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master which were in his charge, and arose and went to Me11 sopotamia to the city of Nachor. And he made his camels lie down without the city, by the well of water, in the evening, 12 when the women come out to draw water; and said, O Lord

the God of my master Abraham, prosper the way before me 13 this day; and shew thy kindness to my master Abraham. Be

hold I stand by this well of water and the daughters of the in14 habitants of the city will come out to draw water. Now let the

virgin to whom I shall say, Let down thy pitcher that I may drink; and who shall say, Drink thou, and I will give water also to thy camels till they have all done drinking; let her be the woman whom thou hast provided for thy servant Isaak. And by this I shall know that thou hast dealt mercifully with 15 my master Abraham. And before he had finished this mental

speech, lo! Rebekka the daughter of Bathuel, the son of Melcha, the wife of Nachor, Abraham's brother, came out with 16 her pitcher on her shoulder. Now the damsel was of a very

beautiful countenance and was a virgin. No man had known her. So when she had gone down to the well and filled her 17 pitcher and came up, the servant ran to meet her and said, Let 18 me drink a little water out of thy pitcher. Upon which she

said, Drink, my lord, and hastened to let down the pitcher on 19 her arm and let him drink till he was satisfied. Then she said,

I will draw water for thy camels also until they shall have all 20 drunk. And she hasted and emptied the pitcher into the wa

tering trough and ran to the well to draw more and drew water 21 for all the camels. And the man observed her attentively and

held his peace, that he might know whether the Lord had 22 prospered his journey or not. And when all the camels had done drinking, the man took ear rings of gold of about a drachm weight, and a pair of bracelets for her hands, the weight of which was ten pieces of gold, and he asked her saying, Whose 23 daughter art thou? Tell me, Is there room at thy father's house 24 for us to lodge? And she said, I am the daughter of Bathuel, 25 the son of Melcha, whom she bore to Nachor. Moreover she

said to him, We have plenty of straw and provender and room 26 to lodge in. Then the man being satisfied, worshipped the Lord and said, Blessed be the Lord God of my master Abraham, who hath not withdrawn his kindness and his truth from

27 my master. The Lord hath indeed given me a prosperous 28 journey to the house of my master's brother. Upon this the

damsel ran to her mother's house and told all these things. 29 Now Rebekka had a brother whose name was Laban. And La30 ban ran out to the man at the well. When he saw the ear rings and bracelets in his sister's hands and heard all the words of 31 Rebekka his sister, saying, Thus spake the man to me, he went to the man who was standing by his camels at the well and said to him, Come in, thou blessed of the Lord, why hast thou tar32 ried without? I have the house ready and a place for the camels. So the man went in to the family, and Laban unsaddled the camels, and gave straw and provender to the camels, and water to wash his feet and the feet of the men who were with 33 him, and set bread before them to eat. But the man said I can

not eat till I have told my business. And Laban said, speak. 34 Thereupon the man said, I am Abraham's servant, The Lord

indeed hath blessed my master exceedingly, so that he is be35 come great. He hath given him flocks and herds and silver

and gold, men servants and maid servants, camels and asses. 36 And Sarah, the wife of my master, hath born one son to my

master when he was old, and he hath given him all that be37 longed to him. And my master made me sware saying, Thou

shalt not take a wife for my son from among the daughters of 38 the Chananites in whose land I sojourn; but thou shalt go to

the house of my father and to my tribe and take thence a 39 wife for my son. Whereupon I said to my master, Perhaps 40 the woman will not come with me. And he said to me, The Lord God, to whom I have been well pleasing in his sight, will send his angel with thee, and make thy journey prosperous, and thou shalt take a wife for my son from my tribe and from my 41 father's house. On this condition only thou shalt be absolved

from my curse; when thou hast gone to my tribe, if they will 42 not give thee, then shalt thou be clear from my oath. Now,

when I came to day to the well, I said, O Lord the God of my master Abraham, if thou prosperest the journey in which I am 43 now engaged, Behold I have stopped at this well of water, and

the daughters of the men of the city are coming out to draw 44 water, Let the virgin to whom I shall say, Let me drink a little

water out of thy pitcher; and who shall say to me, Drink thou,

and I will draw water for thy camels; Let her be the wife whom the Lord hath provided for his servant Isaak; and by this I shall know that thou hast dealt mercifully with my master 45 Abraham. And before I had finished this my address in thought,

straightway Rebekka came with the pitcher on her shoulder and went down to the well and drew water, and I said to her, 46 Let me drink. Upon which she speedily let down the pitcher on

her arm, and said, Drink thou, and I will water thy camels. So I drank. And when she had watered the camels, I asked her 47 saying, Whose daughter art thou? Tell me. And she said, I am the daughter of Bathuel the son of Nachor, whom Melcha bore to him. Then I put the ear rings on her and the bracelets on 48 her hands, and being well pleased, I worshipped the Lord and blessed the Lord the God of my master Abraham, who had prospered me in the right way to take the daughter of my 49 master's brother for his son. Now therefore, if you deal kindly


and truly with my master, tell me. If not, tell me; that I may 50 turn either to the right or left. In reply to which, Laban and Bathuel said, This matter hath proceeded from the Lord. We 51 cannot gainsay thee, be it good or bad. Behold Rebekka is before thee. Take her and go and let her be the wife of thy 52 master's son, as the Lord hath spoken. And when Abraham's servant heard these words, he worshipped the Lord on the 53 ground. Then the servant brought out jewels of silver and gold

and raiment and gave them to Rebekka, and made presents to 54 her brother and to her mother. And when he and the men who were with him had eaten and drank, they went to rest. And he arose early next morning and said, Dismiss me that 55 I may return to my master. But her brother and her mother

said, Let the damsel stay with us about ten days and then she 56 shall go. And he said to them, Do not detain me, seeing the Lord hath prospered my journey as far as it respecteth me. 57 Send me away that I may go back to my master. Whereupon 58 they said, Let us call our child and ask what she saith. So

they called Rebekka and said to her, Wilt thou go with this 59 man? And she said, I will go. Then they sent away their

sister Rebekka and what belonged to her, and the servant of 60 Abraham and his attendants. And they blessed Rebekka and

said to her, Thou art our sister. Mayest thou become thou

sands of myriads and may thy seed inherit the cities of their 61 enemies. Then arose Rebekka and her maids, and mounting the camels they went with the man. And the servant took Rebekka and departed.

62 Now Isaak had travelled through the wilderness to the well 63 of Vision, and dwelt in the south country. And in the even. ing Isaak went out into the plain to meditate; and raising his 64 eyes he saw camels coming. Rebekka also having raised her 65 eyes, saw Isaak and alighted from her camel. She had said to the servant, What man is that coming in the plain to meet us? And the servant said, It is my master. Whereupon she took 66 her veil and covered herself. And the servant told Isaak all that he had done. And Isaak went to his mother's house and took Rebekka, and she became his wife, and he loved her. And Isaak was comforted for the loss of his mother Sarah. XXV. Now Abraham had taken another wife, whose name was 2 Chettura and she bore to him Zembran and Jesan and Madal 3 and Madiam and Jesbok and Soie. And Jesan begot Saba

and Dedan. And the children of Dedan were Assurieim and 4 Latusieim and Laomeim. And the children of Madiam were 5 Gephar and Apheir and Enoch and Abeida and Eldaga. All these were children of Chettura. But Abraham gave to his son 6 Isaak all his possessions, and to the children of his concubines Abraham gave gifts and sent them, while he was yet living, towards the east, into the eastern country from his son Isaak. 7 Now these were the years of the days of Abraham's life which 8 he lived, one hundred and seventy five years. And Abraham declining died in a good old age, an old man and full of days and 9 he was added to his people. And his sons Isaak and Ismael buried him in the double cave in the field of Ephron the son 10 of Saar the Chettite, which is over against Mambre-in the field and the cave which Abraham bought of the children of Chet, there they buried Abraham with Sarah his wife. And after 11 the death of Abraham God blessed his son Isaak; and Isaak dwelt at the well of Vision.

12 Now these are the generations of Abraham's son Ismael 13 whom Agar the Egyptian, Sarah's maid, bore to Abraham; and

these are the names of the children of Ismael according to the 14 names of his families. The first born of Ismael was Nabaioth,

15 then Kedar and Nabdael and Massam and Masma and

Duma and Masse and Choddan and Thaiman and Jetur and 16 Naphes and Kedma. These are the children of Ismael and these are their names in their tents and in their habitations; 17 twelve chiefs of their respective nations. And these were the years of the life of Ismael, one hundred and thirty seven years, 18 and he declining died and was added to his race. Now he inhabited the country from Evilat to Sour which is in front of Egypt, all the way to the Assyrians. In front of all his brethren was his habitation.



And these are the generations of Isaak the son of Abraham. Abraham begot Isaak. And Isaak was forty years old when he took to wife Rebekka the daughter of Bathuel the Syrian 21 of Syro Mesopotamia the sister of Laban the Syrian. And Isaak

intreated the Lord for Rebekka his wife because she was bar22 ren, and the Lord hearkened to him; And Rebekka his wife conceived and the children struggled within her and she said; If it is to be so with me, what doth this portend? So she went to 23 inquire of the Lord. And the Lord said to her, Two nations are

in thy womb and two peoples shall be separated from thy belly, and the one people will excel the other and the elder shall 24 serve the younger. So when her days to be delivered were ful25 filled there were twins in her womb. And the first born came

forth red all over hairy like a hide and she called his name 26 Esau; and after that came forth his brother and his hand had 27 hold of Esau's heel, and she called his name Jacob. Now Isaak

was sixty years old when Rebekka bore them. And when they grew up to be young men, Esau was a man skilled in hunting and fond of the field; but Jacob was a man of plain 28 manners and lived at home. And Isaak loved Esau, because 29 his game was his food; But Rebekka loved Jacob. Now when 30 Jacob was boiling pottage Esau came from the field fainty. And

Esau said to Jacob, Let me taste some of that red pottage, for I am 31 fainty. For this cause his name was called Edom. And Jacob

said to Esau, give me this day in exchange thy rights of primo32 geniture. And Esau said, Lo! I am going to die, what then are 33 these rights of primogeniture to me? And Jacob said to him,

Swear now to me. So he swore to him. Thus were Esau's 34 rights of primogeniture transferred to Jacob. Then Jacob gave

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