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Jan. 27. At Brighton, Robert Walter Alexander, esq. of Hampstead, Deputy Commissary-general.

Jan. 29. At Brighton, aged 74, Andrew Plimer, esq. many years ago an eminent miniature painter in Exeter.

Jan. 31. At Southover, Lewes, aged 78, W. Verrall, esq.

Feb. 1. At Kemp-town, aged 59, Miss Villebois, youngest daughter of the lateW. Villebois, esq. of Feltham-pl. Middlesex.

Feb. 2. At Stopham house, aged 86, W. Smyth, esq.

At Brighton, aged 76, John M'Queen, esq. ot Braxfield, last surviving son of the late Right Hon. Robert M'Queen, Lord Justice Clerk of Scotland.

Feb. 4. George Holden, esq. of Brighton, and late of his Majesty's Customs.

Feb. 8. At Bognor, aged 79, Captain Baumgarben, R. Mar.

Feb. 9. At Chichester, aged 87, Mrs. Cutfield.—And on the sameday, her niece, the wife of William Ridge, esq. banker.

Feb. 20. At Brighton, in her 19th year, after a long and trying illness, borne with exemplary patience and resignation, the most beloved Hannah Augusta, only child of Augustus Gostling, LL.D. and Hannah, eldest daughter of the late Samuel Prime, esq. of Whitton, Middlesex.

Warwick.Jan. 9. In Warwick gaol, at the extraordinary age of 101, Mr. Thomas Gubbins, of Pailton, who was imprisoned for the costs of a suit between Trinity coll. Comb, and the parishioners of Pailton.

Jan. 30. Aged 57, Mr. James George, of Stratford-upon-Avon; Treasurer to the Royal Shakspearean Club, and one of the Common Council of the borough.

Feb. 7. At Haunchwood house, Nuneaton, P. U. Williams, esq. formerly of Fenchurch-st.

Fih. 10. At Leamington, aged 33, James Duff, esq. of Innes House, Elgin, son of Gen. Sir James Duff, of Funtingdon, Sussex.

Wilts.Dec. 23. At Salisbury, aged 54, Anne Elizabeth, widow of John Hodding, esq. dau. of Fred. Gibson, of Turnham Green, esq.

Jan. 15. At his son Dr. Greenup's house,Salisbury, aged 67, George Green up, esq. late of Sowerby Bridge, York. He survived only 30 days the loss of his wife, with whom he had lived happily more than forty years (see p. 319).

Jan. 30. At Frome, in her 63d year, Hester, wife of Wm. Baynton, esq.

Feb. 3. At the rectory, Wooton Rivers, aged 65, Mary, relict of Thomas Whitfield, esq.

At Salisbury, Capt. Harry Hunt, of the Royal Marines.

Feb. 5. At Fyfield, Miss Elizabeth Penruddocke, 3d dau. of late C. Penrud- docke, esq. M.P. for Wilts.

York.—Jan. 31. At Whitby, aged 77, William Middleton, esq.

Feb. 2. At Moor-Allerton, aged 52, Robert Harrison, esq. of Leeds, timber merchant, and brother to Joseph Harrison, esq. of Hull.

Feb. 7. At Doncaster, aged 79, Joseph Lockwood, esq. the late highly respected clerk and judge of the course, which post he filled for many years prior to 1832, when he resigned bis offices in favour of his son.

Feb. 8. At Beverley, aged 84, John Arden, esq. M.D. He was elected alderman in 1787, was mayor nine times, and resigned his gown, 1828, in favour of his ton.

Wales.—Lately. At Hay, Frances, wife of the Rev. Morgan Walters, Rector of Vaynor, Breconshire, eldest dau. of late Wm. Davies, esq. of Forest, near Hay, Wales.

Feb. 15. At Llandidloes, co. Montg. aged 38, Eliza-Margaret, wife of Boyce Combe, esq. barrister.

Scotland.Dec. 20. At Edinburgh, Mary, wife of Sir John Nasmyth, Bart, of Posso, county Peebles; and on the same day, their second son, Stewart Nasmyth. She was a dau. of the late Sir John Marjoribanks, of Lees, co. Berwick, Bart, and was married in 1826.

Feb. 3. At Edinburgh, the Hon. David Robertson Williamson Ewart Lord Balgray, a Judge of the Court of Session j he was appointed to the bench in 1811.

Feb. 4. At her residence in the island of Arran, Lady Charlotte Frances Erskine, aunt to the Earl of Marand Kellie. Her Ladyship was the eldest dau. of JohnFrancis the 14th Earl. In pursuance of the plans of her venerable father, her Ladyship was the laborious and munificent promoter of religious education throughout Scotland.

Ireland.-flee. 26. At Boomhall, co. Londonderry, the seat of her father the Lord Bishop of Derry, Harriett, wife of the Rev. Thomas Lindesay, Rector of Tamlaght.

Dec. 31. At Glanworth, co. Cork, Mrs. Brinkley, relict of the Lord Bishop of Cloyne.

Jan. 6. At Darrynane Abbey, aged 75, John Charles O'Connell, esq. brother to General Sir Maurice O'Connell, and the immediate cousin of Daniel O'Connell, esq. M.P.

Jan. 6. At Dumfermline, Fifeshire, aged 71, A. Robertson, esq. of Watlinirstreet. e

Jan. 17. At Dublin, the Right Hon. Clara dowager Lady Ventry. She was the dau. of Benj. Jones, esq.; became, in 1797, the third wife of William- Townsend 2d Lord Ventry, who died in 1827, having hud issue by her one son, Thomas, who died in 1817; and was married in 1832 to Peter Fitz-Gibbon Hencb, esq.

Jan. 23. At Waterford, Bishop Abraham, of the Roman Catholic church.

Lately. In Dublin barracks, Captain James Fraser, 95th reg., a veteran Waterloo officer. His name was included (too late) in the promotions to the rank of Major in the late brevet.

Jersey.—Dec. 12. Aged 38,WilliamJames Cockburn, esq. late of 78th reg.

East Indies.Aug. ... At Agra, Lieut. Francis George Beck, 13th N. Inf. son of James Beck, esq. of Allesley- park, Warw.

Aug. 2. At Columbo, Ceylon, aged 23, John Hynde Cotton, Lieut, and Adjutant of the 90th Light Inf. son of the Rev. Alexander Cotton, Rector of Girton, Camb.

Aug. 31. At Meerut, aged 42, Lieut. Edw. John Richard Arnold, 11th Light Dragoons, second son of the late George Arnold, esq. of Ashby St. Leger, county of Northampton, and Mirables in the Isle of Wight, by his second wife, HenriettaJane, eldest daughter of General George Morrison.

BILL OF MORTALITY, from Jan. 25, 1836, to Feb. 21, 1837.

Christened. Males 760 1 Females 869 (

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. 2 and 5 210 5 and 10 57 1 10 and 20 -VI | J 20 and 30 132 Whereof have died under two years old.. .447 pq / 30 and 40 202

v40 and 50 270

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AVERAGE PRICE OF CORN, by which the Duty is regulated, Feb. 18.

Beans. I Peas.
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40 2 1 38 11

PRICE OF HOPS, per cwt. Feb. 20.

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PRICES OF SHARES. At the Office of WOLFE, Brothers, Stock and Share Brokers, 23, Change Alley, Cornhill.

Birmingham Canal, 217 Ellesmere and Chester, 79. Grand Junction,

202. Kennet and Avon, 22J. Leeds and Liverpool, 535. Regent's, 16$.

Rochdale, 121. London Dock Stock, 55. St. Katharine's, 91. West

India, 105. Liverpool and Manchester Railway, 207. Grand Junction Water

Works, 50. West Middlesex, 78. Globe Insurance, 151$. Guardian, 33$.

—.Hope, 6. Chartered Gas Light, 49$. Imperial Gas, 414. Phoenix Gas,

20$. Independent Gas, 48. General United, 29. Canada Land Company, 38. Reversionary Interest, 125.

For Prices of all other Shares inquire as above.


From January 26, 1836, to February 25, 1837, both inclusive. Fahrenheit's Therm. [I Fahrenheit's Therm.

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