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relict of Rear- Adm. O'Bryen, of Catisfield.March 30. At Southampton, aged 84, Elizabeth, relict of Thomas Croft, esq. of Marwell-lodge, Hants.

March 31. At the rectory, Hartley Mauduit, Rebecca Louisa, wife of the Rev. T. Bissland, dau. of J. White, late of Selborne, esq.

April 1. At Harmsworth House, near Alresford, aged 67, John Trueman Villebois, esq. a gent, well known and respected throughout the county as the spirited and sole proprietor of the Hampshire hounds, and a thorough sportsman. He was a partner with Messrs. Hanbury and F. Buxton, in that productive concern the Brick-lane brewery.

At Burghclere, Sarah, wife of the Rev. W. B. Barter, Rector.

Hereford.March 11. At Ross,aged

85, Moses Fernandez, esq. late of New Ormond-street.

At Huntington Court, near Hereford, aged 42, Fowler Price, esq.

Hebtr.—April 10. Aged 85, W. Smart, esq. of Norcott-court.

April 12. At the house of her brother Thomas William Hearne, esq. Deeves Hall, Herts, Miss Elizabeth Hearne.

Kent.—Feb. 28. At Gravesend, J. H. Carles, esq. late Clerk of the Privy Seal-office, aged 62.

March 7. At East Mailing, in his 70th year, James Dunnage, esq.

March 18. At West Mailing, aged 86, Eliz. Theresa, relict of Benj. Bates, esq. March 24. At Bromley, aged 93, Susannah, relict of the Rev. Henry Baseley, M.A. of Kibworth Beauchamp, Leic.

At Tunbridge-wells, Emma Matilda, eldest surviving dau. of Lieut.-Gen. Sir Latimer D. T. Widdrington, K.C.H.

March 28. At St. Clere, aged 74, Mrs. Evelyn, relict of A. Evelyn, esq. and sole dau. and heiress of the late Wm. Evelyn, esq. of St. Clere.

Lancashire.—At Liverpool, aged 30, Lieut. Richard Hughes, 3d Bengal N. Inf. 2d son of Rev. Richard Hughes, of Hendref, Anglesea.

Leicester.March21. At Leicester, aged 66, Almeria Selina, relict of the Rev. D. Hughes, D.D. Principal of Jesus College, Oxford, and daughter of the late Dr. Vaughan, of Leicester.

Lincolnshire.April5. At Uffington House, Elizabeth Susannah, second dau. of the Rev. W. Pegus and the Countess of Lindsey.

April 7. Aged 63, Mary, relict of James Young, esq. of Kingerby House.

Middlesex.Nov. 24. At Pinner, aged 81, Charles Laurence, esq.

Lately. At Harrow, Martha, wife of W. Bardwell, esq.

March 18. Aged 78, Robert Adair, esq. of Bankhouse, Acton.

March 23. At Chiswick, aged 63, Simon Cock, esq. Secretary to the London Dock Company. Through a long series of years his zealous exertions had been devoted to the prosperity of the commerce of the Port of London, and in hisprivate character he was universally esteemed.

Monmouth.Lately. At Chepstow, the widow of Samuel Day, esq. of Norton, Somerset.

Norfolk.April 16. At Wilton rectory, aged 34, Anne Frances, wife of the Rev. W. H. Hanson, and sister to Sir Edward Knatchbull, Bart.M. P.

Northampton.March 29. At Gillsborough, owing to a fall from his horse, whilst huntingon the previous day, aged 59, Wanley Sawbridge, esq.

Notts.April 9. At Mamham Vicarage, aged 19, Alexander Manners, eldest son of the Rev. J. A. Lawrence.

Oxford. Jan. 30. George March Brooks, esq. youngest son of James Brooks, esq. of Henley-upon-Tbames, and on the following day, Susan his wife.

Salop.Lately. At Wistanstow, aged 81, Thomas Duppa, esq.

March 4. At Beighterton, William Jellicoe, esq. one of the Commissioners for Inclosure of Rockingham Forest.

March 23. At the Lodge, aged 80, Tbeophilus Richard Salwey, esq.

April 5. John, second son of the late Rev. H. Oakelty, D.D. of Oakeley, Shropshire.

Somerset.Jan. 27. At Bath, Lucy, relict of FrancisHill, esq. of Burtonhill House, Malmesbury, youngest dau. of the late Wm. Fellowes, esq. M.D. of Bath.

Feb. 17. At Street House, near Glastonbury, aged 73, Frances, widow of Geo. Tuson, esq.

Feb. 21. At Bath, aged 77,1. Mangles, esq.

Lately. At Bath, aged 85, Catherine, widow of the Rev. Henry Jones, vicar of Penmark, Glam.

At Combe Down, Mr. George Steart, of the firm of Bally, Ellen, and Steart, paper manufacturers. By his active and intelligent mind he brought into great repute the De Montalt Mills, of which the water wheel is the largest in England. The new church on Combe Down was erected through his unwearied exertions, and to it he largely contributed.

At Bath, aged 79, Mrs. Jane Blagrave, dau. of the late Geo. Blagrave, esq. of Bulmarsh Court, Berks.

At Bath,aged 43, Susanna, wife of Mr. Drewe, solicitor, dau. of the late Col. Swinburn.

March 2. At Taunton, aged 56, Nathaniel Knott, esq. eldest son of the late Rev. W. Knott, of Puckington.

March 9. At Bath, aged 55, Mary, only sister of John Gough, esq. of Perry Hall, Staff.

March 17. At Bath, Margaret, wife of T. L. Prinsep, esq. of Croxall, Derbyshire.

March 19. At Bath, Jane-Charlotte, youngest dau. of the late Rev. Henry Forster Mills, Chancellor of York.

March 21. At Clevedon, aged 31, Caroline-Frances, wife of T. P. Purton, esq. of Faintree, near Bridgnorth.

March 28. At Hinton Blewett rectory, aged 72, Anna-Maria, widow of the Hon. John Coventry, 2d dau. of Francis Eves, of Clifford-place, co. Hereford, esq.

March 29. At Bath, Rebecca, widow of the Rev. Dr. Prevost, Vicar of Tisbury, Wilts, formerly of Dulwich.

Stafford.March 4. Eliza, wife of Henry Goodrich Willett, esq. of the Lightwoods, and of Wigston Parva Hall, Leic. only dau. of the late Thomas Grundy, esq. March 31. Atberseat,WhitmoreHall, Mrs. Sarah Mainwaring.

April I. Aged 58, Richard Eld, esq. second son of the late Francis Eld, esq. of Seigbford Hall.

Suffolk.Jan. 14. At her seat, Hintlesham Hall, aged 77, Miss Lloyd.

Feb. 1. At the rectory, Little Thurlow, aged 76, the relict of J. Thompson, esq. only surviving sister of the late Rev. Thos. Crick, and aunt to the Public Orator of the University of Cambridge.

Surrey.—Feb. 15. Anne, wife of C. Newbery, esq. of Godstone, Surrey, and of Mincing-lane.

Feb. 21. Aged 23, Lavinia, eldest surviving dau. of J. E. Peache, esq. of Wimbledon.

March 24. At Croydon, Wm. Dyer Thomas, esq. M.D. Deputy Inspectorgeneral of Hospitals, and late surgeon to the 7th Hussars.

April 3. At Epsom, aged 85, J. Bell, esq. late Senior Director, and only survivor of the original proprietors of the Phoenix Fire-office.

April 4. At Richmond, aged 40, Sarah, wife of B. Blyth, Mus. Doc.

April 10. At Chertsey, aged 65, Charlotte Priscilla, widow of S. Hudson, esq. youngest dau. of the Rev. Egerton Leigh, Rector of Murston, Kent, and cousin of the late Sir Egerton Leigh, Bt. Sussex.Lately. At Staplefield, the lady of Sir Henry Gwillim.

March 2. At Sainthill, aged 65, Arabella, widow of Chas. Payne Crawfurd.

March 5. At Brighton, aged 72, Lydia, relict of Col. D. J. Cameron, eldest dau. of the late G. F. Kinloch, esq. of London, banker.

At Norton House, near Chichester, aged 77, Matthew Buckle, esq. He was second on the list of Lieutenants of the Royal Navy, having been made on the 31st Jan. 1780.

March 10. At Brighton, Frances Sophia, wife of W. P. R. Shedden, esq. March 22. At Worthing, aged 43, Louisa, wife of Rev. Tatton Brockman. April 9. At Worsham, aged 37, Rowland Unwin, esq.

Warwick. Jan. 23. At Rugby, William Butlin, esq. banker.

Feb. 12. A fortnight after the birth of her seventh child, aged 37, Eliza, wife of Theophilus Richards, esq. of Handsworth Hall.

Feb. 27. At Leamington,aged 58, Charlotte Matilda, wife of Chas. Blair, esq.

Lately. At Leamington, Frances, sixth and youngest dau. of the late Hon. Edward Bearcroft, M.P. Chief Justice of Chester.

March 11. At Compton House, IImington, aged 68, Thos. Stanley Hill, esq. March 17. At Leamington, aged 44, William John Ching, esq. of Brunswicksquare, and of the Middle Temple, equity draftsman and conveyancer. He was called to the bar June 28,1816.

Worcester.Feb. 23. James Robinson, esq. of Tenbury, brother to the late Sir Christopher Robinson.

March 2. At Kempsey, aged 72, Sarah, relict of John Lenthall, esq. of the Priory, Burford, Oxfordshire.

March 29. At Daylesford House, aged 90, the widow of the Right Hon. Warren Hastings, Governor-general of Bengal.

York.—Feb. 23. At Whitby, Sarah, wife of John Buchanan, esq. solicitor, dau. of John Hall, esq. banker.

Feb. 27. At Tickhill castle, aged 49, Frederick Lumley Saville, esq. cousin and heir presumptive to the Earl of Scarborough. He was the only son of the Hon. Fred. Lumley Saville, by his 2d wife Joan, dau. of Adm. Bradley ; and married in 1812, Charlotte, dau. of the Rt. Rev. Dr. Beresford, Lord Bishop of Kilmore, by whom he has left issue Richard-George Lieut. 7th Hussars, and three daughters.

Wales.—Feb. 13. At Swansea, aged 37, Eliza, wife of Lieut. Goddard, only dau. of the late Henry Browne, esq. late banker, of Bristol.

Feb. 23. At Brynyrhydd, aged 74, Hugh Beavan, esq. At Abergavenny, Mrs. O'Neill, mother of the celebrated actress of that name, now the wife of Sir W. W. Becher, Bt.

At Pwllmeyric, near Chepstow, Lieut. Jas. Williams, R.N.

Scotland.Feb. 24. Thomas Jackson, LL.l>. Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of St. Andrew's.

Lately. At Campbelton, aged 80, the widow of Capt. George Morris, R.N. mother of Robert Morris, esq. of the Branch Bank of England, Plymouth.

At Logan, N. B. William Cunninghame, esq. of Enterkine, authorof" Principles of the Constitution of Governments," and about forty years since a candidate on the Whig interest, for the representation of Bristol.

March 9. At Newton Mill, Forfarshire, aged 57, Sir George Mulgrave Ogilvie, the sixth Baronet, of Barras, co. Kincardine (1661). He was born on the 10th August 1779, the eldest son of Sir David the fifth Baronet, a Major in the marines, by Jane, daughter of John Benger, esq. and succeeded his father in 1799.

March 21. At Inverness, Sarah, wife of Major Maclean, 72d Highlanders.

March 29. At Edinburgh, Jane, wife of John Wilson, Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh.

March 30. At Hanley, near Edinburgh, aged 26, Augusta, wife of James Moncrieffe Melville, esq. youngest dau. of the late Vice-Adm. Lechmere, and sister to Lady de Saumarez.

Ireland.Jan. 8. In Dublin, Major James Eyre Caulfield, late of 59th regt.

Jan. 22. At Buttevant, Major Hughes, 19th regt.

Lately. At Cork, Lieut. Henry H. Carpenter, late of 10th R. Vett. Batt.

In Dublin, Lieut. Christopher Tuthill, R.N.

In Dublin, of the influenza, T. R. Guest, esq. of Cardiff, and brother of J. J. Guest, esq. M.P.

Aged 86, the Very Rev. Patrick Nolan, archdeacon and vicar-general of the archdiocese of Tuiiiii, and parish priest of Balla.

At Lauragh, Kildare, the eldest son of the Rev. Sir E. D. Burrowes, Bart.

In Dublin, J. W. Barlow, esq. brother of J. B. Hoy, esq. M.P.

In Dublin, Anne, eldest daughter of the Very Rev. P. Browne, Dean of Ferns.

March 19. At Dublin, Lieut. Cameron, 77th regt.

April 20. Aged 78, Layers Alleyn, esq. of Ballidivan, co. Cork.

April 15. At Clontimon Lodge, Cork, aged 75, George Stevelly, esq.

Jersey. Lately. Elizabeth, wife of John De Veulle, esq. of La Colom

brie, and mother of Sir John De Veulle, Knight, the present Bailly of Jersey. She was the only surviving child and heiress of the late Nicholas Messervy, esq. of Des Augres, one of the Jurats of the Royal Court of that Island, and Col. of the Second Regiment of the Jersey Militia.

Guernsey.Feb. 19. Harriett, wife of Geo. Wm. Flesher Hoyle, esq. dau. of the late Wm. Jefferies, esq.

East Indies.June 30. At Trichinopoly, Capt. Mandillon, 54th regt.

July 20. On his passage to Madras, Griffith Taylor, third son of the late J. Mansford, esq. of Penleigh House, Wilts.

July 24. Major Macan, Unattached.

Aug. 21. At Madras, Capt. Young, 63d.

Aug. 26. At Poonah, Jane, wife of John Morphew Browne, esq. Hon. Co.'s Service, eldest dau. of late WalterSwaine, esq. of Leverington, co. Cambridge.

Sept. 1. At Missoorie, in his 28th year, Thomas, eldest son of Sir John Louis, Bart.

Oct. 15. At Sultanpore, Major Francis John Spiller, 8th Bengal Light Cav.

Oct. 25. At Bombay, Major John Simpson, of the 17th Bombay Native Infantry.

Oct. 30. At Balasore, aged 27, Mary Henrietta, wife of E. E. H. Repton, esq. Bengal Civil Service.

Abroad.Sept. 14. At Quebec, Lt. Holland, h. p. 46th regt.

Nov. 9. At New Brunswick, aged 19, Ensign James William Hoste, 43d regt. second son of Col. Sir G. C. Hoste, R. Eng. He passed for his commission at Sandhurst in Nov. 183.% and was a very promising officer. He had been selected as acting engineer, to survey the levels for a projected line of railroad in New Brunswick.

Dec. 5. At Verdun, Col. Charles Beat, K.C. H. b.p. German legion.

Lately. Mr. Charles John Rann, youngest son of J. H. Rann, Esq. M.D. of Coventry. He was drowned in fording on horseback the river St. Salvador, in South America.

At Torento, Upper Canada, Capt T. Shedden, late of the 91st.

Feb. 14. Aged 21, the eldest son of M. Guizot, minister of public instruction. Having passed with distinction through the College of Henry IV., and Polytechnic schools, he devotedhimself to historical and literary labours, from which those who knew him anticipated the most valuable results.

March 7. At Malta, Capt. W. Ers. kinc Grant, 59th Foot. March 9. At St. Omer, Lieut. Thos.

] 837.] Bill ofMortality.—Markets.—Price* of Shares.

Lalor, a Military Poor Knight ofWindsor, h. p. 42nd regiment, with which he served with honour and gallantry in the Peninsular war, prior to which he was a Lieut. in the 9th dragoons.

March 29. At Calais, aged 29, Harriet Frances, wife of Henry Casby, esq. dau. of W. Curre, esq. of Itton Court, Monmouthshire.

Lately. In Belgium, John Walter, esq. of Purbrook Park, Hants.

At Paris, Baron Dubois, consulting surgeon to the King, clinical professor of the faculty of medicine of Paris, &c. Von Steiner, deputy governor of the Austrian national bank. Having neither

wife or children, he has left a fortune estimated at ten millions of florins to distant relations.

April 13. At Nizza, in the north of Italy, in her 5th year, Alice Gwilt, only child of Wm. Jackson, of Southwark, solicitor, and grand-dau. of George Gwilt, esq. F.S.A.

March 15 and 16. Killed in action near Hernani, Lieut.-Col. Cotter of the 9th regt.; Capt. Coyle, 8th regt.; and Lieut. Dawson, Rifles, British Auxiliary legion in the service of the Queen of Spain. Also, at St. Sebastian, of his wounds, Capt. Fielding of the Rifles, youngest son of Dr. Fielding, of Hull.

BILL OF MORTALITY, from March 21 to April 25, 1837.

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AVERAGE PRICE OF CORN, by which the Duty is regulated, April 14.


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PRICES OF SHARES. At the Office of WOLFE, Brothers, Stock and Share Brokers, 23, Change Alley, Cornhill.

Birmingham Canal, 218. Ellesmere and Chester, 80. Grand Junction,

202. Kennet and Avon, 22$. Leeds and Liverpool, 560. Regent's, 16.

Rochdale, 119. London Dock Stock, 54. St. Katharine's, 90. West

India, 104. Liverpool and Manchester Railway, 202. Grand Junction Water

Works, 51. West Middlesex, 78J. Globe Insurance, 150. Guardian, 33j.

Hope, 5§. Chartered Gas Light, 50. Imperial Gas, 42. Phoenix Gas,

20. Independent Gas, 49. General United, 24. Canada Land Company, 33. Reversionary Interest, 126.

For Prices of all other Shares inquire as above.


From March 26, 1837, to April 25, 1837, both inclmiv*.

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