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20 mount Enab, and Baithphogor, and Asedothphasga, and Bai21 thaseinoth, even all the cities of Misor, and all the kingdom of

Seon king of the Amorites, whom Moses slew, and with him the leaders of Madiam, Evi, and Robok, and Sour, and Our, 22 and Robe, the chief; at the rifling of Sion, when the Israelites slew the inhabitants of Sion, and in the route, Balaam son of 23 Beor the prophet. These were the borders of Reuben, and Jordan was a boundary. This was the possession of the children of Reuben, according to their communities, and these were 24 their cities and their sheepcots. And to the children of Gad,

according to their communities, Moses gave, and these were 25 their borders, Jazer, all the cities of Galaad, and the half of

the land of Ammon, even to Araba, which is in front of Arad, 26 and from Esebon to Araboth, over against Massepha, and Bo27 tanim, and Maan to the border of Daibon, and Enadom, and Othargai, and Bainthanabra, and Sokchotha, and Saphan, and the residue of the kingdom of Seon, king of Esebon. And the Jordan is their boundary, to a part of the sea of Cheneroth, 28 on the east side of the Jordan. This is the possession of the children of Gad, according to their communities, and according to their cities. According to their communities they can face their enemies; for their cities, and their sheepcots, were distributed according to their communities.


And to the half of the tribe of Manasses, according to their 30 communities, Moses gave, and these were their borders; from Maan, all the kingdom of Basan, even all the kingdom of Og, king of Basan, and all the towns of Jair, which are in Basani31 tis, sixty cities, and the half of Galaad, and in Astaroth, and in Edrain, the cities of the kingdom of Og, in Basanitis. These he gave to the Machirites, the children of Manasses, to one half of the Machirites, the children of Manasses, according to 32 their communities. These were they to whom Moses gave possessions on the east side of the Jordan, at Araboth-Moab, on the bank of the Jordan over against Jericho.

XIV. Now these are they of the children of Israel who got possessions in the land of Chanaan, to whom Eleazar the priest, and Joshua son of Nave, and the chiefs of the partriarchal fa2 milies of the tribes of Israel, gave possessions. They gave possessions by lot, as the Lord commanded by the hand of Jo

shua, to nine tribes and the half of a tribe on this side the Jor4 dan; but to the Levites he gave no lot among them. Because the children of Joseph were two tribes, Manasses and Ephraim; there was therefore no portion of land given to the Levites, but only cities to dwell in, with the suburbs thereof for their 5 cattle; for they had cattle. As the Lord commanded Moses, so the children of Israel did, when they divided the land. 6 Now the children of Juda had come to Joshua at Galgal, and Chaleb the son of Jephonne, the Kenezite said to him, 7 Thou knowest the word which the Lord said to Moses, the man of God, respecting me and thee at Kades-barne; for I was forty years old, when Moses the servant of God sent me from Kades-barne to spy the land, and I made him a report to his 8 mind. My brethren who went up with me disturbed the heart of the people; but I determined to follow the Lord my God; 9 so Moses solemnly promised that day, saying, The land to which thou hast gone up shall be thy lot, and thy children's forever, for a possession, because thou hast determined to fol10 low the Lord our God. Now the Lord hath kept me alive as he said. This is the forty fifth year since the Lord spoke this word to Moses, and Israel commenced their wanderings in 11 the wilderness. And behold I am now eighty five years of age; am now as strong as when Moses sent me; as able now 12 as then to go out and come in to battle; now therefore I ask of thee that mountain, as the Lord said on that day; for thou didst hear the word on that day. The Enakims indeed are now there; the cities are fortified and large; if then the Lord be with me, 13 I will exterminate them, as the Lord said to me. Thereupon



Joshua blessed him, and gave to Chaleb son of Jephonne, the 14 Kenezite, Chebron for a possession. For this cause Chebron had become the possession of Chaleb son of Jephonne, the Kenezite, at this day, because he followed the command of the Lord God of Israel. Now the name of Chebron, formerly, was city Argob. It was the metropolis of the Enakims.

XV. Now when the land had rest from war, the borders of the tribe of Juda, according to their communities, were southward along the borders of Idumea, from the wilderness of Sin 2 to Kades-barne; and thence their southern boundary was to a 3 part of the salt sea. From that extreme point which stretcheth to

the south, the boundary beginneth its course over against the steep of Akrabin, and runneth round Sena, then goeth up south of Kades-barne, and runneth by Asoron, and goeth up 4 to Sarada; and quitting this directly west of Kades, it proceedeth on to Selmona, and thence to the torrent of Egypt, and the termination of this their boundary was to be at the sea. This 5 is their southern boundary. And their boundary on the east is the whole extent of the salt sea to the Jordan. And their boundary on the north, beginning at the head of the sea, and a part 6 of the Jordan, runneth up to Baithaglaam, and passeth along

on the north side of Baitharaba; thence the boundary goeth 7 up to the stone of Baion, son of Reuben; thence the boundary

advanceth on to the fourth part of the valley of Achor, then goeth down to Galgal, which is over against the steep of Adammin, which is on the south side of the valley; thence it striketh off to the water of the fountain of the sun, and its termination there 8 is to be the fountain Rogel; thence the boundary goeth up to the valley of Ennom, on the south side of Jebus, which is Jerusalem; then the boundary turneth off to the top of the mountain which is to the west, in front of the valley of Ennom, which 9 is the northern part of the land of Raphain; and from the top of the mountain the boundary turneth off to the fountain of 10 water, Naphtho; and thence to the mountain Ephron; thence the boundary is to stretch on to Baal, which is the city Jarim, then the boundary is to come round west of Baal, and pass on to mount Assar, on the back and north side of the city Jarim, which is Chaslon, and go down to the city of the sun, passing it on the 11 south side; then the boundary goeth out back of Akkaron northward; thence the boundary is to pass on to Sokchoth, 12 and thence turning southward, to pass on to Lebna. And the termination of this boundary is to be at the sea. And with regard to the western boundary, the great sea is to be that boundary. These were the boundaries of the children of Juda, according to their communities round about.


Now to Chaleb son of Jephonne he had given a portion in the midst of the children of Juda. By the command of God, Joshua had given him the city Arbok, the metropolis of Enak, 14 the same is Chebron; and Chaleb son of Jephonne had driven out thence the three sons of Enak, Sousi, and Tholami, and

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15 Achima. And when Chaleb went up thence, against the inhabitants of Dabir, (now the name of Dabir formerly was The 16 City of Letters) Chaleb said, Whoever will take the city of

letters and subdue it, I will give him my daughter Aschan for 17 a wife, Whereupon Gothoniel son of Chenez, Chaleb's bro18 ther took it. So he gave him his daughter Aschan for a wife. And as she was going out to him she consulted with him, say. ing, Let me ask a field of my father. And when she had cried aloud from the ass, and Chaleb said to her, What is the mat19 ter with thee? she said to him, Give me a blessing. Seeing thou hast sent me to the land of Nageb, give me Botthanis. So he gave her the upper and lower Gonaithla.

20 This was the lot of inheritance of the children of Juda; 21 and the cities belonging to the tribe of the children of Juda;

on the borders of Edom, adjoining the wilderness, were Baise22 leel, and Ara, and Asor, and Ikam and Regma, and Aruel, and 25 Kades, and Asorionain, and Mainam, and Balmainan, with their villages; and the cities of the Aserons, which is Aser, and Sen, and Salmaa, and Molada, and Seri, and Baiphalath, and Cholaseola, and Bersabee, with their villages and sheepcots: Bala, and Bakok, and Asom, and Elboydad, and Baithel, and Erma, and Sekelak, and Macharim, and Sethannak, and Labos, and Sale, and Eromoth, twenty nine cities with 33 their villages. In the plain, Astaol, and Raa, and Assa, and Ramen, and Tano, and Iluthoth, and Maiani, and Jermuth, and Odollam, and Membra, and Saocho, and Jaseka, and Sakarim, and Gadera, with its villages-fourteen cities, with their villa37 ges: Senna, and Adosan, and Magadalgad, and Dalad, and Mas.

pha, and Jachareel, and Basedoth, and Ideadalea, and Chabra,and Maches, and Maachos, and Geddor, and Bagadiel, and Noman, 42 and Machedan; sixteen cities with their villages. Lebna, and Ithak, and Anoch, and Jana, and Nasib, and Keilam, and Akiezi, and Kezib, and Bathesar, and Ailom, ten cities with 45 their villages: Akkaron, and the villages thereof, with their sheepcots; bordering on Akkaron, Gemna, and all that lay near Asedoth, with their villages; Asiedoth, and the sheepcots thereof, Gaza, and the villages thereof, and its sheepcots, to the brook of Egypt; and the great sea is the boundary. 48 And in the hilly country, Samir, and Jether, and Socha, and Renna, and city of letters, this is Dabir, and Anon, and Es,

and Man, and Aisam, and Gosom, and Chalu, and Channa, and Gelom; eleven cities with their villages; Airem, and 52 Remna, and Soma, and Jemain, and Baithachu, and Phakua, and Eyma, and city Arbok, this is Chebron, and Soraith, 55 nine cities with their sheepcots: Maor, and Chermel, and Ozib,and Itan, and Jariel, and Arikam, and Zakanaim, and Ga58 baa, and Thamnatha, nine cities with their villages; Ailua, and Bethsur, and Geddon, and Magaroth, and Baithanam, and 60 Thekum, six cities with their villages: Theko, and Ephratha, this is Baithlehem, and Phagor, and Aitan, and Kulon, and Tatam, and Thobes, and Karem, and Galem, and Thether, and Manocho, eleven cities with their villages: Kariath-baal, this is the city Jarim, and Sotheba, two cities with their sheep61 cots and Baddargis, and Tharabaam, and Ainon, and Aiochioza, and Naphlazon, and the cities Sadon and Agkades, 63 seven cities with their villages. But the Jebusites dwelt in Jerusalem, and the children of Juda were not able to destroy them. So the Jebusites had dwelt in Jerusalem to this day. XVI. And the borders of the children of Joseph were from the Jordan, in front of Jericho eastward, and to go up from Je2 richo to the hilly country-the wilderness to Baithel-louza, and having come out to Baithel, the boundary is to run along the 3 borders of Achatarothi, and proceed westward, along the bor

ders of Aptalim, till it reacheth the borders of lower Baithoron; 4 and the termination thereof is to be at the sea. And when the 5 children of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasses, got their possessions, the borders of the children of Ephraim, according to their communities were these. The boundary of their possession from the east were Ataroth, and Erok, till it reached the 6 upper Baithoron, and Gazara; then the boundary was to proceed westward to Ikasmon, on the north side of Therma, then to come round eastward to Thenasa, and Selles, and from the east border of that to pass on to Janoka, and to Macho, and Ataroth, including their villages; then to come to Jericho, 8 and terminate at the Jordan: And from Taphu the boundary was to run westward by Chelkana and to terminate at the sea. This possession of the tribe of Ephraim, according to their 9 communities, with the cities set apart for the children of Ephraim, in the inheritance of the children of Manasses, com

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