The History of Torqua

Printed at the "Directory" office, 1878 - 403 páginas

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Página 155 - Be it therefore enacted by the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in the present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: I. This Act may be cited as «The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.
Página 92 - ... Gallant in their Equipage, each striving thereby to add to the Glory of their Design. The Gentry of these Parts first seemed slow in their Advances to serve the Prince; but as soon as the Ice was broke by Capt. Burrington, the majority soon followed his steps, and have entered into an Association. It is to admiration to consider the vast Magazine of all Warlike Utensils, brought hither by the Prince's Army, their Baggage having for a Fortnight together been continually Landing, and yet not fully...
Página 246 - Reign, and I have to inform you that Her Majesty was pleased to receive the same very graciously. " I have the honour to be, " Your obedient servant, "MW RIDLEY.
Página 70 - He hath used certain speeches of me (continued Sir Martin) which I will make him eat again, or I will make him spend the best blood in his belly.
Página 188 - Year of Her Reign; and I have to inform you that Her Majesty was pleased to receive the same very graciously. I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, HENRY MATTHEWS. The Secretaries of the Royal Meteorological Society. The following Papers were read, viz. : — " The use of the Spectroscope as a Hygrometer simplified and explained.
Página 47 - Sir, for the love of God and our country, let us have with some speed some great shot sent us of all bigness ; for this service will continue long ; and some powder with it.
Página 148 - ... of his intended transportation to the island of St. Helena, with four of his friends, to be chosen by himself, and twelve domestics. He received this intimation without any mark of surprise, as he said he had been...
Página 25 - ... to their benches, these men, with their laborious hands, copied upon parchment all the lore and wisdom of the past, and transmitted it to us. Perhaps it is not too much to say, that, but for these monks, not one line of the classics...
Página 246 - I have had the honour to lay before The Queen the loyal and dutiful Address of the President...
Página 144 - ... walks on alone. Captain Maitland is more frequently with him than any of his suite, and he pays him great attention. He is in good health. He passes but a short time at his meals, and drinks but little wine. He is said to drink regularly to the health of the Prince Regent. Coffee is frequently served up to him on the deck ; and when he first came near the land about Torbay, he is reported to have exclaimed :

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