Memoirs of the Rebellion in 1745 and 1746

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1820 - 348 páginas
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Página 84 - The reason assigned by the Highlanders for their custom of throwing their muskets on the ground is not without its force. They say, they embarrass them in their operations, even when slung behind them, and, on gaining a battle, they can pick them up again along with the arms of their enemies; but, if they should be beaten, they have no occasion for muskets.
Página 47 - The populace at first did not interrupt him, conceiving our army to be near the town ; but as soon as they knew that it would not arrive till the evening, they surrounded him in a tumultuous manner, with the intention of...
Página 110 - Loudon was opposite the twelve men, about eleven o'clock in the evening, the blacksmith called out with a loud voice, " Here come the villains, who intend carrying off our Prince ; fire, my lads, do not spare them; give no quarter!
Página 138 - Had Prince Charles slept during the whole of the expedition," says the Chevalier Johnstone, " and allowed Lord George Murray to act for him according to his own judgment, there is every reason for supposing he would have found the crown of Great Britain on his head when he awoke.
Página xxxvii - He slept little, was continually occupied with all manner of details, and was, altogether, most indefatigable, combining and directing alone all our operations ; in a word, he was the only person capable of conducting our army.
Página 90 - The most singular and extraordinary combat immediately followed. The Highlanders, stretched on the ground, thrust their dirks into the bellies of the horses. Some seized the riders by their clothes, dragged them down, and stabbed them with their dirks; several, again, used their pistols; but few of them had sufficient space to handle their swords.
Página 46 - He had quitted Preston in the evening, with his mistress and my drummer; and having marched all night, he arrived next morning at Manchester... and immediately began to beat up for recruits for 'the yellow-haired laddie.
Página 88 - As it is always the distinctive mark of ignorance to find nothing difficult, not even the things that are impossible, M. Mirabelle, without hesitation, immediately undertook to open the trenches on a hill to the north of the castle, where there were not fifteen inches' depth of earth above the solid rock ; and it became necessary to supply the want of earth with bags of wool, and sacks filled with earth brought from a distance. Thus the trenches were so bad that we lost a great many men, sometimes...
Página xxviii - I heard three sensible middle-aged men, when the Scotch were said to be at Stamford, and actually were at Derby, talking of hiring a chaise to go to Caxton (a place in the high-road) to see the Pretender and Highlanders as they passed.
Página 62 - As your Royal Highness is always for battles, be the circumstances what they may, I now offer you one, in three hours from this time, with the army of Marshal Wade, which is only about two miles distant from us.

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