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The Lord their God is with them;

The glories of princes are among them.

The God who hath brought them out of Egypt,
Is to them like the glory of a unicorn.

For there is no augury used by Jacob—
Nor divination among Israel.

In due season it shall be told to Jacob,
And to Israel, what God will execute.

Behold the people will rouse like a young lion;
And, like an old lion, exult with pride.

They will not go to rest till they devour prey-
Until they have drunk the blood of the slain.

Upon this Balak said to Balaam, Thou shalt neither with curses, curse them for me; nor shalt thou with blessings bless 26 them. In reply to which Balaam said to Balak, Did I not tell 27 thee saying, Whatever God shall speak, that I must do. Then

Balak said to Balaam, Come let me take thee to another place, that, if it please God, thou mayst curse them for me from it. 28 So Balak took Balaam to the top of Phogor, which extendeth 29 into the wilderness. And Balaam said to Balak, Build me here

seven altars, and prepare for me here seven young bulls, and 30 seven rams. And when Balak had done as Balaam ordered XXIV. him, and had offered a bull, and a ram, on every altar,

Balaam, seeing that it was good in the sight of the Lord to bless Israel, did not go, as was customary with him, to look 2 for omens; but turned his face towards the wilderness. And when Balaam raised his eyes, and saw Israel encamped by tribes, a spirit of God came upon him, and he took up his parable, and said,




Balaam son of Beor saith

The man who seeth according to truth saith

It is the saying of him, who hath heard the oracles of the

Who in sleep hath seen a vision of God-whose eyes were

How beautiful are thy houses, Jacob! Thy tents, O Israel!


Like shady forests, and like gardens by a river!

And like tents which the Lord hath pitched!

And like cedars by streams of water.

7 There shall come forth a man from his seed,
And he shall rule over many nations:

And a kingdom greater than Gog's shall be raised up;
And his kingdom shall be enlarged.


God hath led him out of Egypt,



His glory is like that of the unicorn;

He will eat up the nations of his enemies;

And he will exhaust their fatness,

And pierce his enemy with his darts.

Couching down, he is gone to rest, like a lion

Yes like a young lion; who dare rouse him?
Blessed are they who bless thee,

And they who curse thee are already cursed.

At this Balak was inflamed with wrath against Balaam, and clapped his hands. And Balak said to Balaam, I sent for thee to curse my enemy, and behold thou hast blessed them a third 11 time. Now therefore flee to thy own place. I thought to promote

thee to honour. But the Lord hath now deprived thee of that 12 glory. Whereupon Balaam said to Balak, Did I not tell thy mes13 sengers whom thou sentest to me, If Balak would give me his house full of silver and gold, I cannot transgress the word of the Lord, to do either good or evil, of my own mere will. Whatever 14 God may order that I will speak. And now, behold, I am quickly to return to my own place: come, let me inform thee 15 what this people will do to thy people, in the latter days. Then taking up his parable, he said,




Balaam son of Beor saith

It is the saying of a man who is a true seer,
Who heareth the oracles of God,

And hath knowledge from the Most High

Who in sleep hath seen a vision of God, and whose eyes

were opened.

I can point to him, though he is not now;

I hail him happy tho' he is not near.

A star will arise out of Jacob

There shall rise up a man out of Israel,
And he will smite the princes of Moab,
And plunder all the sons of Seth:
And Edom shall be an inheritance,


And Esau, his enemy, shall be a heritage.
Though Israel hath done valiantly;

Yet one shall be raised up out of Jacob,

Who will destroy him who escaped from a city.

20 Then having taken a view of Amalek he took up his parable and said,

Amalek is the head of nations;

But their seed shall be destroyed.

21 Then having taken a view of the Kenite, he took up his parable and said,


Strong is thy dwelling place.

But though thou hast built thy nest upon a rock-
And though Beor hath crafty chickens;

The Assyrians will captivate thee.

23 Then looking at Og he took up his parable and said,


Oh! Who can live when God will order such things!
For bands of Kitians will issue forth,

And afflict Assur, and afflict Hebrews:

And they themselves shall likewise be destroyed.

25 Then Balaam arose, and went away, with a view to return to his own place, and Balak repaired home.

XXV. While Israel abode at Sattin, the people profaned them2 selves to commit whoredom with the daughters of Moab, who invited them to the sacrifices of their idols; and the people ate of their sacrifices, and worshipped their idols, and Israel con3 secrated himself to Belphegor. Whereupon the wrath of the

Lord was kindled against Israel; and the Lord said to Moses, 4 Take all those leaders of the people and make a public ex

ample of them, for the Lord, in the face of the sun; so shall 5 the wrath of the Lord be turned away from Israel. Then Moses said to the tribes of Israel, Kill ye, every one, him of his 6 family, who hath consecrated himself to Belphegor. And behold there came a man of the children of Israel, who conducted his brother to a Madianitish woman in the sight of Moses, and before all the congregation of the sons of Israel, while they were weeping at the door of the tabernacle of the testi7 mony. Upon seeing this, Phineas, son of Eleazar, son of

Aaron the priest, started up from among the congregation, and 8 taking a javelin in his hand, went after the man-the Israelite,

into the bed chamber, and ran them both through, the man, the 9 Israelite, quite through, and the woman into her belly. Where.

upon the plague stopped from the children of Israel. Now they 10 who had died of the plague were twenty four thousand. And 11 the Lord spoke to Moses saying, Phineas, son of Eleazar, son

of Aaron the priest, hath stayed my wrath from Israel, by shewing a zeal for me among them, so that in my jealousy I have not utterly consumed the children of Israel. Therefore say, 12 Behold I give him the covenant of peace. It shall be to him, 13 and to his seed after him, an everlasting covenant of the

priest's office, because he shewed a zeal for his God, and made 14 atonement for the children of Israel. Now the name of the man-the Israelite, who was slain with the Madianitish woman, was Zambri, son of Salmon, the chief of the patriarchal 15 house of of the Symeonites; and the name of the Madianitish woman, who was slain, was Chasbi, a daughter of Sour, the chief of the clan of Ommath, which is the head family of Madiam.


Moreover the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, Speak to the 17 children of Israel, and say, Treat as enemies the Madianites, and smite them, for they are acting as enemies against you, with craftiness, in all their attempts to beguile you by means of Phogor, and by means of Chasbi, the daughter of a prince of Madiam, their sister, who was slain on the day of the plague, on account of Phogor. XXVI. And, after the plague, the Lord spoke to Moses, and 2 Eleazar the priest, saying, Take the sum of the whole congregation of Israel, from twenty years old and upwards, according to the houses of their families, every one who goeth out to war 3 in Israel. Upon which, orders were issued by Moses, and

Eleazar the priest, at Araboth-Moab, on the Jordan over 4 against Jericho, saying, From twenty years old and upwards, as the Lord commanded Moses.


Now these were the sons of Israel who came out of Egypt. Reuben, Israel's first born. And the sons of Reuben, Enoch, and the community of the Enochites; to Phallus be6 longed the community of the Phalluites; to Asron, the community of the Asronites; to Charmi, the community of the 7 Charmites-These are the communities of Reuben, and the

muster of them was forty three thousand seven hundred and 8 thirty. Now of the Phalluites, Eliab was chief, and the sons of 9 Eliab were Namuel; and Dathan, and Abiron. These were the head families of the congregation. These were they who conspired against Moses and Aaron, in the company of Kore, 10 in the insurrection against the Lord. And the earth, opening its mouth, swallowed them up with Kore, at the time when his company died-when the fire consumed the two hundred and 11 fifty, and they were made a sign; but the children of Kore died not.


And the children of Symeon were, the community of the Symeonites; from Namuel, the community of the Namuelites; 13 from Jamin, the community of the Jaminites; from Jachin, the community of the Jachinites; from Zara, the community of the Zaraites; from Saul, the community of the Saulites. 14 These communities of Symeon, from the muster of them, were twenty two thousand two hundred.


And the sons of Judas were Er and Aunan, but Er and 20 Aunan died in the land of Chanaan, so that these were the chil

dren of Judas, according to their communities-from Selom, 21 the community of the Selomites; from Phares, the communi

ty of the Pharesites; from Zara, the community of the Zaraites. And the Pharesites were-from Asron, the community 22 of the Asronites; from Jamun, the community of the Jamunites. These communities of Judas, according to the review of them, were seventy six thousand five hundred.


And the children of Issachar were, according to their communities-from Thola, the community of the Tholaites; from Phua, the community of the Phuaites; from Jasub, the com24 munity of the Jasubites; from Samram, the community of the 25 Samramites. These communities of Issachar, from the review of them, were sixty four thousand four hundred.


The children of Zabulon were, according to their communities-from Sared, the community of the Saredites; from Allon, the community of the Allonites; from Allel, the com27 munity of the Allelites. These communities of Zabulon, from the review of them, were sixty thousand five hundred.


The children of Gad, by their communities, were—from Saphon, the community of the Saphonites; from Aggi, the

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