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Westminster Medical Society, meetings
of 80

Westminster School, epilogue and pro-
logue to the Adelphi of Terence 82

Whateley, Dr. literary notices of 603

White, Professor, letter of 66

Witchcraft, remarkable case of in Suf-
folk 55

Williams, Rev. D. memoir of 309

Williamson, Mr. Secretary, letter from 7

Winchester College, donations towards
the building of 198

Window Tax, bill for repealing, rejected

Wolf, Sir J. W. H. memoir of 439
Worcester, low value of ecclesiastical
livings in 89. ancient mansion at
described 488
Wragby, Co. Lincoln, new church at 647
Wyon, Wm. life and works of 389
York, See of, orders in council for regu-
lating 310
Zoological Society, meetings of 635


(Including Notices of Fine Arts.)

/Herman's Numismatic Journal 184

Africa, S. History of 183

Anecdota Grueca 183

Anglo Polish Harp 519

Annual Peerage, by Lodge 76

Anlhon's Sallustii Opera 71

Architects, British, Transactions of 180

Architecture in England, History of 403

—— Domestic, designs of 285

» Elizabethan, Specimens of 187

Architectural Contrasts 283

Architectural Magazine 511

Arithmetic, Illustrated by wood cuts 627

Arnold, Dr. Thucydides 28

Atonement, The 73

Autumn Day 617

Baker, G. History of Northamptonshire

Banks, Joint-Stock, pamphlet on 387

Batalha, Church of, Account of 279

Belfast, Views in 188

Benson, Rev. C. on the Church Commis-
sion 451

Bentley, Dr. R. Works of 273, 393, 505,

Berens, Rev. E. Sermon by 626

Bible, Analysis of the 184

Bickersteth's Guide to the Churchman

Birth-day, The 188

Blakiston, John, Twenty years in Re-
tirement 75

Bloxam's Principles of Gothic Architec-
ture 68

Boileau's French Instructor 627

Boos, M. Life of 626

Botanist, The 188

Boullaye le Gouz, Tour of 391

Bowles, Rev. W. L. Little Villager's
Verse-book 403. On the Church
Commission 563.

Bridges, Rev. C. Life of Martin Boos 626

Bromley, P. Game-keeper's Stable 76
Browne, Rev. v. early Testimonies to
the Gospel 403

Buck/and, Rev. Dr. on Geology and

Mineralogy 115
Bulkeley, J. La Hogue Bie de Hatnbie

Burial Service, Exposition of the 72
Caius Marius, a tragedy, 504
Calcott, Mrs. on the History of Painting


Capitals, Ancient, etchings of 402
Carlisle, Ar. memoir of Wm. Wyon, esq.

Carlyon, Dr. C. Early Years and Late

Reflections 403
Catholics, Friendly Advice to the 73
Caveler's Specimens of Gothic Archi-
tecture 286
Chambers, ft. SneHinyBook of Ulility29g
Chapman, M. J. translation of Theo-
critus, Sic. 15
Charles, Rev. T. Essays, 4c. 74
Cheltenham Annuaire 291
Chest, on the deformities of the 298
Christian Institutes 619
Christian legacy, The 72
Christian Theology 519
Church, essays on the 73
Church and Dissent 501
Church Commission, Works on the 451,

Churches of London, History of 184
Clay, J. on Joint Stock Banks 387
Coombes, T. Advice to the Catholics 73
Cooper's Drawing Book of Animals 188
Cormack, J. R. on Creosote 298
Coulson, W. on Deformities of the Chest

Courtenay, Right Hon. T. P. Memoirs

of Sir Wm. Temple 31
Cowper's Works, by Southey 68
Car, Rev. C. R. Sermons by 76
Cramer, Dr. Anecdota Grcca
Creosote, Chemical Properties of 298
Cross, H. on the Afflictions of Life 298
Croker, T. C. Tour of Boullaye le Gous
in Ireland 391

Dale, Rev. T. Poetical Works of 381
Daniel's Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks

Davies, H. Cheltenham Annuaire 291
Davy, Sir H. Poetry of 339
Dixon, P. H. Holy Wells of Ireland 184
Doubleday, T. Caius Marius 504
Duke.Rev.E. Prolusiones Histories 172
Duncan, Rev. H. Philosophy of the Sea-
sons 626
Dyce, Rev. A. Works of Bentley, 273.

393, 505, 612
Early Years and Late Reflections 403
Edmonds, C. R. Life of General Wash-
ington 298
England, History of 514
English Bijou 188
Essays on Subjects of General Interest

Factories, a Voice from the 170
Fellow Commoners 186
Female Improvement, on 74
Finden's Ports and Harbours of Great

Britain 187
Fine Arts, De Quincy on the 72
Foreign Polity, Remarks on 169
Floral Sketches, 616
Flowers, Chapters on 627
French Self.Instructor 627
Frithiofs Saga 74
Caisford, Dr. Greek Proverbs 183
Game keeper's Stable 76
Geology and Mineralogy considered with

reference to Natural Theology 115
Godmond, Christ. Memoir of Tberouenne
397. on the Purtus Itius of Csesar
Godwin, G. History of the Churches of
London 184

History of Architecture in England

Goldsmith, Oliver, Life of 227
Goodwin, J. Christian Theology 519
Gospel, early Testimonies to the 403
Gothic Architecture, Principles of 68.

specimens of 286
Greek Proverbs 183

Green's Series of Heads after the An-
tique 187
Guidone, a poem 69
Hall, Capt. B. Schloss H.dnfeld 385
Halle, John, Hall of 172
Henry VIII. Life of 515
Herodotus, History of 28
Hicklin, J. History of Nottingham Castle

Holland, J. Hopes of Matrimony 72
Hopper, Thomas, on the New Houses of

Parliament 512
Hough, Rev. J. Sermon by 72
Howard the Philanthropist, Life of 75
Hughes, Rev. T. S. History of England

Humbug, Reign of 383
Gent. Mao. Vol. VII.

Inquisitor, The I86:

Ireland, Holy Wells of 184

Italy, Rhymes for 186

Jardine, D. on the Use of the Torture

Joan cCArc, Life of 184
Jones, J. Anglo-Polish Harp 519
Joplin, T. on Joint Stock Banks 387
Judea, Walks and Scenes in 72
Kent, 7'C.DeQuincy on the Fine Arts72
Landor, IV. S. on the Church Commis-
sion 563
La Hague Bie de Hambie 624
Life, Glances at 71

Literary Curiosities, Fac-similes of 137
Literary Souvenir 295
Lodge's Annual Peerage 76
Long, H. L. on Roman Roads 288
Loudon, J. C. Architectural Magazine 511
Maitland, Rev. R. on the Voluntary

System 618
Marculfus, Works of 400
Martin, Montg. Analysis of the Bible 184

R. M. History of the West Indies

71. History of South Africa 183
Martyrs, Tales of the 627
Matrimony, Hopes of 72
Maund, B. The Botanist 188
Moon, Adventures in the 182
Moral fforld, New, Book of 63
Morgan, Rev. E. Rev. T. Charles's Es-
says 74
Mudie, /^Wesley's Natural Philosopher

Murphy, J. Account of the Church of

Muston, Rev. C. R. Sermons by 392
Natural Philosophy, 502
Negris, Alex. History of Herodotus 38
Northampton, History of 623
Nottingham Castle, History of S87
Numismatic Journal 184
Oakleigh Shooting Code 73
Offer's Life of Tyndale 176
Oke, Dr. IV. S. the Atonement 73
Old Friends in a New Dress 627
Oliver, N. Life of Rev. J.Thomson 186
Osier, E. Church and Dissent 501
Owen, R. Book of the New Moral World

Padua, Student of 294
Painting, on the History of 519
Parliament, on the New Houses of 512
Paterson, Rev. J. Sermons by 601
Patterson, Capt. Adventures of 182
Pedestrian Tour 627
Peter Parley's Tales of the Sun, Moon,

and Stars 626
Philpott, Bp. on the Church Commis-
sion 451
Phrenology, Statistics 067
Phylactery, the 72
Piscatorial Reminiscences 297
Pneumatology, Sacred, 519


Poetry, Early English 517. on the Study

of 627
Polwhele, Rev. R. Reminiscences of 65
Poor, Plea for the Aged and Infirm 186
Fortus Ilius of Caesar, Discourse on 399
Povah, Rev. Dr. R. Sermons by 503
Prior, James, Life of Goldsmith 227
Pugin, A. W. Architectural Contrasts

Record Commission, works on 379
Reynolds, H. M. Youthful Impostor 186
Richardion, C. J. on Warming and Ven-
tilation 513
Ritson, J. Robin Hood Ballads 17
Robin Hood Ballads 17
Robinson, P. F. Specimens of Domestic

Architecture 285
Roman Roads, Observations on 288
Rugby Register, 292
Runnymede, Letters of 502
Sallustii Opera 71
Satid/brd, J. on Female Improvement

Schloss Hainfeld, 385
Seasons, Philosophy of the 626
Sermons, by Huugh 72. by White 73.
by Cox 76. by Muston 392. by
Povah 503. by Paterson 601. by
Sharpc, R. S. Old Friend in a New

Drrss 627
Shaw's specimens of Elizabethan Archi-
tecture 1H7
Shepherd, J. an Autumn Day 617
Smith, C. J. fac-si miles of Historical and
Literary Curiosities 187

Rev. S. on the Church Commis-
sion 451, 563

T. Works of Marculfus 400
W Guirione, a poem 69
Southey, Dr. Works of Con per 68
Song, Solace of 619

Spelling Book of Utility C98

Spiers, A. On the Study of English Poe-
try 627

Strickland, Agnes, Floral Sketches 298,

Sun, Moon, and Stars, Tales of 626

Tales, Little, for Little Heads, Ac. 184

Taylor, Bp. on Repentance 74

, T. Life of Howard 75

Tegner, T. Frithiol's Saga 74

Temple, Sir Wm. Memoirs of 3

Theocritus, 8[C translated 75

Therouenne, Memoirs of 379

Thomson, Rev. J. Life of 186

Thucydides, History of the Peloponnese-
sian War 28

Torture, on t he Use of 604

Twenty Years in Retirement 75

Twopeny, Wm. Etchings of Ancient
Capitals &r.,402

Tyndale, Life and Writings of 176

Types, The 186

Tytler, P. F. Life of Henry VIII. 518

Pillager's Verse Book 403

Voluntary System, on the 618

Warming S[ Ventilation, Treat is* on 513

Washington, Gen. Life and Times of 29d

Watson's Statistics of Phrenology 67

Watts, A. A. Cabinet of Modern Art,
&c. 295

Webbe, Corn. Glances at Life 71

West Indies, History of the 71

White, Rev. Sermons by 73

Wilson, Rev. J. Sacred Pneuroatology

Wordsworth, Dr.C. on the Church Con-
mission 563

Christian Institutes 619

Worthington, ff. H. Sun hard's Paint-
ing of "Suffer Little Children," &c,

Wright, T. Early English Poetry 517

Wyon, Wm. Life and Works of 389

Youthful Impostor, a novel 186


Addison, Rt. Hon. J. lines in vindica-
tion of 464

Anderson, R. song by 245

Beowulf, extracts from the ADglo-Saxon
poem of 499, 500

Beddoes, lines to 346

Bowles, Rev. W.I.. on the death of Bp.
Burgess 376

Booker, Rev. Dr. epitaph on 246

B'andreth, H. the Protestant Oak 165

Burgess, Bishop, on the death of 376

Butterfly, stanza* to a 598

Carthage, soliloquy of Caius Marius on
the ruins of 504

Carrara, stanzas on 351

Carlisle, Miss B. stanzas to 245
Constantinople, description of 270
Creation, lines on 73
Cross, stanzas on the 619
Cumberland's character of Dr. Joh»-

son 578
Davy, Sir H. poetical productions of

344, 353
Dale, Rev. T. the Martyr's Child, &e.

Factories, a voice from 171
Fire Flies, lines to the 352
Goldsmith, 0. extracts from his poems

232, 239
Grenville, Lord, Nugse Metrics; 167

Guidone, extracts from the tragedy of

Haddon Hall, sonnet on 72

Holland, J. on Haddon Hall 72

Home, on revisiting 346

Homer, versions of 265

Humbug, rei»n of 283

Jocelyti of Alphonse, la Marline 597

Johnson, Dr. S. character of 578

Lover's Lament, a ballad 164

Lychnia, 167

Markland, J. lines in defence of Addi-
son 464

MUford, Rev. J. stanzas translated
from the Jocelyn of Alphonse la Mar-
line 597

Mont Blanc, lines to 350

Oke, Dr. IV. S. lines on creation 73

Padua, Student of, extracts from the
tragedy of 394

Pine, Mediterranean, lines on the 350

Poets, battle of the 134

Pope, Alex, satirical lines on 464

Polwhele, Rev. R. sonnet to the Poet

Laureate 65
Pope, satirical lines on 133
Protestant Oat, the 165
Ravenna, lines written at 353
Robin Hood Ballads, extracts from

Shooting Star, stanzas on the 617
Smith, Baron, stanzas to a Butterfly

Songs,h\, Robert Anderson 245.specimen!

of early English 518
Sonnets, to the Poet Laureate 65. on

Haddon Hall 72
Southey, Dr. sonnet to 65
Strickland, A. on the Shooting Star

Swift, satirical lines on 133
Sybil's Temple, lines on the 351
Terence, epilogue and prologue to the

Adelphi of 82
Wright, Tho. specimens of early English

poetry 518


Including Promotions Preferments, Births, Marriages, and Deaths.—The longer Articles
of Deaths are entered in the preceding Index to Essays.

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