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Horton, near that town, and pastor for nearly thirty-two years of the senior Baptist church.

April28. Aged 64, Robert Richardson, esq. of Barnsley.

April 29. Aged 78, Nathaniel Akod, esq. of Bradford.

Aged 46, H. Priestley, esq. of Haugh, near Halifax, late Major of the Second West York Militia.

May 4. At his lodgings near Richmond, whither he had gone for the benefit of his health, James Gordon, esq. solicitor, late of Durham. He was well known in that vicinity as a young man of great ability in his profession, and also in literary and philological studies. Having been of eminent service to the Surtees Society in editing their publications, the members appointed bim their Under Secretary at their anniversary in July, 1836, but he was then already afflicted with his fatal illness. Mr. Gordon was an occasional correspondent of the Gentleman's Magazine.

Wales.—April 11. At Mabus, Cardiganshire, aged 75, Colonel Lloyd Philipps. Governor of Fishguard. He served his King and country in the four quarters of the globe, and commanded the 86th Regiment across the desert from Suez to Cairo, during the Egyptian campaign of 1801. He was an active Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant for the county of Cardigan.

Scotland.April 18. At Edinburgh, Lady Anne Stuart, sister to the earl of Moray, K T. She was the youngest dau. of Francis 9th and late Earl, by the Hon. Jane Gray, eldest dau. of John 12th Lord Gray.

Ireland.—lately. Lady Prudentia C. E. Coote, second dau. of the late Charles Earl of Bellamont.

April 20. At Dublin, in her 18th year, Lady Julia Stuart, youngest dau. of the Earl of Castlestuart. Her death was occasioned by her clothes accidentally catching fire three days before.

East Indies.—Lately. At Assets- ghur, on his way to England, John Gordon Deedes, esq. of the Bengal Civil Service, eldest son of the Rev. John Deedes, . Rector of Willingale Doe, Essex.

Jan. 1. At Bombay, Edwin Blackley, D.M. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, London, second son of the Rev. T. Blackley, Vicar of Rotherham.

Abroad.Dec. 9. At Whampoa, in China, Captain William Coles, Commander of the ship Canton, son of James Coles, esq. of Old Change and Claphamcommon.

Dec. 29. Accidentally drowned on his

passage home from Calcutta, on board the ship Artemis, Thomas Estcourt Corbet Moreton Cresswell, the second surviving son of Richard Estcourt Cresswell, esq. of Pickney Park, Wilts, and nephew of the Rev. Henry Cresswell, Vicar of Creech St Michael, Somerset.

Jan. 10. Thomas Turner, esq. Consul to the British Government at Panama, in South America, and only brother to the Right Rev. Dr. Turner, late Bishop of Calcutta; leaving a widow and family. Mr. Turner was a native of Oxford, and highly respected there.

Jan. 30. At Upsal, aged 8G, Professor Adam Azelius, the Nestor of scientific men in Sweden. He was the last pupil of Linneus, and was celebrated for his travels in Asia and Africa. His African herbarium is now, we believe, in the Banksian collection in the British Museum. His younger brothers, John and Peter, the first devoted to chemistry, and the second to medicine, and both distinguished for their talents, have for nearly half a century occupied chairs in the University of Upsal.

March 9. At Nassau, New Providence, George Birrell, esq. bis Majesty's Attorney-general for the Bahama Islands.— Only one year has elapsed since Mr. Birrell entered upon the duties of his office at Nassau; but for several years previously he had filled the situation of Attorney-general for the island of St. Luciabeing also a member of his Majesty's Privy Council.

March 20. At Braunfels, aged 78, Wm. Christian Charles, reigning Prince of Solms Braunfels, a Major-General in the Prussian service. He succeeded his father in 1783, and has left a son and heir, bom in 1797, and other children.

Lately. At Smyrna, Capt. Allan, on his way to explore the regions of Central Asia.

AprilS. Aged 71, Frederick-Charles, reigning Prince of Sayn-WittgensteinHohenstein. He was in the 42d year of his reign; and is succeeded by his eldest son Frederick. William, born in 1798.

April 17. At Mentz, the Countess de Brosse, widow of M. d'Eberstein, formerly Minister of State of the Grand Duchy of Frankfort. In her will she has left 12,000 florins to establish nfttt de la Roriere at Mentz, and to give a dowry of .W0 florins on the 1st of May every year, to a girl chosen amongst the most virtuous of that city. The sum of 100 florins is to be appropriated for an entertainment on that day. To the editor of the Frankfurt Journal the testator has bequeathed 1000 florins and her manuscripts, on condition that he shall write her epitaph.

April 19. At Berlin, in his 70th year,
his Excellency M. Ancillon, Minister of
State for Foreign Affairs. He was
equally eminent as a statesman, a philo-
sopher, and a publicist. He was descend-
ed of an ancient French family.

At Dieppe, Lieut. D. Harrington,
R.N. an old follower of Nelson, in whose
ship he served at the battle of Trafalgar.

April 22. Aged 76, Gunther, Frederick-
Charles, reigning Prince of Schwarzburg-
Sondershausen, and chief of the house
of Schwarzburg.

April 29. At Frankfort, in his 90th
year, the Landgrave Frederick of Hesse
Cassel, a General of Infantry in the ser-
vice of Denmark, and General of Cavalry

in the service of Hesse Cassel ; uncle to
the reigning Elector, and father of the
Duchess of Cambridge.

Lately. At Nice. Piedmont, aged 22,
Charlotte, wife of Capt. G. Hope, R.N.
and daughter of Vice-Admiral and Lady
Elizabeth Tollemache.

May. 1. At Paris, Anna-Jane, eldest
dau. of the late Hon. Archibald Coch-
rane, Capt. R.N.

May 9. A t Paris, in her 15th year, the
Hon. Susan Penelope Copley, second
dau. of Lord Lyndhurst.

May 17. Killed in the attack upon
Iran, in Spain, Capt. Bezant 10th regt.
Capt. Durie, 1st regt. and Lieut. Wearing,
Rides, British Auxiliary legion.

BILL OF MORTALITY, from April 26 to May 23, 1837.

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AVERAGE PRICE OF CORN, by which the Duty is regulated, May 19.


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At the Office of WOLFE, Brothers, Stock and Share Brokers,
23, Change Alley, Cornhill.

Birmingham Canal, 218. Ellesmere and Chester, 80. Grand Junction,

203. Kennct and Avon, 22J. Leeds and Liverpool, 570. Regent's, 16.

Rochdale, 119. London Dock Stock, 54J. St. Katharine's, 90$. West

India, 103. Liverpool and Manchester Railway, 204. Grand Junction Water

Works, 5&{. West Middlesex, 79. Globe Insurance, 147 Guardian, 33.

—Hope, 5J. Chartered Gas Light, 48$. —:—Imperial Gas, My Phoenix Gas,

22 Independent Gas, 48j. General United, 25. Canada Land Com-
pany, 36J.—Reversionary Interest, 125.

For Prices of all other Shares inquire as above.


From April 26, 1837, to May 25, 1837, both inctuiive.

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*»• The principal Memoirs in the Obituary are distinctly entered in
the " Index to the Essays."

Abbotsford Club, meeting of 407
Aboriginal Tribes, Society for the pro-
tection of 648
Accidents by the (tiding down of a hill
at Troy, United States 310. the cita-
del of Bona blown up 419. by a col-
lision of steam-boats in the Illinois
river 647
Ache, on the pronunciation of 265
Aggregation of families at Genoa 246
Alexander yIt. Pope, manuscript life of

discovered 524
Almanack,printed by Winken de Worde 2
America, North, President's message
197. ancient city in 267. new pre-
sident, Van Buren 310,532. emigra-
tion to 533. fossil human remains
found in 641. financial difficulties
of 646
Amon-me-Ramses, on the epoch of 306
Anglo-Norman Literature, No. III. 165.

No. IV. 268
Anglo-Saxon Literature, critical review

of 497
Antediluvian Remains, discoveries of

Antiquarian Society, meetings of 84,193,

304, 409, 524, 640
Antiquities, found near Scarboro' 413.

near Lewisham ib.
Archery, practice of in the middle ages,

Architects, British, Institute of, meetings
of 80, 191,301, 407, 522. transac-
tions of 180
Architecture, of the fifteenth and nine-
teenth centuries contrasted 283. do-
mestic 286. Gothic ib.
Creek, on the polychromy of 633
Architectural Society, meetings of 81
Armstrong, Dr. on the poetry of 601
Arran, Earl of, memoir of 316
Arthur, Rev. J. memoir of 212
Arts, Society of, conversazioni of 193.

prizes 637
Ashby, family of 562
Athmolean Society, meetings of 80, 406,

Asiatic epistolary Style, specimen of 370
Asiatic Society, meetings of 79,190,404,

Athens, on the disputed topography of
305. excavation of the Propylna at
Audley, Lord, memoir of 316
Cent. Mao. Vol. VII.

Avon, Glamorganshire, channel of di-
rected into a new course 647
Austria, Archd. John, character of 385
B. xai rx Xoiwa 43

Babylonian Cylinders, explication of 36,
450. errors in the engraved represen-
tations of 338
Bagot, Bp. anecdote of 66
Balloon, ascent of from Paris, with six

persons 88
Ballot, Vote by, motion on 415
Banks, Joint-Stock, remarks on 387
Bannister, John, memoir of 102
Barberini Palace, at Rome, description

of 306
Bargrave, Robert, voyage to Turkey in

Batalha, church of in Portugal, 279
Bath, Marq. memoir of 537
Bathurst, Bp. memoir of 653
Battle of the Poets, extracts from 133
Bavaria, Duke of, memoir of 426
Baynes, Sir C. memoir of 654
Beeke, Rev. Dr. memoir of 546
Bellamont, Sir H. Bard, Vise, memoir

of 52
Bcntley, Dr. R. on the works of 273,
305, 393,612. Dr. Parr's remarks ou
Beowulf, Anglo-Saxon poem of 49
Berri, Duchess of, sale or her pictures 630
Bilboa, seige of raised 196
Birds, on the migration of 367
Birmingham Railway, report on 420.

progress of 648
Bishops, motion for their exclusion from
Parliament 309. immense Incomes of
the 564
Blackbume, John, memoir of 654
Black-lead Mine, inCumberland, closing

of 534
Blickling, Norfolk, ancient poor box and

keys at 262
Bodleian Library, catalogue of in pre-
paration 523
Bodyam, Sussex, sepulchral brasses at

Bolton, John, memoir of 431
Booker, Rev. Dr. epitaph on 245
Booksellers' Provident Institution, for-
mation of 90, 191
Borough, Sir R. memoir of 429
Bossuet, Bp. on papal infallibility 58
Botanical Society, meetings of 79. 192,


Boullaye le Gowi's travels in Ireland 391
Bnyman, Rich, memoir of 327
Brandon Family, quartering* of the 450
Bristol College, meeting of the members

British Institution,PM Mall, exhibition

of 299
British Museum, King's pamphlets in
485. report on 638. new regulations
for admissioi. to ib.
Britons, ancient, coinage of 410
Bromhead, Col. memoir of 659
Buchanan's "Christian Researches,"

critical notices of 357
Buckland, Professor, on geology as ap-
plied to natural theology 115
Burgess, Bp. memoir of 538. works of

Burgundy, Margt. Duchess of, portrait

ol inquired for 226
Burnett, Sir R. memuir of 428
Cadell, Tho. memoir of 110
Calnscross, church at 311
Calleva, on the ancient site of 289,305
Calley, Tho. memoir of 205
Cambridge University, prire essays 83 301
Canada, Parliamentary resolutions on

the affairs of 415, 642
Candler, Vice-Adm. Sir T. memoir of 658
Canning, Vtess, death of 444
Canterbury, tombs in St. Dunstan's

church 495
Cape Wmes, duties on 183
Capitals, ancient, remarks on 402
Carea, Sir Peter, biographical notices

of 305
Carlovignian Romances, treatise on 268
Carter, Jo An, on the life and works of 302
Carthage, inscriptions found at 86. an-
cient remains of 413
Causaubon, notices of 151
Cecil, Sir R. queries on certain passages

in his letters 562
Celt*, ring-money of the 37 I
Cemetery at York 89
Cervetto, James, memoir of 437.
Chalmers's Caledonia, critical remarks

on 354
Champion, arrested for manufacturing
a machine to destroy Louit-Phillippe
Chapters of Cathedrals, on transferring

the patronage of 564
Charlemagne, Feats of 268
Charles I. political song on wanted 2
Charles II. letter on the death of 562
Charles X. of France, memoir of 93
Chichester Castle, Roman masonry dis-
covered under 641
China, imperial decree against Christi-
anity 197* practice of medicine in
404. decree expelling the "barba-
rian merchants" 533
Church and Dissent, remarks on 501

Church Commission, general review of
the 451, 563

Church Rates, Parliamentary resolutions
respecting 414, 416, 417,645. Par-
liamentary return 420. contentions
respecting 421

Churches and Chapels, New, diocesan
association for aiding the building of
90. erected, or to be erected, 90,198,
311, 647. society for granting sti-
pends to the clergy of 647

Cirencester, Roman monument found
near 586

Civil War, in the twelfth century, mi-
series of 153

Classical Literature, lecture on 408

Claudius, coins ol 526

Clergy, Convocation of, motion on 643

Clergymen, necessity of a provision for

Clifford, Col. memoir of 433

Clifton, Sir R. memoir of 654

Cockerel/, Sir C. memoir of 317

Coffins, Stone, found in Cbeapside 640

Coinage, of the ancient Britons 410

Coins, Roman, found near Fakenham,
86. English, found near Scarbo-
rough, 413. near Lewishaui, ib.
Greek, found at Exeter 450. of Clau-
dius, 526

Collier, James, the mechanist, notices
of, 584

Coltnan, G. sale of bis effects 83

Combat, gladiatorial, in 1741, 114

Commons, House of,scieniiReetperimenti
for ventilating 83. privileges affect-
ed in re Hansard, 308, 311

Concrete, on the application of to the
foundations of buildings 180

Constable, J. memoir of 664

Constantino, French expedition against
88, 89

Constantinople, bridge built at 89. new
project for commercial intercourse
with 532

Cooke, the poet, works of 133, extracts
from his " Battle of the Poets" 134,135

lAeut.-Gen. Sir G. menioir of 656

Major-Gen. Sir H. F. memoir of


Copyright, international law for the re-
gulation of, 524. bill for amending
the law in England 645

Corn Laws, motion for the alteration of,

Corporation Reform, Bill for, in Ireland,
308, 309, 529, 530, 642, 644. in
England, bill for amending 309, 414

County Rates, bill for altering the pre-
sent system of 531

Crashaw. IVm. letter to Casaubon 151

Cricket, etymology of 338

Crosse, Mr. curious chemical experi-
ments of 303, 406

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