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27 BEAUMONT (Francis) and FLETCHER (John).-FIFTY COMEDIES AND TRAGEDIES, all in one volume, published by the Authors' Original Copies, the Songs to each Play being added. London, Printed by J. Macock, for John Martyn, Henry Herringman, Richard Marriot, 1679. Folio, with the fine portrait of Fletcher by W. Marshall, FINE LARGE COPY, old calf, rebacked, £12 10s

* THE FIRST COMPLETE COLLECTED EDITION, with the number of plays increased from thirty-four to fifty-two. Contains commendatory poems by Ben Jonson, Waller, Denham, Cartwright, and others, at the beginning. The portrait is from the same plate as that in the edition of 1647.

28 BEHN (Mrs. Aphra).-POEMS UPON SEVERAL OCCASIONS: with a Voyage to the Island of Love. London, R. and J. Tonson, 1684. FIRST EDITION, sm. 8vo., name on title, large copy, old half calf, rebacked, £4 10s

* Aphra Behn was the first female writer who made a living by her pen in England.

29 BERKSHIRE.-WINDSOR CASTLE.-LAMBARDE (WILLIAM, the historian of Kent) ORIGINAL AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT ENTITLED "Wyndsore Castle and College, with certen collections out of diuers writers concerninge the same, by Mr. Willm. Lambard," 1580, 21 pages, sm. 4to., unbound, £5 58

* From the Lambarde archives. With Lambarde's signature at the end in AngloSaxon characters. Printed in Lambarde's Alphabetical Account of the Chief Places in England and Wales, London, 1730.


30 BERRY (Miss) EXTRACTS OF THE JOURNALS AND CORRESPONDENCE OF MISS BERRY, from 1783 to_1852, edited by Lady Theresa Lewis, London, Longmans, 1865. FIRST EDITION, 3 vols., 8vo., with portrait frontispiece to each volume, EXTRA ILLUSTRATED BY THE INSERTION OF 89 FINELY ENGRAVED AND SCARCE PORTRAITS OF FAMOUS PERSONAGES MENTIONED IN THE WORK, TOGETHER WITH A FEW VIEWS, polished calf extra, uncut, t. e. g., by Riviere, £12 10s

* Miss Berry and her sister Agnes were intimate friends of Horace Walpole. Miss Berry herself for an unusually lengthened period of years (she was born in 1763 and died in 1852) formed a centre round which beauty, rank, wealth, power, fashion, learning and science were gathered, and her journals are, therefore, of unusual interest, and lend them. selves particularly well to the work of extra illustration.

31 BIBLIA SACRA LATINA. Fontibus ex grecis hebreorum quoque libris, &c. Exactum est inclyta in vrbe venetiarum sacro sanctum biblie volumen integerrimis expolitusque (sic) litterarum caracteribus Magistri Iohannis dicti magni: Herbort de selgenstat alemani . . 1484, pridie Kalendas Man. Thick 4to., gothic letter, double columns, 56 lines to a full column, initial letters in red and blue added by hand, contemporary and other early annotations, a few insignificant wormholes at beginning and end, and a few headlines very slightly cut into, wooden boards, covered with stamped pigskin, the stamp in black of the Carthusian Monastery at Ratisbon on front cover, and date 1590, clasps wanting, r. e., £15

* One of the rarest of the 15th century Venetian Bibles, only 2 copies besides this have been sold by auction during the past 40 years, in 1888 and 1896, the latter imperfect. It is also interesting as apparently being one of the "Fontibus ex Græcis" editions, but the 10 recognised editions were all without name of printer or place, so that this is one of the derived reprints.


32 BIBLE. THE HOLIE BIBLE, conteyning the olde Testament and the newe. Imprinted at London in powles Churchyarde by Richard Jugge, printer to the Queenes Maiestie, N.D., but 1568. FIRST EDITION, thick folio, black letter, double columns, 57 lines to a full column, ruled in red throughout, FINE ENGRAVED TITLE WITH A PORTRAIT OF QUEEN ELIZABETH WITHIN AN OVAL, and the royal arms and supporters and the arms of Ireland and Wales, PORTRAIT OF ROBERT DUDLEY, EARL OF LEICESTER, within an oval on the title to Part II., AND A PORTRAIT OF WILLIAM CECIL, LORD BURGHLEY, at the beginning of the Psalter, ALL ENGRAVED ON COPPER, 124 fine distinct woodcuts illustrating the text, all but one within ornamental frames, the arms of Archbishop Parker impaling the arms of Christchurch, Canterbury, at the beginning of the table, with the date 1568, repeated in the preface to the New Testament, Parker's arms in the large initial O at the beginning of his Preface, arms of Archbishop Cranmer impaling the arms of the see of Canterbury in the large initial at the beginning of Cranmer's Prologue, arms of Lord Burghley in the large initial to the preface of St. Basil in Part III., numerous large ornamental woodcut initials, some of which represent classical subjects from Ovid's Metamorphoses, including Leda and the swan, and several maps, plans, and tables, including a full-page woodcut of the Tabernacle, &c., title very slightly defective on the inner side and laid down, small hole in second leaf injuring a side note, several tiny wormholes in the first 22 leaves, and slight stains on the portrait of the Earl of Leicester and on the lower margins of several leaves at the end, BUT A REMARKABLY FINE, LARGE, CLEAN COPY, WITH THE BLANK LEAF AT THE END OF JOB, old russia, joints and top and foot of back slightly worn, £75


* EXCESSIVELY RARE COMPLETE, while for typography and illustration it is the most sumptuous in the long series of folio English Bibles. This is one of the few copies containing at the end of the Psalter the table "Numerus secundum Hebreos." It also has the mistakes on the verso of the New Testament title, and on folio 121 of the same, corrected by pasted slips OF INTEREST TO THE AMERICAN COLLECTOR IS THE SIDE NOTE AT PSALMS xlv. 9: Ophir is thought to be the Ilande in the west coast of late founde by Christopher Columbo: fro. whence at this day is brought most fine golde." From Hartshorne's Book-rarities of Cambridge we learn that the price of a copy in 1571 was 27s. 8d., equal to about £16 to-day. It is a revision of the Great Bible version, undertaken by Matthew Parker (1504-75), Archbishop of Canterbury, with the assistance of many bishops and well-known Biblical scholars. Its great rarity in perfect state is accounted for by the destructior by wear and tear owing to its universal use, so much so that it is astonishing that any complete copy has survived to the present day. Some. times called the Treacle Bible," through the rendering triacle in Jer. viii. 22. IT ALSO POSSESSES GREAT INTEREST TO THE SHAKESPEARIAN COLLECTOR, as Dr. Furness, in his Variorum Shakespear proves, from internal evidence, that a copy of this edition of 1568 must have been in Shakespeare's possession. For further particulars see Dr. Furness' edition of "The Merchant of Venice," p. 42, and " Winter's Tale," p. 120.






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33 BIRDS. SELBY (P. J.) ILLUSTRATIONS OF BRITISH ORNITHOLOGY: Land and Water Birds. Edinburgh, 1833. 2 vols., atlas folio, CONTAINING 221 BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED PLATES (383 Figures), each plate measuring 25 ins. by 20 ins., the text in 2 vols., 8vo., together 4 vols., half green morocco gilt, g. e., £21

* Fine Set of the Original Edition. Although Plate LI* of Vol. II. is mentioned in the list of Plates and described in the Text, it was never issued.

34 BILSON (Thomas, Bishop of Winchester) THE TRVE DIFFERENCE BETWEENE CHRISTIAN SVBIECTION AND VNCHRISTIAN REBELLION; wherein the Princes lawfvll power to commaund for trueth, and indepriuable right to beare the sword are defended against the Popes censures and the Jesuits sophismes vttered in their Apologie and Defence of English Catholikes, with a Demonstration that the thinges refourmed in the Church of England by the Lawes of this Realme are truely Catholike, notwithstanding the vaine shew made to the contrary in their late Rhemish Testament: by Thomas Bilson, Warden of Winchester (afterwards Bishop). At Oxford, Printed by Ioseph Barnes, Printer to the Vniuersitie, 1585. 4to., text largely in black letter, FINE COPY, old calf, rebacked, £4 108

*RARE. Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth. A powerful answer to Dr. William Allen's "Defence of English Catholics," undertaken at the Queen's request in view of her intended aid to Protestant Holland. Historically it is unquestionable that whilst this True Difference' served the Queen's present purpose, it contributed more than any other to the humiliation, ruin, and death of Charles I. The weapons forged to beat back the King of Spain were used against the Stuart."-D.N.B. The work is also of interest as being one of the earliest books printed at the third Oxford Press, which started its work in 1585.

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35 BINDING. DISCORSI SOPRA LE PREROGATIVE DEL PREFETTO di Roma, XVIIth Century Italian manuscript, neatly written on paper, 7 leaves. Thin 4to., BEAUTIFULLY BOUND IN CONTEMPORARY ITALIAN OLIVE BROWN MOROCCO, the sides elaborately and delicately tooled in gold, with four dentelle or scroll borders, enclosing large corner fan ornaments and a mass of fine scroll tooling, partly "au pointillé," with fleur-de-lys, spirals and dots, in the centre, THE ARMS OF CARDINAL BARBERINI, Surrounded by a Cardinal's hat, remains of tie-strings, few tiny wormholes, BUT IN THE FINEST POSSIBLE STATE OF PRESERVATION, £18 18s

* A beautiful example of the finest Italian binding of the period, executed for Cardinal Maffeo Barberini, 1568-1644, who became Pope in 1623 under the name of Urban VIII. A more desirable example could not be wished for.


36 BLAKE.-GILCHRIST (ALEXANDER) LIFE OF WILLIAM BLAKE, with Selections from his Poems and other Writings. A New and Enlarged Edition, illustrated from Blake's own works, with Additional Letters and a Memoir of the Author. London, 1880, 2 vols., 8vo., with two portraits of Blake and 55 full-page and other illustrations on india paper, half green morocco, £10 10s

AN UNRECORDED PRODUCTION OF GALIOT DU PRE'S PRESS. 37 [BOEM (JEAN)].--RECUEIL de Diverses HISTOIRES touchant les situations de toutes regions and pays contenuz es trois parties du monde, auec les particulieres mœurs, loix, and ceremonies de toutes nations & peuples y habitans. Nouuellement traduict de latin en francois. Ou les vend a Paris au premier Pillier de la grand salle du Palays, par Galiot du pre libraire. [Colophon: a Paris, par Michel Fezandat, pour Galiot du Pre, 15 Dec., 1539.] 8vo., Galiot du pre's large device on verso of last leaf, ornamental woodcut initials, ruled in red throughout, FINE LARGE COPY, contemporary calf, g. e., joints cracked, £7 10s


* VERY RARE. Unknown to Mr. A. Tilley in his articles on Galliot du pre's publications printed in The Library," nor does he mention Michel Fezandat as one of the printers who worked for him. On folio 10 will be found an account of Prester John.

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