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III. An Account of the Natural Curiosities; as Echoes, Grottos, petrifying Springs, &c. And of remarkable Particulars, as the Longævity, Fruitfulness, or other singular Circumstances that have happened to the Inhabitants; Floods, Storms, Fires, Earthquakes, and other Accidents and Phænomena.

IV. Antiquities, containing,

1. The ancient Name of the County, and its Inhabi


2. The History of the ancient Castles, Forts, Camps,

Highways and Monuments, by whom, and when,

and for what purpose they were erected and cast up. 3. An Account of such Coins, Stones, and other

Remains as have been found in digging. 4. Ecclefiaftical Antiquities, containing an Account

of all the Religious Houses in the County, when, where, and by whom founded, for what Order of Monks, and of what Value at the general Dislolution in the Reign of King Henry VIII.

V. The Number of Representatives in Parliament for each County, and the Cities and Boroughs for which they are chosen.

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