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bourne, Sussex; was matriculated of Magdalene hall, Oxford, in 1776, graduated B.A. 1783, M.A. 1784; and was presented to Effingham in 1793, by the Lord Chancellor.

Jan. 25. Aged 70, the Rev. John Stevens, Vicar of Swalcliffe, with Epwell, Oxfordshire, and Rector of Great Poringland, Norfolk. He was the son of Mr. John Stevens, of Bicester; was educated at Winchester; thence elected to a scholarship at New college, Oxford, in 1787, became actual Fellow in 1789, and graduated B.A. 1794, M.A. 1795. In 1807 he was presented by the college to the rectory of Birchanger, in Essex; which he exchanged during his year of grace for the vicarage of Swalcliffe with Epwell, and in 1813 was presented to the rectory of Great Poringland, Norfolk. He has left a widow and ten children.

At Tichbourn, in Hampshire, aged 63, the Rev. Samuel Strutt. He was the son of Samuel Strutt, esq. and born in the city of Westminster; was matriculated at Merton college, Oxford, in 1791; and graduated B.A. 1795, M.A. 1798.

Jan. 26. At Witley, Surrey, aged 75, the Rev. John Flutter Chandler, Vicar of that parish and Woking. He was the son of John Chandler, esq. of Stoke Guilford, Surrey; was matriculated of Brasenose college, Oxford, in 1778, took the degree of B.A. in 1783, and that of M. A. in 1786, as a member of University college. He was presented to Woking by Earl Onslow in 1786, and instituted to Witley, of which he was patron, in 1815. At Scorton, Yorkshire, in his 80th year, the Rev. William Howe, M.A. for thirty-six years master of the free grammar-school there, and Prebendary of Compton Dundo in the church of Wells, to which he was collated by the present Bishop in 1828.

Jan. 26. Aged 63, the Rev. Middle, ton Onslow, Rector of Bradford Peverel, co. Dorset. He was a younger brother of General Denzil Onslow. He was of King's coll. Camb. B.A. 1799; and was presented to his living by Winchester college in 1814. His youngest son, Charles, died three weeks after his father, on the 17th Feb. aged 23, after a lingering illness caused by the blow of a cricket ball. Jan 28. At the Stone, Chalfont, St. Giles's, aged 69, the Rev. William Jones, many years an active magistrate for Bucks. Jan. 29. At Sompting, in his 63d year, the Rev. Thomas Poole Hooper, Rector of Kingston by the Sea, and Vicar of Sompting, Sussex, F.L.S. He was born in London, the son of John Hooper, esq. matriculated of Pemb. coll. Oxf. 1791, graduated B.A. 1797, M.A. 1800; was presented to the vicarage of Shoreham, Sussex, in 1801, by Magdalene college, Oxford; to Kingston in 1809by William Gorringe, Esq.; and to Sompting in 1815 by E. Barker, Esq. and thereupon resigned Shoreham.

Jan 30. At Hulton, Essex, aged 65, the Rev. Richard Black, Rector of that parish, of Copdock with Wasbbrook, Suf. folk, and of Catmere, Berkshire; Chaplain to Lord Walsingham. He was of Jesus college, Cambridge, B.A. 1795, as sixth Junior Optime, M.A. 1805; was presented to Catmere in 1810 by J. A. Houblon, esq. to Hulton in 1814 by the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, and to Copdock in the same year by Lord Walsingham.

At Bampton, in Oxfordshire, aged 71, the Rev. Thomas Burrow, one of the three Vicars of that parish. He was the son of James Burrow, esq. of Exeter; was matriculated of Oriel college, Oxford, in 1784, graduated B.A. 1788, M.A. 1802, and was presented to his portion of Bampton in 1799, by the Dean and Chapter of Exeter.

At Beccles, Suffolk, in his 70th year, the Rev. Harvey Taylor, Perpetual Curate of Aldeby, Norfolk, and Curate of Weston, Essex. He was presented to Aldeby in 1812 by the Dean and Chapter of Norwich.

Jan. 31. At Yarmouth, aged 86, the Rev. John Foster, for fifty-five years Vicar of Tunstead, Norfolk, and late for many years one of the ministers of St. George's chapel, Yarmouth.

At Brampton hall, co. Suffolk, aged 77, the Rev. Naunton Thomas Orgill Leman, Rector of that parish and of Worlingham. His paternal name was Orgill; he was of Caius college, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. 1782, M.A. 1787; subsequently to which period he took the name of Leman. He was instituted to Brampton in 1793, on his own nomination, and presented to Worlingham in the same year by the Lord Chancellor.

At Lifton, in Devonshire, aged 70, the Rev. Thomas Waddon Martyn, Rector of that parish, and LuBincott. He was instituted to the latter parish in 1794, and to the former where he had been for thirty-five years Curate, in 1833. Feb. 2. At King's Repton, aged 54, the Rev. William Hodson, Curate of that parish.

At Claydon, Suffolk, aged 54, the Rev. James Wood, Perpetual Curate of Wil- lisham, and twenty-five years Curate of Blakenham Parva. He was presented to Willisham in 1830 by T. Myers, esq.

Feb. 3. At Morpeth, the Rev. Ed. ward Otter, Rector of Bothal with Hebburn, and a Prebendary of York. He

was of Jesus college, Cambridge, B.A. 1786, M.A. 1789, was collated to the prebend of Ulliskelfe in the cathedral church of York in 1808, by the present Archbishop, and presented to his living in 1810 by the Duke of Portland.

Feb. 4. At Clifton, aged .54, the Rev. John Storer, Rector of Hawksworth, Notts, an official of the Peculiar of Bridgnorth. He was the only son of John Storer, M.D. of Nottingham; was matriculated of Christ church, Oxford, in 1800; graduated B.A. 1805, M.A. 1808; and was presented to Hawksworth by his father in 1808.

Feb. 5. In Chelmsford old gaol, in his 82d year, the Rev. George Somers Clarke, D.I). Vicar of Great Waltham, Essex. He was the son of Somers Clarke, esq. of London; entered as a Commoner of Trinity college, Oxford, in 1774, and was afterwards a scholar and a Fellow of that Society. He graduated B.A. 1778, M.A. 1781, B.D. 1789, D.D. 1803; and was

firesented to Great Waltham by his colege in 1797. His parishioners had for many years suffered from his eccentricities, when in April 1823 they exhibited twenty-three articles against him "for brawling in church," and other irregularities, and on the 22d May 1824, he was committed to Chelmsford old gaol, for contempt of the Ecclesiastical Court. Since that time, with the exception of a short period, he persisted in remaining in his cell, where he expired. He was master of several languages, and has left behind him a great many manuscripts, translations of the Persian Bible, with marginal notes, &c but during the last twelvemonths he in a great measure discontinued his labours, and became much more quiet in his general demeanour than when he first entered the prison. He has left a widow and two sons.

At Brighton, aged 47, the Rev. Henry Mortlock, Chaplain to the workhouse. He was the sixth son of the late John Mortlock, esq.of Cambridge ; and was a member of St. John's college, in that university. He has left a widow and seven children.

Aged 64, the Hev. Joseph Wilson, Rector of Laxton, Northamptonshire, towhich he was presented in 1820 by W. Evans,esq.

Feb. 7. At Dorking, Surrey, aged 70, the Rev. George Feachem, Vicar of that parish. He was of St. John's college, Cambridge, B.A. 1790, M.A. 1793.

At Aspatria, Cumberland, aged 77, the Rev. /. C. Gilbanks, Vicar of that parish, and Perpetual Curate of Hayle and Culgaith. He was presented to Hayle. (in the patronage of the Earl of Lonsdale) in 1782, to Culgaith by the Vicar of Kirkland in 1791, and collated to Aspatria in

Gent. Mao. Vol. VII.

1815 by Dr. Goodenougb, then Bishop of Carlisle.

At High Wycombe, Bucks, aged 71, the Rev. Richard Hunt, Vicar of Felkirk, Yorkshire, and Medmenham, Bucks. He was a native of London,was matriculated at St. Alban ball, Oxford, in 1785, graduated B.A. 1788, M.A. 1791 ; was collated to Felkirk in 1801 by Dr. Markham, then Abp.of York; and presented to Medmenham in the same year.

At Bodmin, aged 87, the Rev. Joseph Pomery, for sixty years Vicar of St. Kew, the senior magistrate of Cornwall, and with one exception the oldest incumbent. He was the son of John Pomery, esq. of Liskeard, was matriculated of Exeter college, Oxford, in 1768, graduated B.A. 1771, M.A. 1774, and was presented to his living in 1777. He caused to be buried in the churchyard of that parish, a coffin hewn out of moorstone, with a lid of the same granite, properly secured, which was done by his directions above two years ago, that his remains might be deposited therein. There is also a monument now in Bodmin of the same granite, beautifully cut, which is intended to perpetuate his memory—the inscription, written by himself, is to be inlaid.

At East Dulwich parsonage, Surrey, aged 74, the Rev. Edward Newton Walter, Rector of Leigh, Essex. He was son of the Rev. Dr. Alleyne Walter, of Bath, and grandson of John Walter, esq. owner of Piercefield, co. Monmouth. He was of St. John's coll. Camb. B.A. 1787; and was collated to his living in 1S08 by Dr. Porteus, then Bishop of London. His son, George Walter, esq. is the Resident Director of the London and Greenwich Railway.

Feb. 8. In Devonshire-place, the Rev. Stawell Chudleigh.

Aged 32. the Rev. Edmund Kerrison, Curateof East Dereham, Norfolk; grandson of the late Sir Roger Kerrison, Knt. He was M.A. of Corp. Chris, coll.Camb.

Feb. 9. Aged 74, the Rev. Isaac Bacon, Rector of Blechingdon, Oxfordshire. He was the son of Mr. John Bacon, of Bridekirk, Cumberland; was matriculated of Queen's college, Oxford, in 1781; graduated B.A. 178J. M.A. 1789, and became a Fellow on the old foundation. He was presented to Blechingdon by that Society in 1807.

Aged 33, the Rev. John Bathurxt Schomberg. Chaplain to the King, Rector of Belton, Suffolk, and of Edburton, Sussex. He was collated to Belton by his relative, Dr. Bathurst, the present Bishop of Norwich, in 1830, and to Edburton by the Archbishop of Canter3L bury. He died suddenly of apoplexy in his gig.

Feb. 11. At Epsom, aged 63, the Rev. Robert Hesketh, Rector of St. Dunstan's in the East, London, and of Acton Burnell, Shropshire. He was the son of Robert Hesketh, esq. of Shrewsbury; was matriculated at Christ Church, Oxford, in 1792; graduated B.A, 1797, M.A. 1814; waB presented to Acton Burnell in 1815 by Sir Edw. Smyth; and collated to St. Dunstan's (a peculiar) in 1817, by the late Archbishop of Canterbury.

Feb. 13. At Pucklecburch, Gloucestershire, the Rev. George Svayne, D.D. Vicar of Hockley and South Bemfleet, Essex. He was formerly Fellow of Wadham college, Oxford, M.A. 1798; was presented to Hockley in 1819 by that society, and to South Bemfleet in 1827 by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster.

Feb. 15. At Clifton, aged 36, the Rev. Theophilus Biddulph, M.A. Minister of St. Matthew's, Bristol; late Fellow of Corpus Christi college, Oxford. He was appointed the first incumbent of the new church of St. Matthew, Bristol, in 18.... Feb. 18. Aged 48, the Rev. William Greenwood, Rector of Thrapston, Northamptonshire. He was formerly a Fellow of Corpus Christi college, Cambridge, where he graduated B.A. 1818, M.A. 1821; and was presented to Thrapston in 1828 by the Lord Chancellor.

Feb.'iX. At Llanbedrog, Carnarvonshire, aged 81, the Rev. Peter Williams, D.D. Rector of that parish, Prebendary of Bangor, and for many years a magistrate for that county. He was the son of Mr. Edw. Williams, of Northop, co. Flint; was matriculated of Christchurch, Oxford, in 1776, graduated B.A. 1780, M.A. 1783, B. and D.D. 1802; became a Chaplain of Christchurch, and subsequently Head Master of Bangor school, and Chaplain to Bp. Mnjendie, by whom he was collated to the rectory of Llanbedrog in 1802, and to the prebend of Pen- nynydd in 18...

Feb. 22. At Trull, near Taunton, at an advanced age, the Rev. Michael Dickton, Vicar of Petminster, and Perpetual Curate of Trull. He was presented to the latter church in 1788.

Feb. 27. At Norton Bavent, Wilts, aged 73, the Rev. George Smith, Vicar of that parish, and Perpetual Curate of Hill Deverill. He was of Trinity coll. Camb. B.A. 1787, M.A. 1790; was presented to Norton Bavent by the King in 1794, and to Hill Deverill in 1798 by one of the Prebendaries of Heytesbury.

March 7. At Turville, Bucks, aged 62, the Rev. George Scobell, D.D. Vicar

of that parish, Rector of Brattleby, Lincolnshire, and a magistrate for Buckinghamshire. He was the son of the Rev. George Pender Scobell, of Penzance; was educated at Blundell's school, Tiverton, and thence elected in 1792, a Scholar of Balliol college, Oxford, where he succeeded to a Blundell fellowship in 1797, graduated B.A. 1795, M.A. 1800, B. and D.D. 1810, and was presented to Brattleby by the college in 1803. He was for some time Master of the grammar school at Henley upon Thames, and was presented in 1823 to the vicarage of Turville by the freeholders of the parish, where he afterwards constantly resided.

March 8. Aged 49, the Rev. Edmund Probyn, Vicar of Longhope, and Rector of Abinghall, Gloucestershire. He was the son of the Rev. John Probyn, of Abinghall, was matriculated of University college, Oxford, in 1806, graduated B.A. 1810, M.A. 1814; was presented to both his livings by his father in 1827.

At Launceston, the Rev. John Jiotce, Perpetual Curate of that place, to which he was appointed by the Corporation in 1808.

March 10. The Rev. John Matthew, Rector of Kiloewith Stringston, Somerset, and a magistrate for the county; brother to the late Rev. Charles Matthew, of Maldon. He was formerly Fellow of Balliol college, Oxford, M.A. 1785, and was presented to his living in 1797 by that society.

March 13. At the house of his father Mr. Richard Grant, in Little Dean's Yard, Westminster, aged 34, the Rev. Frederick Grant. His death was so sudden, that a coroner's inquest was held, which found that it had been caused by an aneurism in the heart.



Jan. 11. In Beaumont-st. aged 70, John George Wood, esq. F.S.A.

Jan. 13. In Bolton-row. aged 69, Thomas Lenox Napier Sturt,esq. late of Buckshaw-house, Dorset; a younger brother to the late Charles Sturt, esq. M.P.

Aged 44, Charles Ely, esq. of Nottingham-st. and formerly of Cambridge.

Jan. 14. In Welbeck-st. Wm. Gordon Cuming Skene, of Pitburg and Dyce, esq.

Jan. 18. In Chancery-lane, John Steer, esq. special pleader. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn, June 12, 1823, and attended the Home Circuit and Surrey Sessions.

Jan. 19. In Chesterfield-st. aged 77, the Hon. Charlotte Johanna Gnmston, aunt of the Earl of Verulam. She was the youngest child of James 2d Vise. Grimston, by Mary, dau. of J. A. Bucknail, esq.

Jan. 20. In Coldbath-fields' prison, aged 52, Underwood, a notorious beggingletter impostor. For some years he used to travel through the country in a fashionable gig, and will, nu excellent horse, collecting subscriptions as a disinterested individual, for persons alleged to be in distress. By this means he not only contrived to live as a gentleman while travelling, but also, it is said, to make from 700/. to 800/. per annum. He had been committed to prison as a rogue and vagabond. Jan. 21. At Kensington, aged 75, William Weld, esq. Jan. 22. At Chelsea, Mary, wife of John Charles Denham, esq.

Jan. 23. In Regeut-st. aged 59, Richard Raynesford, esq.

Jan. 24. In Harley-st. Janet, wife of James Lewis, esq. of Clifton.

Jan. 25. At Regcnt'spark, William Pitts Dimsdale, esq. of Cornhill, banker.

At Clapham, aged 10, Edmund Parry, fifth son of John Thornton, esq.

Jan. 27. In Whitehall-gardens, aged 92, Elizabeth-Amelia, widow of Rich. Henry Alex. Bennett, esq. of Babraham, co. Cambridge (only ten days after the death of her sister the dowager Marchioness of Exeter; see p. 218). She was the eldest dau. of Peter Burrell, esq. father of the first Lord Gwydir, and grandfather of the present Lord Willoughby d'Eresby, by Eliz. dau. and coh. of John Lewis, of Hackney, esq. She was mother of the late gallant Capt. Bennett, R.N. and of Lady Gordon and Lady Swinburne. Her body was conveyed for interment to Shorewell, I.W.

Jan. 28. At Chester-st. Grosvenorplace, aged 23, Georgiana-Anne, wife of Robert King, esq.

Jan. 30. Sarah Lane, wife of Thos. Blizard, esq. of Cumberland-terrace, Regent's park.

Jan.3l. In Bryanstone-sq. John Rolls, esq.

Jan In the prime of life, Mr.

Alfred Goinersall Vickers, artist, whose views on the Continent have embellished some of the most highly finished Annuals of latter years. A sale of his works took place at Christie's, on the 16th Feb.

Feb.ll. In Queen-st. May Fair, Mrs. Frances William Laking.

Feb. 13. In Westbourn-pl. Pimlico, W. E. Donnellan, esq. of Mount Talbot, Roscommon, Ireland. Feb. 14. Mrs.Louisa Barnett, widow of

B. Barnett, of Hereford, for seventeen years mistress of the Jews' Free School. Feb. 15. Aged 49, Mary, wife of Thos. Leach, esq. of Russell-square.

Feb. 17. In Hereford-strait, aged 22, Anne, eldest dau. of the Hon. Chas. E. Law, M.P. Recorder of London.

Feb. 18. In Upper Stain lord-st. aged 61, Laurence Keir, esq. of Ledgers, Surrey.

In the Edgware-road, aged 60, James Robertson, esq. late Registrar of Slaves for Essequibo.

Feb. 21. At Blackheath, Elizabeth, widow of Major Anderson, Bengal Service.

Aged 50, Nathaniel Dunbar, esq. of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law. He was many years since an officer in the Middlesex militia. He possessed great acuteness and sagacity, and had a good practice at the Surrey Sessions and Home Circuit.

Feb. 22. In Tilney. street, in her 78th year, Eliza, widow of Arthur Stanhope, esq. who died on the 25th Aug. last (see our vol. VI. p. 442). She was the second dau. of the Rev. Robert (not Thomas) Thistlethwayte, D.D.of Southwick park, Hants, by Anne, dau. of Peter'Bathurst, of Clarendon-park, esq. and the Lady Selina Shirley. She was married in 1784 to Mr. Stanhope (her sister Selina having previously married his cousin the Earl of Chesterfield), and had issue an only dau. Eliza, who was married in 1810 to Evelyn John Shirley, of Eatington park, Warw. esq. and has a numerous family.

In Park-sq. Regent's-park, John Slater, esq.

At Camberwell, aged 105, Mrs. Latham Brickuood.

Fib. 24. At Peckham,aged38, Mary Anne, wife of Col. D. Robinson.

Feb. 27. At the residence of his brother, in Mecklenburgh-sq. aged 22, Edmund Osborne, youngest son of Jeremiah Osborne, esq. of Bristol.

March 3. At Kensington, in her 85th year, Miss Nares, sister of the late Archdeacon Nares.

In Manchester-sq. Mary Ann, wife of Chas. Jenyns, esq.

March 5. In Park-crescent, aged 67, Ralph I "a It, esq.

March 8. In Bryanstone-sq. William Miller, esq. late of Jamaica.

In Wimpole-st. aged 93, Eliza Diana, relict of James Bourchier, esq.

March 9. Killed by being thrown from his chaise, in his 40th year, Thos. Clarkson, esq. one of the magistrates of the Thames police. He was son of the

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Rev. Thomas Clarkson, of Ipswich; was called to the bar at the Middle Temple, May 13, 1825, and for some time practised as a special pleader, and went the Northern circuit. A year ago he was appointed one of the magistiates of the Thames police. He has left a widow and one son.

March 10. In South Audley-st. aged 84, Frances Canning, daughter of the late Stratford Canning, esq. of Garvagh, co. Londonderry, and aunt of the late Right Hon. G. Canning.

March 11. In John-st. Bedford-row, aged 87, John Dickonson, esq.

March 13. At the house of his son, Camden Town, in his 80th year, Dr. Key, late of Lombard-st.

March 14. In Duke-st. St. James's, aged 31, William Palgrave Simpson, esq. of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law. He was called to the bar Jan. 25, 1833, and went the Norfolk circuit

In Powis-place, in his 28th year, James Sayers Turner, esq.

March 15. In Chapcl-st. Grosvenor-pl. aged 55, Henry Alex. Douglas, esq. brother to the Marquis of Queensberry. He was the fourth son of the late Sir William Douglas of Kelhead, Bart, by Grace, eldest dau. and coh. of William Johnston, esq. He married in 1812 Elizabeth, second dau. of Robert Dalzell, esq. of the family of the Earls of Cornwath, and has left a numerous family.

In Woburn-pl. Anne, wife of John Whishaw, esq.

At North Brixton, Randle Jackson, esq. barrister-at-law, and a Bencher of the Hon. Society of the Middle Temple. He was called to the bar on the 9th Feb. 1793; and was Advocate before Parliament to the Hon. East India Company.

The Right Hon. Joan Viscountess Canning. She was the youngest of the three daughters and coheirs of the late Major-Gen. John Scott, of Balcomie, by Margaret dau. of the Rt. Hon. Robert Duudas of Arniston, niece to the 1st Viscount Melville. Her sisters were Henrietta Duchess of Portland, and Lucy Lady Doune, first wife of the present Earl of Moray. She was married July 8, 1800, to the late Rt. Hon. George Canning, after whose death, whilst First Lord of the Treasury, Aug. 8, 1827, she was created a peeress of the United Kingdom by the title of Viscountess Canning, of Kilbrahan, co. Kilkenny, by patent dated Jan. 17, 1828. She is succeeded by her youngest and only surviving son, Charles-John, M.P. in the present Parliament lor Warwick. He was born in 1812, and married in 1835, the Hon. Charlotte Stuart, eldest dau. of Lord

Obituary. £April,Stuart de Rothesay. Her other children were George-Charles, who died in 1820; the Hon. William-Pitt Canning, Capt. R.N. who died in 1828; and the Most Hon. Harriet Marchioness of Clanricarde. Her body was interred on the 26th by the side of that of her late illustrious husband,in Westminster Abbey.

March 16. At Putney, aged 77, Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Cracroft, esq.

March 17. In Portland-pl. in her 77th year, Mrs. A. Marsden, relict of Alexander Marsden, esq.

In Kentish-town. Capt. William Berts, a Poor Knight of Windsor, on the hallpay of the 14th foot: a gallant officer and amiable man. He has left a widow, one daughter, and a son, an officer in the 26th, now serving in India.

March 19. In Cambridge-terrace, Regent's Park, the widow of the Rev. Edw. Northey, Canon of Windsor.

In University-st. in his tenth year, Benjamin-Buckingham, second son of Joseph Browne, and grandson of George Davies, of Scarborough, esq.

Berks.Jan. 28. Aged 47, Thomas Bowles, esq. of Milton hill, a Magistrate for the county. He was a Gentleman Commoner of Oriel college, Oxford.

Jan. 31. At Reading, aged 82, Sarah, relict of Henry Smyth, esq. of Charlton, Northamptonshire.

Feb. 20. At Windsor, at an advanced age, Mr. Baker; during nearly the whole of bis life, he had lived in a little four-room cottage in Peascod-street, and was accustomed to purchase the cheapest and coarsest food; he was generally supposed to be rich, and upon the opening of his will, he was discovered to have died worth the enormous sum of 90,000/.

March 14. Aged 80, John Powell, esq. of Kintbury.

Frances Jane, relict of the Rev. John Sike Saw-bridge, Rector of Welford, dau. of Framingham Thruston, esq. of Market Weston Hall, Suffolk.

Bucks.—Feb. 24. At Salt Hill, on his way to Bath, John Smith Barry, esq. of Marbury hall, Cheshire.

Cambridge.—March 6. Aged 88, Charles Hammond, esq. banker, Newmarket.

Cheshire.—Feb. 24. Aged 65, Ann, wife of the Rev. Joseph Eaton, F.S.A. Precentor and Minor Canon of Chester, and Rector of Handley; dau. of the late Thos. Boydell, esq. of Trevalyn-hall, co. Denbigh, and niece to the late Alderman Boydell.

Cumberland.Lately. At Caldbeck, Mary, wife of Mr. Richard Harrison, of that place. This amiable individual was

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