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Página 188 - Secretary be requested to transmit an attested copy of these Resolutions to the family of the deceased, and that they be furnished for publication in the papers of this city.
Página 26 - At present only one inhabitant of the capital in forty dies annually. The difference in salubrity between the London of the nineteenth century and the London of the seventeenth century is very far greater than the difference between London in an ordinary year and London in a year of cholera.
Página 187 - Council will attend his funeral in a body, and wear the usual badge of mourning.
Página 198 - If earth another grave must bear, Yet heaven hath won a sweeter strain, And something whispers my despair, That, from an orient chamber there, Floats down, " We meet again !
Página 206 - That a copy of these resolutions be sent to his family, and published in the daily papers and in the medical journals of the city.
Página 159 - Mercury in small doses continued for a short or for a long period in syphilis, alone or with the iodide of potassium, increases the number of red corpuscles in the blood, and maintains a high standard of the same.
Página 26 - ... when men died faster in the purest country air than they now die in the most pestilential lanes of our towns, and when men died faster in the lanes of our towns than they now die on the coast of Guiana.
Página 30 - ... of those who are engaged in the relief of suffering and want, but ignores entirely the necessities of this large population, many of whom are engaged in cultivating the soil and opening up new resources of wealth to the government in malarial districts ; and WHEREAS, Principles of justice and humanity alike demand free quinine and an open market for the competition of European manufacturers; and WHEREAS, We, the members of the Kentucky State Society, in convention assembled, represent the sentiments...
Página 30 - Ways and Means in the Congress of the United States ; and, whereas the welfare of a large portion of the people in the Western States and Territories is concerned in the issue of this bill, as well as any movement which will enable them to obtain quinine at a less cost than the enormous prices now paid by the consumer; and, whereas the opposition to this bill set forth by the manufacturers and trade does not represent the desire of those who are engaged in the relief of suffering and want, but ignores...
Página 37 - Resolved, That this Society is in full accord with the American Medical College Convention, seeking to elevate the standard of medical education in this country. Resolved, That summer schools, which enable students to graduate after from eight to nine months study, are exerting an evil influence upon the profession.

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