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troops detached from the marine, VI. That the officers shall take the royal grenadiers, cannoniers, their servants along with them. bombardiers, and Swiss; the diffe- Granted. rent detachments of the militia and VII. That the militia and other freebooters, and the other volun- inhabitants, that now make part of teers, with the honours of war, the said garrison, may retire to their drums beating, lighted match, co- homes, with their servants likelours flying, two pieces of cannon, wise. Answered in the first arand three rounds of ammunition ticle. each. The troops of his most VIII. That the volunteers of St. Christian majesty in garrison Thall Vincent, who came here to the march out with drums beating, co- fuccour of the place, shall be furlours flying, and two pieces of nished with a boat and provisions, cannon, two rounds of ammunition, to carry them home again, with and shall be embarked and sent to their servants, arms, and baggage, France as soon as possible, at the as soon as possible. -To remain expence of his Britannic majesty. prisoners of war. The militia, freebooters, and others IX. That the inhabitants likebelonging to the island, shall lay wife shall be furnished with shallops, down their arms, and be prisoners or boats, to carry them to the diffeof war, until the fate of it is de- rent quarters of this island. --- Retermined.

fused. II. 'The garrison shall be sent to X. That the sick and wounded the port of Rochfort in France, by shall be removed to the hospital of the most short and expeditious way, this city, to be there taken care of at the expence, and in the ships of by our own surgeons, till they are his Britannic majelly.- -Answered perfectly recovered ; and that the in the first.

commiffary of his Britannic majesty III. The said garrison shall be fhall take care to furnish them with lodged and maintained in the town fubfiftence. They shall be taken of Fort Royal, till their departure, the fame care of as our own, and at the expence of his Britannic ma- may be attended by their surgeons. jefty. They shall be maintained XI. That the said hospital shall expence

of his Britannic ma- take away with them their medijesty, and shall be embarked as in cines, and all their utensils and the first article.

effects in general.Granted. IV. That it fhall be lawful for XII. That the chaplain of the the officers, Creoles, and others, to shall be permitted to administer fpigo into the island, and stay there as ritual succours to the fick, as well long as it shall be necessary to settle as others of the troops, and pubtheir affairs.- -A reasonable time lickly to bury the dead without mowill be allowed to the officers to leftacion..Granted. settle their affairs, they behaving ac

XIII. That the said fick shall, cording to the rules of war. after their recovery, follow the for

V. That the officers and others, tune of their respective corps, as who have effects in the country, well as those who fall be actually fhall keep them. Granted. in the hospitals without the town.


XIV. That

at the

XIV. That there shall be a gene- both sides. ---- After the capitulasal inventory taken by commissaries tion is signed, and the gate of the named by each party, of the artil- fort poslessed by the British troops, lery, ammunition, provisions, and the commandant shall be allowed to all other effects within the place. - acquaint his general with it. Granted.

ROBERT MONCTON. XV. That the English prisoners De LIGNERY. G. B. RODNEY, detained in this citądel shall be exchanged for ours. Among others, Capitulation demanded by the inhabiM de Caponé, major of this cita- tants of the island of Martinico, del and island, snall be included in represented by Muf. D. Aleso, knt. the exchange, to follow the fortune Jeignior Defragny La Pierre, capof the officers of the place.-Re- tain of horse, and Feryre, captain fused.

of infantry of militia, furnished XVI. That the effects of the with full powers from nine quarofficers and men belonging to the ters of this island. royal grenadiers, which were left upon Morne Garnier, shall be re- To their excellencies Messrs. stored to them. It cannot be Monckton and Rodney, gecomplied with, as it will be impof- nerals by land and sea of sible to recover them.

his Britannic majefty. XVII. That the armed free Negroes and Mulattoes, that entered ARTICLE I. into the citadel as attendants on the companies of militia, thall go out THE inhabitants fhall quit likewise with the said companies, their posts with two field pieces, They shall remain prisoners of war, their arms, colours flying, drums until the fate of the island is deter- beating, matches lighted, and shall mined.

have all the honours of war. XVIII, That three days shall be The inhabitants ihall march out of granted for the evacuation of the all their garrisons and posts (none place, at the end of which time, excepted) with their arms and cothe gate shall be given up to the lours flying, upon condition that troops of his Britannic

majesty, they afterwards lay them down ; whilst the garrison thall march and that all the forts, garrisons, out. The gate of the fort shall posts, and batteries of cannon and be given up to the troops of his mortars, with all arms, ammuniBritannic majesty this evening at five tion, and implements of war, be o'clock, and the French garrison delivered to proper persons appointshall march out at nine to-morrow ed to receive them. morning.

1. Tre inhabitants of the islands XIX. That before the capitu- of St. Lucia, and St. Vincent, who lation is settled, the commanding are come to the affistance of this officer of the place shall be permit- island, fhall have the liberty to reted to communicate it to the gene-, tire with their arms and baggage, ral, and in the mean time there and shall be furnished with a vessel shall be a suspension of arms, and to carry them to their own illands, that all the works Ahall cease on with their servants which they have


brought with them, as also with their effects moveable and immoveprovision necessary for their voyage. able, of what nature soever, and

They must remain prisoners of fall be preserved in their privileges, war, as those of St. Vincent, in rights, honours, and exemptions; the capitulation of Fort Royal. their free negroes and mulattoes

III. The inhabitants shall have shall have the entire enjoyment of free exercise of their religion, the their liberty, -- Granted in regard priests, friars, and nuns, shall be to the religious orders: The inpreserved in their cures and convents, habitants, being subjects of Great and it shall be permitted to the fu- Britain, will enjoy their properties, periors of the order, to send for any and the same privileges as in the of them from France, delivering other his majesty's Leeward iflands. their letter to his Britannic maje- VII. They shall not pay to his fty's governors.

Granted. majesty any other duties than those IV. They shall be strictly neuter, which have been paid hitherto to his and shall not be obliged to take moft Christian majesty; and the caarms against his most Christian ma- pitation of negroes on the same jesty, nor even against any other footing it is paid at present, withpower.They become subjects of Out any other charges or impofts ; his Britannic majesty, and must take and the expences of justice, pensions the oath of allegiance; but shall to curates, and other occasional exnot be obliged to take arms against pences, shall be paid by the domain his moft Christian majefty, until a of his Britannic majesty, as they peace may determine the fate of were by that of his most Chriftian the island.

majesty. - Answered in the 6th V. They shall preserve their civil article in what regards the inhabi. government, their laws, customs, tants. and ordonnances; justice shall be

VIII. and IX. The prisoners administered by the same officers taken, during the fiege, shall be who are now in employment; and restored on both sides; the free there shall be a regulation made for mulattoes, as well as the negroes, the interior police between the go- which shall have been taken, shall vernor of his Britannic majesty and be restored as prisoners of war, and the inhabitants; and in case that shall not be treated as slaves. at the peace the island should be The inhabitants and mulattoes, now ceded to the king of Great Britain, prisoners, will become British subit Mall be allowed to the inhabitants jects, upon the submission of the to preserve their political govern- whole island, and will enjoy the ment, and to accept that of An- benefit of it. The negroes which tigua or St. Christopher's. - They have been taken in arms are deembecome British subjects (as in the ed slaves. preceding article) but shall continue X. The subjects of Great Britain, to be governed by their present who have taken refuge in the island Jaws, until his majesty's pleasure be for crimes, or condemned to punishiknown.

ments, shall have liberty of reVI. The inhabitants, as also the tiring.-Refused. religious orders of both sexes, shall XI. No others than the inhabibe maintained in the property of tants resident in this island, fall, till the peace, possess any estates, for the king's troops in the several either by acquisition, agreement, districts of the island. or otherwise ; but in case, at the XVI. The widows and others, peace, the country shall be ceded to

absent by sickness, who shall not the king of Great Britain, then it have signed the capitulatiori, shall shall be permitted to the inhabitants have a time fixed for doing it.who shall not be willing to become Granted, on condition that they his subjects, to sell their estates, sign the capitulation in one month moveables and inmoveables, to from this date. whom they please, and retire where XVII. Vessels shall be granted to they shal think proper, in which the freebooters and others who have case they shall be allowed conve- no effects in this country, and are nient time.- -All subjects of Great willing to leave it, to retire.-Britain may possess any lands or Granted, to go to France, but no houses by purchase. The remain- where else. der of this article granted, provided

XVIII. It shall be permitted to they fell to British subjects. give freedom to negro and mulatto

XII. In case any exchanges shall slaves, as á recompence for their be thought of at the peace, their good services, according to cuftom. most Christian and Britannic maje

Granted to servants. fties are intreated to give the pre

XIX. The inhabitants and merference to this island. - This will chants shall enjoy all their prividepend upon his Britannic majesty's leges of commerce, as the subjects pleasure.

of Great Britain.- Granted, so XIII. The inhabitants shall have that it does not affect the privileges liberty of retiring ; we say, of send- of particular companies established their children to France for their in England, or the laws of the education ; the wives of officers and kingdom, which prohibit the carothers, out of the island, shall have rying on trade in other than British liberty of retiring with their effects, bottoms. and the number of servants suitable XX. It shall always be permitted to their rank. --The liberty of to the inhabitants, to continue to sending their children to France to make white and clayed sugar, as be educated, depends upon the they have been used to.-Granted, king's pleasure. The rest granted. they paying duty in proportion to The


their superior value to the common cure for the inhabitants the vent of quality of the Muscovado sugar. their commodities, which shall be XXI. The sea vessels, as well looked upon as national commodi- ships as boats or schooners, which ties, and of consequence shall have are sunk or afloat, and which have entry in England.- -Granted; the not been taken, shall remain to island producing nothing but what their owners.-

Refused to all primay be imported into England. vateers and ships, trading to distant

XV. The inhabitants Thall not ports. Granted to such as are embe obliged to find quarters for the ployed in pafling to and from the troops, or to do any works on the different ports of the island. fortifications. -The inhabitants XXII. They money, which is muft furnih barracks or quarters

now made use of, shall remain up. on the same footing, without be



government shall

ing fusceptible either of augmenta- posts as his Britannic majesty's gé. tion or diminution. Granted. neral shall think fit.

(D'Alefro.) (Lapiere.) Art. I. All the forts and posts of (I'feriere.) (Mauboix.)

the island shall be evacuated by the (Dorienterfack for) troops of his moft Chriftian majesty, (Dorient Hubert, and) whether regular or militia, or inde

(Dorient Campagne.) pendent companies of freebooters, Demanded, All archives and or livery servants; they shall march papers, which

may be necessary or out with four field pieces, their relative to the government of the arms, two rounds per man, their island, to be faithfully given up. enfigns or colours Aying, drums Leave is granted to the gentlemen beating, and all the honoars of of the island to keep necessary arms war ; after which the faid forts and for the defence of their plantations. . pofis shall be occupied by the troops

Robert MONCTON. of his Britannic majesty.- - The

G. B. RODNEY. troops and inhabitants shall march Settled, agreed, and closed by us out of all their garrisons and posts the deputies repretentative and bear- with their arms, drums beating, ers of the powers from the major colours flying, and the troops to part of the quarters composing this have four pieces of cannon, with colony; in the city of Fort Royal, two rounds each, and two rounds Martinico, this seventh day of Feb- per man, upon condition that the ruary, 1762.

inhabitants afterwards lay down D'Alesso. I'feriere. Rob. Monckton. their arms; and that all the forts, Lapiere.

G. B. Rodney. garrisons, pofts and batteries of canDeputies.

non, or mortars, with all arms, am(Dorientersack) (Berland) (Mauboix) munition and implements of war,

Thall be delivered up to proper persons appointed by us to receive

them. Capitulation offered for the whole Art. II. Transport vessels shall

island of Martinico, on the part of be provided at the expence of his M. le Vafor Delatouche, the go- Britannic majesty, fufficiently vicvernor general.

tualled, to carry to the Granades

the above-mentioned regular troops, PReliminary article. A fufpen. and their officers, and commanders;

fion of arms shall be agreed up- with the four pieces of cannon, on for 15 days ; at the expiration arms, baggage, and, in general, all of which the following capitulation the effects of the said officers and Thall take place, if no succour ar- troops. Granted, to France rives.-Twenty-four hours will be only. allowed the general to accede to the Árt. III. Mr. Rouille, governor terms offered, from the time Messrs.

of Martinico, the king's lieutenants de Bournan and Delatouche shall of the said island, the officers of the be set on shore at St. Peter's ; and, itaff, engineers and fub-engineers, if accepted of, the troops of his Bri- shall return to France in the vessels, tannic majefty shall be immediately and at the charge of his Britannic put in poffeffion of such forts and majesty. -Granted.


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