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Or, a Rare and New



A fpeedy way, and cafie means, found out by a young Lady in England the having made full proof thereof in May,

Anno 1 6 5 2.

For the feeding of Silk-worms in the Woods, on the
Mulberry-Tree-leaves in Virginia: Who after fourty dayes
time, prefent their moft rich golden-coloured filken
Fleece, to the inftant wonderful enriching of
all the Planters there, requiring from

them neither coft,labour,or hindrance
in any of their other emplos

ments whatsoever.

And alfo to the good hopes, that the Indians, fee-
ing and finding that there is neither Art, Skill, or Pains
in the thing: they will readily fet upon it, being
by the benefit thereof inabled to buy of the

English (in way of Truck for their
Silk-bottoms) all thofe things

that they most defile.


Printed by John Streater, for Giles Calvert at the Black-Spread-Eagle at the Weft end of Pauls, 1655



16 AMERICA. SMITH (WILLIAM) THE HISTORY OF THE PROVINCE OF NEW-YORK from the First Discovery to the year M.D.CC.XXXII. To which is annexed a Description of the Country, with a Short Account of the Inhabitants, their Trade, Religious and Political State, and the Constitution of the Courts of Justice in that Colony. London, Printed for Thomas Wilcox, 1757. FIRST EDITION, 4to., with the large folding view of Oswego, FINE LARGE COPY, contemporary calf, £21 * The first history of New York. The author became Chief Justice of Canada.


17 AMERICA. PENNSYLVANIA. Votes and Proceedings of the House of Representatives of the Province of Pennsylvania, Met at Philadelphia, on the Fourte'nth of October, Anno Domini 1758, and continued by Adjournments (to 29 Sept., 1759). Philadelphia: Printed and Sold by B. Franklin, at the New-Printing-Office near the Market, 1759, Penn arms on title, 112 pages-IBID., Fifteenth of October, Anno Domini 1759, and continued by Adjournments (to 27 Sept., 1760).—IBID., 1760, Penn arms on title, 60 pages.-IBID., Fourteenth of October, Anno Domini 1760, and continued by Adjournments (to 30 Sept., 1761).—IBID., 1761, Penn arms on title, 80 pages. Three vols. in 1, folio, flaw at foot of one leaf taking away 2 or 3 words, worm-holes in top blank margin of first vol., BUT FINE COPIES, contemporary half calf, a little worn, £45

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* Three very rare volumes, interesting not only as fine examples of Franklin's famous press, but as containing a vast amount of most valuable historical and local information in detail for Pennsylvania for the notable period which they cover, including important letters from Generals Forbes (relating to the taking of Fort Duquesne), Amhurst, Stanwix, and Moncton. B. Franklin and his Heads of Complaint," with Thomas and Richard Penn's message concerning the same; full reports of the various messages from Lt.-Gov. W. Denny and Lt. Gov. James Hamilton; local affairs and grievances; Indian affairs; the various forts on the Ohio, &c.; reference to Col. Washington's regiment on p. 5 of the first vol. a letter from Gov. Dobbs of North Carolina, &c. No copy in the British Museum or Bodleian Libraries.




18 AMERICA. - HOLOGRAPH LETTER SIGNED J. WHIDBEY, MONTEREY, N.W. AMERICA, January 2d, 1793, Lat. 36-36 N. Lon. 238-26 E. [to THE RT. HON. LORD VISCOUNT MELVILLE]. 4 pages, foolscap, £40




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* A valuable unpublished-and hitherto unknown-letter. Mentions the arrival of the Chatham" and "Daedalus " in company, and the sailing of the latter for BOTANY BAY. The Chatham' hopes to sail for the Sandwich Islands by the 5th, after completing our Survey for this Latitude down to 30 deg.' "Found no signs of a N.W. passage. The business of NOOTKA prevented our search farther north last season." I am informed a Settlement is going to be made on this side of America. I beg leave to offer you my opinion on the subject... The Spaniards have allready sent orders to Nootka to prevent all nations trading in that Coast excepting the English The Indians to the Nd are extremely fond of blue cloth blankets . . . firearms which the American traders have in places given them and taught the Indians their use company should establish.. themselves about Barclays sound,

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a factory on Queen Charlotte Isles. . in Columbia River . . . Suggests that time-expired convicts from Botany Bay be brought thither, the farmer in this place would have nothing to do but to put his plough in the ground, being many thousand acres clear apparently for that purpose, surrounded by beautiful Parks full of excellent deer, with Gooseberrys, Raspberrys, Currants, and Strawberrys growing in abundance &c. A DOCUMENT OF

THE HIGHEST INTEREST AND IMPORTANCE. See "History of the State of Washington," by E.S., Meany, 1909, p. 38.

19 AMERICAN VIEWS (COLOURED).-SCHOMBURGK (R. H.) TWELVE VIEWS IN THE INTERIOR OF GUIANA, with Descriptive Letterpress, London, Ackermann and Co., 1841. Large folio, WITH FRONTISPIECE, dated 1840, and 12 FINE FULL-PAGE COLOURED LITHOGRAPHIC VIEWS, from Drawings made by C. Bentley after sketches taken during the Royal Geographical Society's Expedition, 1835-39, printed by C. Hullmandel, accompanied by a map and woodcuts, FINE COPY, old half morocco, £9 9s

20 ARETINO.-CAPITOLI DEL SIGNOR PIETRO ARETINO, di Messer Lod. Dolce, di M. Fran. Sansovino et di altri ingegni, diretti à gran Signori sopra varie e diverse materie molto delettevole, s.l. [probably Florence], 1541. 12mo., FINE COPY, in blue crushed levant morocco with elegant floral wreath on sides, inside dentelle borders, g.e., by Trautz Bauzonnet, £6 6s

* A scarce collection of Italian poetry.



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21 ASCHAM (R.) TOXOPHILUS, The Schole, or Partitions of Shooting contayned in II. bookes, writte by Roger Ascham, 1544, and now newlye perused. . . Anno 1571. Imprinted at London in Fletestreate neare to Saint Dunstones Churche by Thomas Marshe. Title within ornamental woodcut border, has the final blank leaf, fore and lower blank margin of title, next leaf, and top blank corner of third leaf restored, lower blank corner of folio 41 defective-IBID. THE SCHOLEMASTER, or plaine and perfite way of teaching children to vnderstand, write and speake, the Latin tong, An. 1571. At London, Printed by John Daye, dwelling over Aldersgate . . . Title within border of printer's ornaments, leaf with Daye's device at end—IBID. A REPORT AND DISCOURSE WRITTEN BY ROGER ASCHAM, OF THE AFFAIRES AND STATE OF GERMANY AND THE EMPEROUR CHARLES HIS COURT, durying certaine yeares the sayd Roger was there. At London, Printed by Iohn Daye, dwelling ouer Aldersgate . . . N.D. (1570-71). FIRST EDITION, title within border of printer's ornaments, top blank corner of folio 4 defective. The three works in one vol., sm. 4to., text in black letter, very fine large copies, BEAUTIFULLY BOUND IN CONTEMPORARY ENGLISH BROWN MOROCCO IN THE LYONESE STYLE, sides richly tooled in gold with outer fillet border, enclosing an elaborate large central arabesque, containing the arms of Sir Thomas Smith, and corner ornaments, the intervening space powdered with trefoils, flat back, gilt in compartments, containing scroll ornaments and trefoils alternately, edges of boards scroll tooled, gilt edges finely gauffred, holes for tie-strings, IN A FINE STATE OF PRESERVATION, £60 * A volume of the highest interest, both as regards contents, binding, and its association with that noted Elizabethan, Sir Thomas Smith, Master of Requests, Clerk to Queen Elizabeth's Privy Council, and a Benefactor to Abingden and the Bodleian Library. The binding is a beautiful example of the English Lyonese style, and it is of the utmost rarity to meet with examples such as this, especially with the armorial bearings of a well-known man of the period. The three works are those which gave Roger Ascham bis eminent place in English literature. Drake remarks that Shakespeare perused The Schoolmaster with avidity, and Wright cites "Toxophilus" in his editions of As You Like It" and King Lear."

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ANGLING.-See HUSBANDRY, MAISON RUSTIQUE, AND SPORTING. 22 BACON (Sir Francis) FRANCISCI BARONIS DE VERVLAMIO, VICECOMITIS SANCTI ALBÁNI DE DIGNITATE ET AVGMENTIS SCIENTIARVM. Libri IX. Ad Regem Svvm. Iuxta Exemplar Londini Impressum. Parisiis, Typis Petri Mettayer, Typographi Regii,. 1624. 4to., printer's device on title, and 2 early owners' signatures upon it, FINE LARGE COPY, original vellum, back repaired, £18 108

* A very rare edition, and the first published on the Continent. It has, also, great interest and importance to all interested in the Bacon Shakespeare controversy. The bi-literal cipher contained in the italics of this book has been deciphered by Mrs. Gallup, and published by her in a book which has passed through several editions. What is in cypher consists almost entirely of Homer's Odysses.

23 BACON (Sir Francis) CONSIDERATIONS TOVCHING A WARRE WITH SPAINE. Written by the Right Honourable Francis Lo. Verulam, Vi. St. Alban. Imprinted 1629. FIRST EDITION, sm. 4to., 3 signatures and 3 catchwords cut into, 2 catchwords cut off, but a fine copy, mottled calf extra, yellow edges, by Riviere, £6 10s

* One of the rarest of Bacon's writings, only 3 other copies having occurred for sale in over 20 years. Contains interesting accounts of the invasion of Ireland by the Spaniards, Sir Francis Drake's expedition in 1585 and 1587, the Spanish Armada in 1588, and the famous fight of the Revenge under Sir Richard Grenville in 1591.

24 BALE (John) THE FIRST TWO PARTES OF THE ACTES OR VNCHASTE EXAMPLES OF THE ENGLYSHE VOTARYES, gathered out of their owne legendes and Chronycies by John Bale, and dedicated to oure most redoubted Soueraigne kyng Edwarde the syxte, Imprinted at London by John Tysdale, dwellynge in Knyght Riderstrete nere to the Queenes Waredrop, Anno 1560 (second part undated). Two parts in one vol., sm. 8vo., black letter, general title, separate title and signatures to each part, several small woodcuts and ornamental initials, blank corner of general title repaired, few old MS. notes, FINE COPY, old calf, £9 108 * VERY RARE. A bitter exposure of the Monastic System, written during Bale's exile in Germany. He returned to Ergland on the accession of Edward VI., and in 1552 the King presented him to the vacant See of Ossory. He was a coarse and bitter controversialist, none of the writers of the Reformation time equalling him in acerbity, and was known as Bilious Bale." He wrote the Enterlude of Johan Baptystes Preachynge in the Wyldernesse," and other Plays of a similar character. Cited by Ritson in his notes on Hamlet."


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25 BARLOW'S ESOP.-IN ENGLISH, FRENCH, AND LATIN. Newly translated. Illustrated with 112 Sculptures. To this Edition are likewise added, Thirty-one New Figures representing his Life. By Francis Barlow, London, Printed by H. Hills, jun., for Francis Barlow, 1687. FIRST ISSUE OF BARLOW'S COMPLETE EDITION, folio, with engraved title, full-page Arms of the Duke of Devonshire, the series of 31 plates of the Life of Esop by Thomas Dudley, and a half-page copperplate engraving to each fable, including a number of hunting scenes, some margins, &c., repaired, FINE LARGE COPY, original mottled calf gilt, £15

* Very rare complete, plate 17 in the Life of Esop being usually torn out. The English verses below each engraving are by Mrs. Aphra Behn.

26 BASKERVILLE PRESS.-C. CRISPUS SALLUSTIUS ET L. ANNAEUS FLORUS. Birminghamiæ; Typis Ioannis Baskerville, 1773. Large 4to., CONTEMPORARY STRAIGHT-GRAINED ENGLISH RED MOROCCO GILT, inside borders, g.e., £6 158

* A fine example of this famous press.

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