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Louis Philippe, attempt on the life of 196
LunsfordFamily, letters relating to 266
Lurferd Family, notices of 265
Luxor Obelisk, at Paris, observations on

Lytlelton, Ijord, notices of 465
NT Adam, J. L. memoir of 101
Macleane, Luchlan, claim of to Junius's

letters 338
MAlahon, Sir fV. memoir of 438
Aladan, Rev. Dr.S. memoir of 205
"Maid Marian," of Robin Hood 493
Malone, literary anecdote of 66
Manderson, Commander, memoir of 661
Marble, perishing nature of 303
Marcul/us, biographical notices of 400
Markets, prices of 111, 223, 335, 447 >

Markland, J. H. critical notices of 463, 464
Marsden, Dr. ffm. memoir of 212
Mary-le-Bone, increase in the wealth

and population of 420
Mary, Princess, daughter of Charles I.

portrait of 84
Mason the poet, character of 67
Maton, Dr. Geo. biographical notices of

Mechanics' Institution at Paris 88
Mecklenburg Schwerin, Duke of, memoir of 426
Medical Association, British, formation

or a 189
Medicis, Mary de, historical notices of 600
Medico-Botanical Society, meetings of 79
Megatherium, fossil remains of the 127
MendhamPriory, notices of 260, 450
Meteorological Diary 112, 224, 336,448, 560,672

Society, meetings of 79, 406

Meunier, convicted of attempting the life of Louis-Philippe 645. sentence commuted ib.
Mexico, ports of opened to the Spanish flag 197' preparations for war 310. difficulties of 647
Mezzotinto Engraving, Mariette's re-
marks on 360
Middleborough, new church at 311
Milman's Lectures at Oxford 602
Milton's Orthography, specimens of 272
. Afina, Gen. memoir of 431
Moliere's Chair, preserved at Paris 87
Montrose, Duke of, memoir of 315,450
Moore, Maj.-Gen. Sir L. memoir of 658
Moral World, on the new G2
More, Mrs. Hannah, anecdote of 65
■■ Sir Tho. document relative to the history of 85. scull of in St. Dun-

stan's, Canterbury 494. dateof his chancellorship 562
Morrison v, Harmer, trial of 312

Alortality, bill of 111, 223, 335, 447,

Mosaic Creation, reconciled to geological

discoveries 121
Mote at Ightham, Kent, account of 153
Afulcaster, Capt. Sir ff. H. memoir of

Mummies, " Fragment on," by Sir Tho. Browne, noticed 2. sale of526. un-
rolling of one 412
Murders, of four children by their own father, 534. of Mrs. Brown by Green-
acre ib.
Murphy, Lieut. H. F. memoir of 213
Murray, Bp. on Papal infallibility 58
Natural History, society of, established

in Athens 639
Nebuchadnezzar, story of illustrated by

two Babylonian cylinders 37, 40
Nelson, Lord, letter of 158
Newspaper Stamp Duty, motion for

abolishing 531
Norman Conquest, Wace's Chronicle of

the 588
Northampton, historical notices of 623.

new church to be erected at 647
Nottingham Castle, historical remarks on

Noviomagus, ancient site of 291
Numismatic Society, meetings of the

190,306, 525
Nursted Court, Kent, account of 364
O'Brien, Sir E. memoir of 546
Ogle, Mark, arms of? 114
Oliver's, in Stanway, Essex, account of

Ornithological Society, meetings of 80, 636
Owen, Robert, on his theory of the new

moral world 62
Oxford University, prize essays 523, 637

theological education of 604
Packe, C. J. memoir of 656
Padlock, case of one beingswallowed 421
Painting, Historical, remarks on 471,

Paris, mechanics' institute at 88
Parliament, proceedings in 307, 414,
529. fees paid by the members of 420. on the new Houses of 512.
May's historical notices of 599. de-
cision of a committee on the privi-
leges of 648
Paterson, Rev. J.Journal of 601
Patton, Capt. C memoir of 321
Pau, castle of to be restored 641
Peard, Commander, memoir of 661
Peel, Sir R. installation of as Lord

Rector of Glasgow University 1&7
Perier, Casimir, monument to 630
Perkin Warbeck, historical notices of 524
Phrenology, statistics of 67. on the

theory of 601
Philips, Ambrose, satirical lines on 135

Picture/, sale of the collection of the
Elysee Bourbon 550, 630. of Sir F.
Freeling 520. of the Duke de Maille
Plane Tree, specimens of the 137
Plays, ancient parish 226
Plesiosaurus, fossil remains of the 129
Poetry, Dr. Johnson's power of writing 137
Poetry andScience, different mental

powers required for 133
Poets, Battle or the 135
Polwhele, Rev. R. reminiscences of 65
Pompeii, silver plate found at 194
Ponsonby, Major-Gen. SirF. memoir of

Pom; plan for providing for the aged and

infirm 186
Poor-box, ancient, at Blickling 262
Poor LawCommissioners, report of 198
Poor Laws, bill for introducing them
into Ireland 308, 642, 643, 644. in
England, motion for inquiry into the
operation of 414. niuiion for modi-
fying the 643
Pope, Alex, satirical lines on 133. cri-
tique on the works of 231
Popery, on the charity, tolerance, and infallibility of 58
Portugal, slavery abolished by the go-
vernment 89. meeting of the Cortes
310. new constitution to comprise
two Chambers 646. pecuniary diffi-
culties of ib.
Portus Itius, historical notices of 399
Praed, J. B. memoir of 318
Price, Rev. J. memoir of 99
Primogeniture, bill for abolishing the law of 529
Propylaa at Athens, excavations of the 641
Pterodactyle, fossil remains of the 129
Publications, New, list of 77, 189,300,

404, 520, 631
Punic Inscriptions, discovered in Africa

Ramsden, J. C. memoir of 318
Randolph, Bp. character of 67
Raynouard, M. memoir of 105
Reading, new church at 647
Record Commission, New, report of the
House of Commons Committee 139.
vindication of the 145,379
Reform Bill, reflections on the 514
Residences,ancient, in England, remarks

on 377
Revenue, state of the 198
Richard I. character of noticed 85
Richards, Rev. Dr. G. memoir of 662
Richardson, John, memoir of 326 the novelist, genius of 581 Richmond Literary Institution, esta-
blishment of 638
Ring-money ut i lie Celtic, treatise on 371

Ripon, See of, endowment for the 311
Robin Hood, Ballads respecting 17, 159,

493. historical notices of 159
Roman Antiquities, discovered in France 195
Roman Coins found near Fakenbam 86
Roman Roads in the south of Britain 289, 305
Roman Sepulchral Monuments, found

near Cirencester 586
Rome, excavations at 87
Rosslyn, 1st Earl, libel on refuted 864

id Earl, memoir of 426

Royal Academy, aniversary of 76. ex-
hibition of 628
Royal Institution, anniversary meeting 634
Royal Society, meetings of 78, 192, 301,

Royal Society of Literature, meetings of

78, 305, 633
Rudge, Aid. burial-place of 2

Mrs. memoir of 99

Rugby School, historical notices of 292
Ruins, of nature and art in Italy 249, 468
Runcorn, new church to be built at 198
Russell, Sir R. memoir of 204
Sabbath, bill for the better observance

of the 643
Sabine, J. memoir of 435
Sacred History, explanation of two Ba-
bylonian cylinders connected witb
?6, 40
St. Asaph, revenue of the see 564
St. George, Gen. Sir T. P. memoir of

St. Olave's, Southwark, inventory of

church goods in 1558,489
St. Paul's Cathedral, London, notices of

Satis, Count de, memoir of 546
Saumarez, Adm. Lord de, memoir of 96
Savage, the poet, satirical lines on 135
Saxe Meinungen, Louisa Eleonora,

Duchess of, memoir of 651
Scarsdale, Lord, memoir of 427
Schism, Sir C. E. Smith's prize for the

best essay on 409
Schomberg, Duke of, autograph 450
School Society, British and Foreign, re-
port of 649
Scotland, distress in the Highlands of 533
Scott, Sir IV, "father and daughter"483. letter by 386
Vxce-Adm. M. H. memoir of 321
Seals, ancient matrices of, discovered 409
Sepulchral Brasses, second-band ones

226. at Bodyam 263
Seward's Letters, critical remarks on

S55, 557, 558
Shahspere, genuine autograph of 194.
natal day commemorated in Strat-
ford-upon-Avon 640
Shares, prices of 111, 223,335,447, 559,

Shenstone, notices of 465
Sheriffs for 1827, list of 313
Shield, ancient, found in Oxfordshire

Sickler, Dr. F.K.L. memoir of 325
Simeon, Rev. C. memoir of 207
Slave Trade, abolished by the Portu-
guese government 88
Sleep, on the effects of 503
Smith, Henry, Alderman of London, de-
scent of 149. pedigree 150. Geo.memoir of 318 Snow Storm, effects of the 198
Soane, Sir John, memoir of 321. regu-
lations for admission to his Museum,
Southwark Literary Society, conver-
sazione of 81
Spain, law against the press 88. civil
war in 88, 196, 418, 646. decree ex-
cluding Don Carlos and his descend-
ants from the throne 310. new con-
stitution of4l8. motion in the British
House of Commons for preventing
future enlistments for 531
Statistical Society, meetings of the 192,

405, 521, 636
Statues, Society for erecting 630
Steam Plough, newly invented 640
Stewart, Duke, character of 385

Sir M. S. memoir of 317

Stewart's Philosophy, critical remarks

on 355
Stewkley, family of 562
Stocks, prices of 112, 224, 336,448, 560,

Stone Church, Kent, description of 57
Storm, in the metropolis and various
parts of the country 90. of snow 198
Stowe, John, the antiquary, life and

works of 48
Strafford, Earl, remarks on the trial of

Strasburg, trial of political prisoners at 310
Straw Hats,weaving of 648
Stuart, Lt.-Gen. Hon. W. memoir of 545
Styles, of the European and Asiatic

monarchs, difference of 370
Subscriptions in London, temp. Charles I.

and 11.61
Surgeons, new college of 304
Surnames, origin of a class of 478
Swift, Dean, satirical lines on 133. lite-
rary notices of 136, 581
Switzerland, tithes abolished in 532
Taylor, Dr. J. critical notices of 463
Temple, Sir W. memoirs of 3, 16
Thames Tunnel, progress of 635
Theatrical Register 91, 421, 649

Theology, course of study in the Univer-
sities 620. Natural geology consi-
dered with reference to 115
Therouenne, historical notices of 397
Thucydides, on the history of 34
Thurlow, Lord, anecdotes of 264
Tickell, the poet, satirical lines on 135
Tithes, abolition of in Switzerland 532.
bill for the adjustment of in Ireland
642, 644, 645
Toddington, co. Gloucester, account of

Toke, R.N. memoir of 547
Tonson, the Bookseller, letters to 243, 479
Torture, on the use of in England 605
Toup, Dr. literary anecdote of 66. cha-
racter of 67
Tracy, C. H. mansion of in Gloucester-
shire 256
Tredegar Iron Works, new church at 198
Trowbridge, new church at 647
Truckle Bed, explanation of 248
Tumulus, opening of one at Kibworth

Harcourt 641
Turkey, visit to in 1648, 361
Turner, Dr. E. memoir of 434
Tyndalt, Wm. biographical notices of
176. bis translation of the New
Testament 177
United Service Museum, lectures at 523
Universities, English, motions for cor-
recting the abuses in the 529, 644.
course of education in 620
/'an Buren, installed president of the

United States 532
Vanbrugh, Sir J. letters of 243, 479
Vance, G. memoir of 663
Vandyck's Portraits, notices of 353
Vatheh, critical remarks on 601
Ventilation, scientific experiments in 83.

remarks on 513
Virgin, an instrument of execution at

Nuremberg, 193
Volcanoes, remains of in Italy 251,468
Voltaire, Goldsmith's intercourse with

359, 585. genius of 579
Voluntary System, remarks on the 618
Voters, bill for regulating the registra-
tion of 308
Wace's Chronicle of the Norman con-
quest, 588
Wale, family of 226

Warming u>tdVentilation,rem»T\uoa3i3
Watson, Bp. character of 568
Wellington, Duke, equestrian statue to

be erected to in London 63
Wentworth, Lord, character of 599
Westall, Richard, memoir of 213
Western Literary Institution, annual

meeting of 1.93
Westminster Hall, original architecture
of 304. timber composing the roof of


Westminster Medical Society, meetings
of 80

Westminster School, epilogue and pro-
logue to tbe Adelpbi of Terence 82

Whateley, Dr. literary notices of 603

White, Professor, letter of 66

Witchcraft, remarkable case of in Suf-
folk 55

Williams, Rev. D. memoir of SOS

IfilUamson, Mr. Secretary, letter from 7 Winchester College, donations towards
the building of 198

Window Tax, bill for repealing, rejected

Wolf, Sir J. W. H. memoir of 429 Worcester, low value of ecclesiastical
livings in 89. ancient mansion at
described 488
Wragby, co. Lincoln, new church at 647
Wyon, Wm. life and works of 389
York, See of, orders in council for regu-
lating 310
Zoological Society, meetings of 635

("Including Notices of Fine Arts.)

Merman's Numismatic Journal 184 Africa, S. History of 183 Anecdota Grceca 183

Anglo Polish Harp 519 Annual Peerage, by Lodge 76

Anthonys Sallustii Opera 71 Architects, British, Transactions of 180 Architecture in England, History of 403 —— Domestic, designs of £85

Elizabethan, Specimens of 187 Architectural Contrasts 283 Architectural Magazine 511 Arithmetic, Illustrated by wood cuts627 Arnold, Dr. Thucydides 28

Atonement, Tbe 7S Autumn Day 617

Baker, G. History of Northamptonshire

Banks, Joint-Stock, pamphlet on 387

Batalha, Church of, Account of 279 Belfast, Views in 188 Benson, Rev. C. on the Church Commis-
sion 451

Bentley, Dr. R. Works of 273, 393, 505,

Berens, Rev. E. Sermon by 626 Bible, Analysis of (he 184

Bickerstelh's Guide to the Churchman

Birth-day, The 188

Blakislon, John, Twenty years in Re-
tirement 75 Bloxam's Principles of Gothic Architec-
ture 68 Boileau's French Instructor 627 Boos, M. Life of 626 Botanist,The 188 Boullaye le Gouz, Tour of 391 Bowles, Rev. W. L. Little Villager's
Vcrsc-book 403. On the Church
Commission 563.
Bridges, Rev. C. Life of Martin Boos 626 Bromley, P. Game-keeper's Stable 76
Browne, Rev. 'J. early Testimonies to
the Gospel 403

Buckland, Rev. Dr. on Geology and

Mineralogy 115
Bulkeley, J. La Hogue Bie de Hambie

Burial Service, Exposition of the 72
Caius Marius, a tragedy, 504
Calcott, Mrs. on the History of Painting

519"" Capitals, Ancient, etchings of 402
Carlisle, N. memoir of Wm. Wyon, esq. 389
Carlyon, Dr. C. Early Years and Late Reflections 403
Catholics, Friendly Advice to the 73
Caveler's Specimens of Gothic Archi-
tecture 286
Chambers, R.SpellingBook of Utility298
Chapman, M. J. translation of Theo-
critus, &c. 75
Charles, Rev. T. Essays, 4c. 74
Cheltenham Annuaire 291
Chest, on the deformities of the 298
Christian Institutes 619
Christian Legacy,The 72
Christian Theology 519
Church, essays on the 73
Church and Dissent 501
Church Commission, Works on the 451, 563
Churches of London, History of 184
Clay, J. on Joint Stock Banks 387
Coombes, T. Advice to the Catholics 73
Cooper's Drawing Book of Animals 188
Cormack, J. R. on Creosote 298
Coulson, W. on Deformities of the Chest 298
Courtenay, Right Hon. T. P. Memoirs

of Sir Wm. Temple 31
Cowper's Works, by Southey 68
Cox, Rev. C. R. Sermons by 76
Cramer, Dr. Anecdota Grcca
Creosote, Chemical Properties of 298
Cross, H. on the Afflictions of Life 298
Croker, T. C. Tour of Boullaye le Gow
in Ireland 391

Dale, Rev. T. Poetical Works of 281
Daniel's Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks 74
Davies, H. Cheltenham Annuaire 291
Davy, Sir H. Poetry of 339
Dixon, P. H. Holy Wells of Ireland 184
Doubleday,T. Caius Marin, 504
Duke,Rev.E. Prolusiones Histories 172
Duncan. Rev. H. Philosophy of the Sea-
sons 626
Dyce, Rev. A. Works of Bentley, 273,

Early Years and Late Reflections 403
Edmonds, C. R. Life of General Wash-
ington 298
England, History of 514
English Bijou 188
Essays on Subjects of General Interest 280
Factories, a Voice from the 170
Fellow Commoners 186
Female Improvement, on 74
Finden's Ports and Harbours of Great Britain 187
Fine Arts, De Quincy on the 72
Foreign Policy, Remarks on 169
Floral Sketches, 616
Flowers, Chapters on 627
French Self-Instructor 627
Frithiofs Saga 74
Gaisford, Dr. Greek Proverbs 183
Game keeper's Stable 76
Geology and Mineralogy considered with reference to Natural Theology 115
Godmond, Christ. Memoir of Therouenne
397. on the Portus Itius of Cesar
Godwin, G. History of the Churches of
London 184 History of Architecture in England 403
Goldsmith, Oliver, Life of 227
Goodwin, J. Christian Theology 519
Gospel, early Testimonies to the 403
Gothic Architecture, Principles of 68. specimens of 286
Greek Proverbs 183 Green's Series of Heads after the An-
tique 187
Guidone, a poem 69
Hall, Capt. B. Scbloss Hainfeld 385
Halle, John, Hall of 172
Henry VIIL Life of 515
Herodotus, History of 28
Hicklin, J. History of Nottingham Castle 287
Holland, J. Hopesof Matrimony 72
Hopper, Thomas, on the New Houses of Parliament 512
Hough, Rev. J. Sermon by 72
Howard the Philanthropist, Life of 75
Hughes, Rev. T. S. History of England 514
Humbug, Reign of 283
Gent. Mao. Vol. VII.

Inquisitor, The I86;

Ireland, Holy Wells of 184

Raly, Rhymes for 186 Jardine, D. on the Use of the Torture

Joan it Arc, Life of 184
Jones,./. Anglo-Polish Harp 519
Joplin, T. on Joint Stock Banks 387
Judea, Walks and Scenes in 72
Kent, 7'. C.DeQuincy on the Fine Arts79
Landor, IV. S. on the Church Commis-
sion 563
La Hague Bie de Hamble 634
Life, Glances at 71

Literary Curiosities, Fac-similes of 187
Literary Souvenir 295
Lodge's Annual Peerage 76
Long, H. L. on Roman Roads 288
Loudon, J. C. Architectural Magazine 511
Maitland, Rev, R. on the Voluntary

System Glii
Marculfus, Works of 400
Martin, Montg. Analysis of the Bible 184 R. M. History of the West Indies

71. History of South Africa 183
Martyrs,Tales of the 627
Matrimony, Hopes of 72
Maund, B. The Botanist 188
Moon, Adventures in the 182
Moral IVortd, New, Book of 62
Morgan, Rev. E. Rev. T. Charles's Es-
says 74
Mudie, IV. Wesley's Natural Philosopher

Murphy, J. Account of the Church of

Muston, Rev. C. R. Sermons by 392
Natural Philosophy, 502
Negris, Alex. History of Herodotus 28
Northampton, History of 622
Nottingham Castle, History of S87
Numismatic Journal 184
Oakleigh Shooting Code 73
Offers Life of Tyndale 176
Oke, Dr. IV. S. the Atonement 73
Old Friends in a New Dress 627
Oliver, N. Life of Rev. J.Thomson 186
Osier, E. Church and Dissent 501
Owen, R. Book of the New Moral World

Padua, Student of 294
Painting, on the History of 519
Parliament, on the New Houses of 512
Palerson, Rev. J. Sermons by 601
Patterson, Capt. Adventures of 182
Pedestrian Tour 627
Peter Parley's Tales of the Sun, Moon,

and Stars 626
Philpott, Bp. on the Church Commis-
sion 451
Phrenology, Statistics 067
Phylactery, the 72
Piscatorial Reminiscences 297
Pneumatology, Sacred, 519


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