Sicily and England

A. Constable, 1907 - 364 páginas

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Página 87 - Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.
Página 312 - Ibs. of tallow ; now, all things civil, no rudeness anywhere ; then, as in a bear-garden : then, two or three fiddlers ; now, nine or ten of the best ; then, nothing but rushes upon the ground, and everything else mean ; now, all otherwise : then, the Queen seldom and the King never would come ; now, not the King only for state, but all civil people do think they may come as well as any.
Página 312 - I to talk : and he tells me how the audience at his house is not above half so much as it used to be before the late fire. That Knipp is like to make the best actor that ever come upon the stage, she understanding so well: that they are going to give her ^30 a-year more.
Página 80 - Europe, irresistiby excited by the falsehood, treachery, and vulgar hypocrisy of the pigmy successors of Napoleon's giant despotism, it cannot be long distant. Against the liberties of Italy are the sovereigns of Europe, their armies and their treasures ; but armies are no longer to be trusted, and treasures, thanks to the thoughtless profusion of modern exchequers, are no longer to be commanded. In their favour...
Página 312 - That the stage is now by his pains a thousand times better and more glorious than ever heretofore. Now wax-candles, and many of them; then not above 3 Ibs. of tallow: now all things civil, no rudeness anywhere; then as in a bear-garden: then two or three fiddlers; now nine or ten of the best: then nothing but rushes upon the ground, and every thing else mean; and now all otherwise...
Página 166 - Sculpture Gallery are unduly favoured. This feeling will certainly not be allayed by the appointment of Panizzi, whose great object, during many years, has been to make our Library the best in Europe, and who would at any time give three Mammoths for an Aldus.
Página 22 - ... best of their abilities. His majesty seemed to eye nothing but the end of his nose, which is doubtless a capital object. Though people have imagined him a weak monarch, I beg leave to differ in opinion, since he has the boldness to prolong his childhood and be happy, in spite of years and conviction. Give him a boar to stab, and a pigeon to shoot at, a battledore and an angling rod, and he is better contented than Solomon in all his glory, and will never discover, like that sapient sovereign,...
Página 213 - En butte aux factions qui divisent mon pays, et a l'inimitie' des plus grandes puissances de l'Europe j'ai consomme' ma carriere politique. Je viens comme Themistocle, m'asseoir sur le foyer du peuple britannique; je me mets sous la protection de ses lois que je reclame de Votre Altesse Royale, comme celle du plus puissant, du plus constant, du plus ge'ne'reux de mes ennemis.
Página 18 - Louis XIV., King of France, gave this sword to Philip V., your grandfather. I received it from him, and now resign it to you, that you may use it for the defence of your religion and your subjects.
Página 29 - King in plain terms that he had his choice either to advance,- trusting to God for his blessing on a just cause, and prepared to die sword in hand ; or to remain quiet and be kicked out of his kingdom : one of these things must happen. The King made answer, he would go on, and trust in God...

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