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eldest eon of the late Rev. D. Lancaster, rector of Putney.

At Fulham, in her 70th year, Mrs. Ann Wilkinson, of Avington, widow of Rich. Wilkinson, esq. of South Lambeth.

At Lambeth, in his 90th year, Mr. G. Hayes, formerly a solicitor of Northampton.

Dee. 4. At Stamford-hill, aged 76, John Craven, esq.

Dee. 5. In aged 27, Henry Connor, esq. Capt. 40th regt.

Dec. 7. At Lower Brook-st. aged 61, T. Parkinson, esq.

Dec. 8. In London, aged 94, Matthias Attwood, esq of Hawn, near Hales Owen, for many years a Deputy Lieut, and magistrate for the counties of Salop and Worcester; father of Matthias Attwood, esq. M.P. for Whitehaven, and Thomas Attwood, esq. M.P. for Birmingham.

Dec. 9. In Chester-terrace, Regent's park, aged 44, Donna Maria Antonia d'Argain de Lizaur, wife of Don Jose Augustin de Lizaur, of London.

Dec. 10. Aged 52. James Fairbank, esq. of Staple Inn, solicitor.

Dec. 12. In Cadogan-place, in her fifth year, Alicia Ellen, eldest dau. of Major Blood, 68th regt.

Dec. 13. At Brampton, aged 34, Capt. J. Gibson, late 88th Regiment.

Dec. 14. Aged 68, Mr. William Pine, formerly proprietor and publisher of the Bristol Gazette.

Beds.Dec. 6. Susanna Rebecca, the wife of T. Pearse, esq. of Bedford.

Berks.Nov. 22. At Pusey House, Farringdon, aged 39, Lady Hurriot-Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. John C. Staplcton, sister to the Earl of Carnarvon and Lady Emily Pusey. She was the eldest dau. of Henry George, 2d and late Earl, by Eliz.-Kitty, dau. and heir of Col. J. D. Acland, and was married in 1829.

Cambridge.Nov. 17. At Hauxton, in his 60th year, Frederic Markby, esq.

Cornwall.—At Michaelstow, Mary Couch, at the advanced age of 102 years.

Dec. 2. At Tresillian House, aged 43, Rich. Gully Bennet, esq. for many years an active Magistrate.

Cumberland.—At Woodball, near Hesket-new-Market, Rachel Wilkinson, aged 104. Bereft of her parents when young, she supported herself by frugality and industry, and never applied for parochial relief.

Devon.—Ocr. 24. At Torquay, Alex. Philip Thompson, Madras Native Inf.

Nov. 9. At Sidmonth, aged 20, D'Arcy, youngest son of late Charles Carr Morton, esq. of co. Cavan.

Nov. 16, At Torquay, aged 34, Katha

rine Jane Perry, only dau. of the late D. O. P. Okeden, esq. of More Critchel, co. Dorset.

Nov. 24. Suddenly, while hunting, aged 50, Henry Boulton, esq. of Chudleigh, second son of the late Henry Boulton, esq. of Givon's Grove, near Letherhead.

Nov. 26. At Exmouth, at an advanced age, Mrs. Hempson, mother of the wife of the Rev. Mr. Polwhele, of Cornwall. Nov. 28. At Honiton, aged 80, John Rogers, esq. merchant.

Dec. 1. At Exeter, aged 84, Richard Tremlett, esq. of the firm of Anthony Tremlett and Sons, merchants.

Durham.—At South Shields, aged 71, Mr. J. Winter, supposed to be the last survivor of those who sailed with Governor Phillips to Botany Bay, in 1787. He was second officer in the boat, the crew of which discovered Port Jackson; and was the first European who landed at Sydney Cove.

Essex.—Nov. 17. Catherine, youngest dau. of the late Rev. Lewis Way, of Spencer Farm.

Nov. 25. Priscilla. Pitts, eldest dau. of the late Joseph Dimsdale, esq. of Upton. Dec. 15. At Chigwell, aged 80, James Bridger, esq. of Aldgate.

Gloucester.—Oct. 24. At Cheltenham, Mary, wife of Sir Archibald Grant, of Moneymusk, co. Aberdeen, 4th Bart. She was a dau. of Major John Forbes, of New, was married in 1788, and was mother of the present Sir James Grant and other children.

Nov. 10. Susannah, relict of the Rev. Henry Manifold, only surviving dau. of the late Benjamin Batbuist, esq. of Lydney Park, Gloucestershire, and sister to the Bishop of Norwich.

Nov. 23. At Clevedon, near Bristol,

Jane-Gay, second daughterof the late Hon.

Sir John Gay Alleyne, Bart, of Barbadoes.

Nov. 25. Aged 77, William Thomas,

esq. solicitor, of Bristol.

Dec. 1. Clarissa, wife of S. Peach

Peach, esq. of Tockington, near Bristol;

and Dec. 20, Samuel-Cruger, his only son.

Dec. 2. At Cheltenham, aged 77, John

Ratcliffe, esq

Dec. 6. At Cheltenham, aged 29, Annie-Charlotte, wife of Richard Foster, esq.

Dee. 16. At Clifton, aged 84, Mary, relict of the Rev. Chas. Henry Perry, Vicar of Speen.

Hants. Dec. 19. At Bramdean, Elizabeth, eldest dau. of the late Rev. W. Gomm, Rector.

Nov. 23. At Southampton, aged 80, the widow of J. Pinnock, esq. of Devonshire-place, and of Jamaica.

Nov. 28. At Kivernell's, near Lymiugton, aged 81, Elizabeth, wife of Lieut.Gen. Farmer, and previously of Capt. Thomas Symonds, R.N.

Nov. 28. Coote Carroll Nelson, Esq. Lieut. R.N., youngest son of Lieut.-Gen. Nelson, of Dcvonport.

Lately. At Shirley, Mary, wife of Lieut. M. C. Forster, R.N., and dau. of Sir Joseph Hoare, Bart.

At Portisham, aged 75, Mrs. Ann Hardy, sister of Rear-Adm. Sir T. M. Hardy, Bart. Governor of Greenwich Hospital.

Dee. 10. At Winchester, ElizabethHodgkinson, eldest daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Short.

HerefordNov. 30. At Hereford, aged 77, Charlotte-Ann, relict of John Meysey, esq. attorney, dau. of the late Digby Cotes, M.A. Rector of Abbey Dore, and Vicar of Bromyard.

Dee. 3 Aged 78, Mrs. Sarah Jones, sister of the late Rev. J. Jones, Vicar of Foy.

Herts Nov. 18. At Gaddesdon-park,

aged 73, Charlotte-Anne, the wife of R. Moore, esq. of Hampton-court Palace.

Dec. 4. At Little 1 iadham, aged 70, James Chaplyn, esq.

At Wellington Rectory, aged 81, Elizabeth, wife of the Rev. T. Sisson.A.M. Kent.—Nov. 26. Aged 25, Robert, the youngest son of William Edmeades, esq of Nursled Court, Kent.

At Ramsgate, the wife of Sir Thomas Grey, of that place.

Dee. 1. At Walmer, Mrs. Gordon, relict of Lieut.-Colonel Robert Gordon, many years Adjutant-gen. on the Bombay establishment.

Dec. 3. Clarissa, wife of Edward Toker, esq. of the Oaks, Ospringe, second dau. of the lute Philip Champion Crespigny, esq. M.P.

Dec. 16. At Ramsgate, aged 54, Captain Woolward, for many years Harbour Master.

Lancashire.Nov. 8. At the house of his brother-in-law P. F. Willert, esq. Ardwick, near Manchester, Wm. Plumridge Beale, an excellent violincellist. Nov. 13. At Pemberton, near Wigan,

5;ed 28, John Marsh, esq. B.A. of St, ohn's College, Cambridge. Nov. 21. At Prescot, aged 73, Jane, widow of the Rev. John Barnes, Vicar of Huyton, (brother to the Rev. Dr. Barnes, Master of St. Peter's college, Cambridge): sister to the Rev. Joseph Hodgkinson, Rector of Dudcoat, Berks. Nor. 27. At the Manchester Theatre Royal, aged 71, Mr. Hughes, many years celebrated for his skill in playing the oboe. He was born near Wigan, and has exercised his profession with very high repu

tation in Manchester for upwards of half a century.

Lately. At Manchester, aged 48, Mr. E. Shuter, comedian, formerly of the Theatre, Bristol.

Middlesex.Dec. 2. At Hampton Court Palace, Mrs. Kerby, widow of the Hon. Thos. Norbury Kerby, of Antigua. Dec. II. At Sunbury, aged 74, the widow of Lt.-Col. Chauvel, of Waltonbridge.

Norfolk.—Nov. 29. At an advanced age, John Tburlow Dering, esq. of Crow Hall, Denver.

Northampton.Dec. 5. At Branston, aged 81, Helen, relict of the Rev. J. Jenkins, B.C.L. and Rector of Odlingtree.

Oxon.—Dec. 4. At Thame, in her 98th year, Mrs. Ann Cooper, spinster, and that day month preceding, in her 100th year, Mrs. Mary Cooper, spinster, her sister. These ancient ladies could read and sew without the aid of spectacles, and indeed possessed all their faculties to the last, and would amuse their visitors with a narration of the miserable incidents of the great fire at Haddenham 90 years ago! A few months since, Mrs. Field, a sister, died in London, aged 92. About 12 months ago their brother, Mr. Z. Cooper, died at Thame, aged 86.

Salop.Lately. At Hatton hall, Mary, widow of Robert Sleaney, esq.

Somerset.—Dec. 3. Mary, wife of the Rev. John Bayly, Vicar of Cbilthome Domer, dau. of the late Thomas Valentine Cooke, esq. of Sunning hill, Berks.

Dee. 5. A t Bath, Frederica, relict of the late Robert Glyn, esq. second son of Sir Richard Carr Glyn, Bart, of Gaunts, co. Dorset, and third dau. of the late Henry Harford, esq. of Down Place, Berks. She was married in 1829, and became a widow in March last.

Dec. II. At Bruton, Frances, wife of Capt. G. Henderson, R.N. and dau. of E. W. Sympson, esq. of Winckton, Hants. Stafford Nov. 16. Aged 60, Francis Brooks, esq. of Moss Pit House, near Stafford, many years Town Clerk of that town.

Surrey.—Nov. 18. At Dorking, Joseph Lynn, esq. formerly Chief Clerk in the Registrar's Office, Chelsea Hospital. Nov. 20. At Walton, in her 85th year, the Right Hon. Emma Countess dowager of Tankerville. She was the younger dau. and coheiress of Sir James Colebrooke, the 1st Bart, by Mary, eldest dau. and coheiress of Stephen Skinner, sq., was married in 1771 to Charles 4th Earl of Tankerville, and left his widow in 1822, having had issue the present Earlthree other sons, and six daughters.

Nov. 26. At Richmond, aged &J, Thomas Cadel), esq. of the Strand, bookseller, and of Charlotte-st. Fitzroy square. He was the only son of Thomas Cadel), esq. Alderman of London, of whom some memoirs will be found in Gent. Mag. vol. Lxxii. p. 1173. In 1793 his father retired from trade, leaving the business, which he had made one of the first in England, to the late Mr. Cadell and Mr. William Davies, who jointly carried it on until the death of the latter in 1819, since which period Mr. Cudell's name has stood alone. Thus, for nearly half a century the late Mr. Cadell followed his father's example, and preserved the reputation the house had acquired for liberality, honour, and integrity. In 1802 he married a dau. of Robert Smith, esq. of Basingball-st. (sister to the Messrs. Smith, authors of the Rejected Addresses, &c.) by whom he had a numerous family; but we believe the name of Cadell, which has been eminent among publishers for the last 70 years, is no longer to exist in the list of London booksellers.

Dec. 4. At Micklebam Rector}-, aged 29, Elizabeth Jane, wife of the Rev. A. Burm ester.

Henrietta, 2nd dau. of H. P. Sperling, esq. of Norbury park.

Sussex.Nov. 7. At Brighton, aged 42, Lt. Col. A. J. H. T. Stapleton, late of 3d guards.

Lately. Mr. Tyler, land-agent and steward of the Earl of Egremont, leaving a property to his relatives exceeding in value 300,000/.

Dec. 4. At Petworth, aged 50, John James Blatrden, esq. surgeon, leaving a widow and eight children.

Lately. At Leamington, aged 81, Mrs. Frances Gresley, sister to the late Sir Nigel Gresley, of Drakelow, Bart.

Warwick.Nov. 20. At Handsworth, aged 85, Capt. Simnis, Royal Marines. He was in actual service upwards of thirty years, fought in several battles, and was wounded in saving the life of Adm. Sir John Colpoys, at the mutiny of the Nore.

Dec. 17. John Johnstone, son of the Rev.W. F. Hook, Vicar of Trinity parish, Coventry.

Wilts.—Nov. 25. In her 83rd year, Harriet, relict of the Rev. T. G. Vilett, D. C. L. of Swindon.

York Nov. 9. On his 87th birth-day,

W. Blanchard, esq. proprietor of the York Chronicle for nearly 60 years. He was chosen a member of the York corporation in February, 1780, and served the office of sheriff in 1817.

Nov. 10. At Hatfield Woodhouse, in her 100th year, Mrs. Betty Smith, retaining all her faculties nearly to the last.

AW 19. In his 68th year, Michael Stocks, esq. of Catharine House, near Halifax, for many years one of the most active and intelligent magistrates in the county.

Nov. 23. At Chapel Allerton, in bit 55th year, James Nicholson, esq. late town-clerk, magistrate's clerk, and clerk of the peace for Leeds, which offices be held up to the time of the passing of the Municipal Corporation Reform Act.

At Ripley Castle, aged 42, JuliaWharton, wife of Capt. Sir Robert Barrie, R.N. sister to Sir W. A. Ingilby, Bt. She was the 6th dau. of Sir John the first Bt. by Elizabeth, dau. and sole heiress of Sir Wharton Amcotts, Bart, was married in 1816, and has left a son and four daughters.

lately. At Northfield House, near North Norton, in his 90th year, Mr. John Morton, father of Mrs. Sykes, of Horn, sea, and a lineal descendant of John Morton, Archbishop of York, and Chancellor to King Henry the Seventh.

Wales.At Bangor, Thomas Mortimer, esq. brother to J. Mortimer, esq. of Manton-hall, co. Rutland.

Now 11. At Old Derby, near Haverfordwest, aged 103, Elizabeth Page. She retained her faculties to the last.

Scotland.Nov. 4. At Edinburgh, Capt. Gilbert M'Donald Milton, late of the Royals. He was the last surviving nephew of the celebrated Flora M'Donald, who rescued the Pretender.

Nov. 13. At Edinburgh, Mrs. Craig, relict of Milliken Craig, esq. late a Commander E. I. C.

Nov. 26. At Kirklands, of Ancrum, Roxburghshire, Elizabeth, wife of John Richardson, esq. of Fludyer-street, Westminster.

Ireland.Lately. In Dublin, Capt. William Peacock, h. p. 71st Light Infantry, sou of the late Rev. K. Peacock, of Ross House, Tipperary.

Near Letterkenny, Donegal, Eleanor, relict of Mr. Charles Gallagher, at the extraordinary age of 109 years. Only fifty years ago she gave birth at once to three children, two of whom are now living.

At Dublin, the Rt. Hon. the Countess of Belvidere, 2d wife and widow of George 2d and last Earl. She was a dau. of the Rev. Mr. M'Cay, of Philipsborough; was married in 1803, and left a widow in 1814.

Trail Hall, esq. King's Counsel.

East I Ndies.May 22. At Calcutta, W. A. Burke, esq. M. D. Inspector-general of Hospitals in the East Indies.

May 28. At Ellore, by being thrown from his horse, Major T. M. Claridge, commanding the 43d N. I.

BILL OF MORTALITY, from Nov. 22, to Dec. 13, 1836
Christened. Buried. ^ 2 and 5 4'«i

Wkm f. .. . . |j 1 20 and 30 335

Whereof have died under two years old.. 980 e / 30 and 40 455

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50 and
60 and
70 and

80 and . ... • 90 and 100 39 40 and 56 517

By the General Bill of Mortality, from Dec. 15, 1835. to Dec 11 IRTfi i. appears that the number of Christenings and Burials were asfollow -'' *

Christened . . 13,024 Males Buried . . . 9,202 Males

U,Xl lemales 90a7 Femalee

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PRICES OF SHARES. At the Office of WOLFE, Brothers, Stock and Share Brokers 23, Change Alley, CornhiU. Birmingham Canal, 204.—-Ellesmere and Chester, 81 Grand Junction,

T~JnmT..and A,VOn'J2li^rLeed* 8nd Liverpool, 530 Regent's, 17

—-Rochdale, 17. London Dock Stock, 56* St. Katharine's, 90.? West

India, 1084. Liverpool and Manchester Railway, 290. Grand Junction Water

Works, 52—-West M.ddhesex, 81*. Globe Insurance, 15a Guardian, 35

—-Hope, ff: Chartered Gas Light, 49j Imperial Gas, 43. Phoenix Gas,

^i—^pendent ?as> *?*• General Unitcd' *» Canada Land Company, 38* Reversionary Interest, 131.

For Prices of all other Shares inquire a* above.


From November 26, to December 25, 1836, both inclusive. Fahrenheit's Therm.

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South Sea Stock, Dec. I, 991; New South Sea Stock, Nov. 29, 85|.
J. J. ARNULL, Stock Broker, 1, Bank Buildings, Cornhill,

late Richardson, Goodluck, and Abnum,.

J. £. MCllol.j AND


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