An Abridgement of the History of England: Being a Summary of Mr. Rapin's History and Mr. Tindal's Continuation : From the Landing of Julius Caesar to the Death of King George I ... Illustrated ... on Seventy Copper Plates, Volumen 3

J. and P. Knapton, 1899

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Página 65 - ... for any sudden or indecent vents he might give his anger, that they were glad at every time that it broke upon them. He was too easy to the faults of those about him when they did not lie in his own way, or cross any of his designs ; and he was so apt to think that his ministers might grow insolent if they should...
Página 58 - That if the House of Commons, in Breach of the Laws and Liberties of the People, do betray the Trust reposed in them, and act negligently or arbitrarily and illegally, it is the undoubted Right of the People of England to call them to an Account for the same, and by Convention, Assembly or Force, may proceed against them as Traitors and Betrayers of their Country.
Página 258 - It is very obvious that nothing would more conduce to the obtaining so public a good, than to make the exportation of our own manufactures, and the importation of the commodities used in the manufacturing of them, as practicable and easy as may be...
Página 459 - know what great oath you have taken, which if you* «,* keep, it will be great honour to you ; but, if you break it, " I fhall be compelled, by my office, to hack off your
Página 63 - An act for the further security of his Majesty's person and the succession of the crown in the Protestant line, and for extinguishing the hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales, and all other pretenders, and their open and secret abettors...
Página 226 - Ireland, to be sold for the use of the public ; for giving relief to lawful creditors, by determining the claims, and for the more effectual bringing into the respective exchequers the rents and profits of the estates till sold.
Página 118 - An Act to make further provision for electing and summoning sixteen peers of Scotland to sit in the house of peers in the parliament of Great Britain, and for trying peers for offences committed in Scotland, and for the further regulating of voters in elections of members to serve in parliament, so far as relates to the trial of peers for offences committed in Scotland.
Página 65 - God, only on week days he came too seldom to them ; he was an attentive hearer of sermons, and was constant in his private prayers, and in reading the Scriptures ; and when he spoke of religious matters, which he did not often, it was with a becoming gravity...
Página 262 - An Act for granting the People called Quakers, such Forms of Affirmation or Declaration, as may remove the Difficulties which many of them lie under...
Página 66 - ... the thirty years, from the year 1672 to his death, in which he acted so great a part, carry in them so many amazing steps of a glorious and distinguishing providence, that in the words of David he may be called, the man of God's right hand, whom he made strong for himself...

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