. Cawlard

ham, Denbeighihire Stimfon, Mr. Newark

Wakefield. Thos. Rev. Richmond, Sorry Stonchoule, Mr. ]. Manchester

Wakcheld, Gilbert, Rev. Hackney Street, Mr. Charles, Herinitage, Brompton Vakefield, Mr. Francis, Nottingham Stretton Book Society

Wakefield, Mr. George, Newark Students at the Acaderny at Northampton Wakeham, Mr. John, Plymouth Swaine, Mr. John, Borough

Walker, Rev. Geo. Nottinghanı, 2 fets Swaine, Mr, Balinghall-drcet

Walker, Mr. J. Aylesbury-streer
Walker, Mr. Harcourt-buildings, Temple

Wallis, Mr.

Watlon, Mr. Berwick

Warmington, Mr. Smithfield Tras lor, Wm. Esq. Park-street, Grosve Weaver, Mr. John, Borough oor-square

Weaver, Mr. Edward, Newark Tatlock, ,

Esq. Queen-Street, Cheaplide Weblter, Mrs. Biriningham Tshot, Mr. Wn. Merchant, New-York Welch, Mr. W. Plymouth Taylor, Mr. C. Maidstone

Weft ley, Mr. A. Winterton Taylos, Ms. Jo'ı, Bridgewater-square Whatley, G. K Rev. Hores-Green, Berks Taylor, Mr. New-rents, St. Martin's-le White, Mr. Ephraim, Hammerfnith grand

Whitton, Mr. Friday-treet Tuiler, Mr. J. B. IVoodbridge, Suffolk Whiteley, Mr. Ashley, Cheshire Thompson, M5, Poplar

Whitehead, Mr. Charles, Tooting, Sury Thorpion, Afr. RochGrd, ELI

Wheelc., Mr, Geo. Buckland, Besks

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T of a new world; and several ancient authors are quoted in confirmation of this opinion. In a book ascribed to the philosopher Aristotle, we are told that the Carthaginians discovered an island far beyond the pillars of Hercules, large, fertile, and finely watered with navigable rivers, but uninhabited. This island was diftant a few days failing from the Continent; its beauty induced the discoverers to settle there, but the policy of Carthage dislodged the colony, and laid a strict prohibition on all the subjects of the state not to attempt any future establisbment. This account is also confirmed by an historian of no mean credit, who relates, that the Tyrians would have settled a colony on the new-discovered island, but were opposed by the Carthaginians for state reasons. Seneca, and other authors are also quoted in support of this belief. But however this

may be, nobody ever believed the existence of this continent fo firmly as to go in quest of it; at least, there are no accounts well supported that America received any part of its first inhabitants from Europe prior to the 15th century. The Welsh fondly imagine that their country contributed, in 1170, to people the New World, by the adventure of Madoc, son of Owen Gwynedd, who, on the death of his father, failed there, and colonized part of the country. All that is advanced in proof is, a quotation from one of the British Poets, which proves no more than that he had distinguished himself by sea and land. It is pretended that he made two voyages; that sailing West, he left Ireland fo far to the North, that he came to a land unknown, where he

many strange things; that he returned home, and, making a report of the fruitfulness of the new-discovered country, prevailed on numbers of the Welsh of each sex to accompany

him on a second


from which he never returned. The favourers of this opinion assert, that several Welsh words, such as gwrando, “to hearken or listen ;” the ille

~ welcome;" Cape Breton, from the name of Britain ; gwnndwr, of, "the white water;" and pengwin, or, “ the bird with


« a white


of Creeso,


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