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And the sons of Symeon, Jemuel and Jamin and Aod and Achin and Saar and Saul the son of a Chananitish woman. And the sons of Levi, Gerson, Kaath and Merari.

And the sons of Judas were Er and Aunan and Selom and Phares and Zara but Er and Aunan died in the land of Chanaan. And the sons of Phares were Esron and Jemuel.

And the sons of Issachar were Thola and Phua and Asum and Sambran.

And the sons of Zabulon, Sered and Allon and Achoel. These were the sons of Leia whom she bore to Jacob in Syrian Mesopotamia with Deina his daughter. All the souls, sons and daughters were thirty three.

And the sons of Gad; Saphon and Aggis and Sannis and Thasoban and Aodeis and Aroedeis and Areeleis.

17 And the sons of Aser; Jemna and Jessua and Jeus and 18 Baria with Sara their sister. And the sons of Baria; Chobar


and Melchiil. These were the children of Zelpha whom Laban gave to his daughter Leia and she bore them to Jacob. Sixteen souls.

And the children of Rachel the wife of Jacob were Joseph 20 and Benjamin. And to Joseph children were born in the land of Egypt, whom Aseneth the daughter of Petephres, the priest of Heliopolis, bore to him, namely, Manasses and Ephraim. And to Manasses, there were sons born, whom his concubine Syra bore to him, namely, Machir. And Machir begot Galaad. And the sons of Ephraim the brother of Manasses were Soutalaam and Taam. And the sons of Soutalaam, Edom.


And the sons of Benjamin were Bala and Bochor and Asbel. And to Bala there were sons born, namely, Gera and Noeman and Achis and Ros and Mamphim, and Gera begot Arad. 22 These were the children of Rachel, whom she bore to Jacob. All the souls were eighteen.

23 And the sons of Dan; Ásom. And the sons of Nephtha24 leim; Asiel and Goni and Issaar and Sellem. These were the 25 children of Balla whom Laban gave to his daughter Rachel, 26 and she bore them to Jacob. All the souls, seven. So all the souls who went with Jacob into Egypt, even all who sprung from him, exclusive of the wives of Jacob's children-All the 27 souls were sixty six. And including the children of Joseph who


were born to him in the land of Egypt, being nine, all the souls of Jacob's house who came with Jacob into Egypt were seventy five.

Now he had sent Judas before him to Joseph, that he 29 might meet him at Heroopolis, in the land of Ramesses. And Joseph having got ready his chariots, went up to meet his father Israel at Heroopolis. And when he saw him he fell on his 30 neck and wept abundantly. And Israel said to Joseph, Now let me die, since I have seen thy face, for thou art still alive. 31 Then Joseph said to his brothers, I will go up and inform Pha

rao, and tell him that my brothers, my father's family who 32 were in the land of Chanaan, are come to me; but the men are

shepherds; for their occupation hath been to feed cattle, and they have brought their flocks and their herds and all that they 33 have. If therefore Pharao send for you and say to you, What 34 is your occupation? you will say, We thy servants are feeders

of cattle from our youth even to this time, as well as our fathers; that you may dwell in Gesem-Arabia. For every shepherd is an abomination to the Egyptians.


So Joseph went and told Pharao saying, My father and my brothers with their flocks and their herds and all that belong to them are come from the land of Chanaan; and lo! 2 they are in the land of Gesem. And he took of his brothers 3 five men and presented them before Pharao. And Pharao said

to Joseph's brothers, What is your occupation? and they said to Pharao, Thy servants are shepherds, both we and our fa4 thers. Moreover they said to Pharao, We are come to sojourn in this land, because there is no pasture for thy servants' cattle, for the famine hath been great in the land of Chanaan. Now therefore let us sojourn in the land of Gesem. And Pharao said to Joseph, Let them dwell in the land of Gesem; and if thou knowest any men of ability among them, make them overseers of my cattle.


Now when Jacob and his sons came into Egypt to Joseph, and Pharao king of Egypt heard of it he said to Joseph, Thy 6 father and thy brothers are come to thee, behold the land of Egypt is before thee, settle thy father and thy brothers in the 7 best of the land. And when Joseph introduced his father Jacob and presented him before Pharao and Jacob had blessed

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8 Pharao, Pharao said to Jacob, How many are the years of the 9 days of thy life? And Jacob said to Pharao, The days of the years of my life which I am now sojourning are a hundred and thirty years. Few and evil have been the days of the years of my life. They have not reached to the days of the years of the 10 life of my fathers which they sojourned. And when Jacob had 11 blessed Pharao he went out from him. And Joseph settled

his father and his brothers and gave them a possession in the land of Egypt, in the best of the land of Ramesses, as Pharao 12 had ordered. And Joseph supplied his father and his brothers and all his father's household with a certain portion of corn for each person.


Now there was no food in the land, for the famine prevailed exceedingly; and both the land of Egypt and the land 14 of Chanaan fainted by reason of the famine. And Joseph collected all the money which was found in the land of Egypt and in the land of Chanaan for the corn which they bought 15 and which he dealt out to them. And Joseph brought all the money to Pharao's house. And when all the money was gone, out of the land of Egypt and out of the land of Chanaan, all the Egyptians came to Joseph and said, Give us bread. Must 16 we die in thy presence because we have no money? There

upon Joseph said to them, Bring your cattle, and I will give 17 you bread for your cattle if your money be gone. So they brought their cattle to Joseph, and he gave them bread for their horses and for their flocks and for their herds and for their asses and supplied them with bread that year for all their cattle. 18 When that year was ended they came to him the next year and said, Perhaps we may be rejected by our lord: for as our money is gone and our stock and cattle are transferred to thee our lord, there is indeed nothing left us in the presence of our 19 lord, but our persons and our lands. That we therefore may

not die in thy presence and the land become a waste, purchase us and our land for bread, and we with our lands will be ser. vants to Pharao. Give us seed that we may sow and live and 20 not die. So the land will not become desolate. Upon this Joseph purchased all the land of the Egyptians for Pharao. For the Egyptians sold their land to Pharao, because the famine pre21 vailed over them. Thus the land became Pharao's, and he re

duced the people to a state of vassalage from one border of 22 Egypt to the other, save the land of the priests only. This Joseph did not buy; because Pharao had assigned them a gratuitous portion, and they ate the portion which Pharao assign23-ed them. Therefore they did not sell their land. Then Joseph said to all the Egyptians, Behold I have this day purchased 24 you and your land for Pharao. Take seed and sow the land. And of the products thereof you shall give Pharao the fifth. And the other four parts shall be your own to sow the land, 25 and to be food for you and all your families. And they said,

Thou hast saved our lives. We have found favour in the sight 26 of our lord, and we will be servants to Pharao. So Joseph enjoined upon them the giving a fifth to Pharao as a statute which continueth even to this day in all the land of Egypt, excepting only the land of the priests. That did not belong to Pharao. Thus Israel became sojourners in the land of Egypt in the district of Gesem, and they had possessions therein and in28 creased and multiplied exceedingly. And Jacob lived in the land of Egypt seventeen years. And all the days of the years of his life were a hundred and forty seven years.



Now when the time of Israel's death drew nigh he sent for his son Joseph and said to him, If I have found favour in thy sight, put thy hand under my thigh and thou shalt deal kindly 30 and truly with me, that thou wilt not bury me in Egypt; but

let me sleep with my fathers. Therefore thou shalt carry me 31 out of Egypt and bury me in their sepulchre. And he said I

will do as thou hast said. And he said, Swear to me. So he swore to him. And Israel bowed down on the head of his staff. XLVIII. After this when it was told Joseph, Thy father is sick, he took his two sons Manasses and Ephraim and went to 2 Jacob. And when they told Jacob saying, Behold thy son Joseph is coming to thee, Israel strengthened himself and sat 3 upon the bed. And Jacob said to Joseph, My God appeared to me at Louza in the land of Chanaan and blessed me and 4 said, Behold I will make thee fruitful and multiply thee and make thee a multitude of nations, and I will give thee this land 5 even to thy seed after thee for a perpetual possession. Now therefore thy two sons, who have been born to thee in the land of Egypt, before I came to thee into Egypt, are mine. Ephraim

6 and Manasses, like Reuben and Symeon, shall be mine. And the issue which thou mayst have after this shall go by the name of their brothers. They shall be enrolled in their inhe7 ritances. Now when I came out of Syrian Mesopotamia Rachel thy mother died in the land of Chanaan, just as I drew near the race ground of Chabratha on the way to Ephratha. So I buried her in the way of the race ground the same is Bethle8 hem. Then Israel seeing the sons of Joseph said, Who are 9 these with thee? And Joseph said to his father, They are my 10 sons, whom God hath given me here. Whereupon Jacob said, Bring them near to me that I may bless them. Now Israel's eyes were dim by reason of old age and he could not see clearly. And when he brought them near to him, he kissed them and 11 embraced them. And Israel said to Joseph, Lo! was I not de

prived of thy presence? yet behold God hath shewn me even 12 thy seed. Then Joseph took them from his knees; and when 13 they had made obeisance to him with their face to the ground,

Joseph taking his two sons, Ephraim in his right hand towards Israel's left and Manasses in his left hand towards Israel's right, 14 brought them near to him. But Israel stretching out his right hand laid it on Ephraim's head (now he was the youngest) and 15 his left hand on Manasses' head crossing his hands. And he blessed them and said, The God whom my fathers Abraham and Isaak worshipped-the God who hath fed me from my 16 youth to this day-the Angel who delivered me from all evils, bless these children! And let them be called by my name and by the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaak; and may they be increased to a great multitude on the earth!


Now when Joseph saw that his father put his right hand on Ephraim's head, it appeared amiss to him; and he took hold of his father's hand to remove it from Ephraim's head to the 18 head of Manasses. And Joseph said to his father, Not so, my father: for this is the first born, put thy right hand on his head. 19 But he refused and said, I know; my son; I know. This indeed will be a people and will be exalted. But his younger brother will be greater than he; and his seed will be a multitude of 20 nations. And he blessed them that day and said, By you Israel will bless saying, God make thee like Ephraim and Manasses. 21 So he put Ephraim before Manasses. Then Israel said to Jo

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