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jesty desiring most fincerely to con- which might have retarded the concur in the speedy re-establishment clusion of the said treaty. We the of peace, accedes, în vertue of the underwritten, ambassador and mipresent act, to the faid definitive nister plenipotentiary of his most treaty and separate articles, as they Faithful majesty, declare, that the are above transcribed, without any alternative observed, on the part

of reserve or exception, in the firm the king of Great Britain, and the confidence that every thing that is moft Chriftian king, with the most promised to his faid majesty, will Faithful king, in the act of accelbe bona fide fulfilled, declaring at

fion of the court of Portugal, was the same time, and promising to granted by their Britannic and most fulfil, with equal fidelity, all the Christian majefties, solely with a articles, clauses, and conditions, view to facilitate the conclusion of which concern him. On his fide, the definitive treaty, and by that his Britannic majesty accepts the means, the more speedily to consopresent accession of his moft Faith- lidare so important and so falutary a ful majesty, and promises likewisc work; and that this complaisance to fulfil, without any reserve or ex- of their Britannic and most Chriftian ception, all the articles, clauses, majefties shall not be made any preand conditions, contained in the cedent of for the future; the court faid definitive treaty and separate of Portugal Thall not alledge it as articles above inserted. The rati- an example in their favour; fhall fications of the present treaty shall derive therefrom no right, title, or be exchanged in the space of one pretension, for any caule, or under month, to be computed from this any preterice whatsoever. day, or sooner if it can be done. In witness whereof, We, ambassa

In witness whereof, We, ambal- dor and minister plenipotentiary of fadors and ministers plenipotentiary his most Faithful majesty, duly auof his Britannic majesty, and of his thorized for this purpose, have most Faithful majesty, have signed signed the present declaration, and the present act, and have caused the have caused the seal of our arms to seal of our arms to be


be put thereto. Done at Paris the roth of Fe- Done at Paris the roth of Februbruary, 1763

ary, 1763 (L.S.) BEDFORD, C.P.S.

MARTIN de Mello & CASTRO. (L.S.) De Mello & Castro.

(L. S.) Declaration of his most Faithful ma- The following preliminary arti

jesty's ambassador and minister ple- cles and declaration were omitted nipotentiary, with regard to the in the definitive treaty, as the artialternating with Great Britain cles were already complied with, and France.

and the peace then agreed upon

between the empress queen and the WHEREAS on the conclusion king of Poland on the one hand,

of the negotiation of the de- and the king of Pruília on the finitive treaty, signed at Paris the other, rendered the declaration in10th day of February, a difficulty different. arose as to the order of figning,

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XIII. After the ratification of the Done at Fontainbleau the 3d day preliminaries, France shall evacuate, of November, 1762. as soon as it can be done, che for

CHosseul, Duc de Prallin. treffes of Cleves, Wesel, and Guel

(L. S.) dres, and in general all the coun

The ftipulations relative to Duntries belonging to the king of Prufsia; and, at the same time, the Bri- kirk and the East Indies, stood as

follows in the preliminaries. tith and French armies shall evacuate all the countries whịch they kirk thall be put into the state fixed

V. The town and port of Dunoccupy, in Westphalia, Lower Saxony, on the Lower Rhine, the Up- pelle, and by former treaties : the

by the late treaty of Aix la Chaper Rhine, and in all the empire ;

cunette shall remain as it now is, and each shall retire into the domi. nions of their respective sovereigns : provided that the

English engineers, and their Britannic and most Chri

, ftian majesties further engage, and

and received at Dunkirk by order promise, not to furnish any luccour, of his moft Christian majeily, verify, promise, not to furnish any fuccour, that this cunette is only of use for of any kind, to their respective al

the wholesomeness of the air, and lies, who shall continue engaged in

the health of the inhabitants. the present war in Germany.

X. In the East Indies, Great Bri. XIV. The towns of Oltend and

tain shall restore en France the seve. Nieuport shall be evacuated by his most Christian majesty's troops, im

ral comptoirs which that crown had,

on the coast of Coromandel, as well mediately after the fignature of the

as on that of Malabar, and also in present preliminaries.

Bengal, at the commencement of

hostilities between the two compaDeclaration, signed at Fontainbleau; nies in the year 1749, in the con

the 3d of November, 1762, by the dition in which they now are, on French plenipotentiary.

condition that his most Chriftian HIS IS moft Christian majesty de- majefty renounces the acquisitions

which he has made on the coast of clares, that in agreeing to the Coromandel, since the said comXIIIth article of the preliminaries,

mencement of hoftilities between signed this day, he does not mean to renounce the right of acquitting the two companies in the year 1749. his debts to his allies; and that the And as to the limits of the Engremittances made on his part, in lifh and French, and their Indian order to acquit the arrears that may allies in these countries, they were be due on the subsidies of preceding not exactly inarked out as they now years, are not to be considered as are in the declaration annexed to an infraction of the said article.

the definitive treaty. In witness whereof, I, the under- There, with his most Christian written minister plenipotentiary of majesty's obliging himself

, in the his moft Chriftian majesty, have definitive treaty, to discharge the figned the present declaration, and debts due by him to his Canadian have caused the seal of my arms to subjects, form all the difference bebe put thereto.

tween said treaty and the prelimi. naries.

Ву ring the late troubles, by either By the K ING. party, of what nature soever; so

that there shall be no farther menGEORGE R.

tion made of them, nor any comWHEREAS a definitive treaty of pensation demanded, under any pre

peace and friendship between tence, or apon any confideration us, the most Christian king, and whatsoever. The respective fubthe king of Spain, to which the jects of each power shall never be king of Portugal hath acceded, hath molested upon that account, but been concluded at Paris on the 10th shall fully enjoy, this amnesty, and day of this inftant March; in con- all its consequences, notwithstanda formity thereunto, we have thought ing the avocatory letters which have fit hereby to command, that the been issued and published. All same be published throughout all confiscations shall be entirely taken our dominions : And we do de- off; and such goods as have been clare to all our loving subjects our confiscated or fequeftered, fall will and pleasure, that the faid be restored to the proprietors, who treaty of peace and friendship be were in possession of them before observed inviolably, as well by sea these last troubles. and land, and in all places whatso- III. Both parties renounce all ever; strictly charging and com- claims on each other's dominions or manding all our loving subjects to territories (particularly the empress take notice hereof, and to conform queen renounces all claim to those themselves thereunto accordingly. which were ceded to the king of Given at our court at St. James's, Prussia by the preliminary articles

the 21st day of March, 1763, of Breslau and the treaty of Berlin)
in the chird

of our reign.

and also all indemnification for daGOD save the KIN G. mages suffered during the lat war..

IV. All hostilities hall entirely

ceale on both sides, from the day of The definitive treaty of peace bet ween the fignature of the present treaty of

the empress queen and the king of peace. For this end the necesiary Frussia, is in substance as "foi orders shall be immediately diflorus.

patched to the armies and troops of

the two high contracting parties, ARTICLE I. wheresoever they may be; and in

cafe, through ignorance of what THERE hall be henceforth an has been ftipulated in this respect,

inviolable and perpetual peace, any hostilities shall have been comand sincere union, and perfect mitted after the day of the fignafriendship, between the Apostolic ture of the present treaty, they empres; queen on the one part, and fall not be deemed to affect this the king of Prussia on the other, treaty in any manner; and in this their heirs and successors.

case, the men and effects, which II. There shall be on both sides may have been taken and carried an eternal oblivion, and a general away, Ahall be faithfully restored. amnesty of all hoftilities, loffes, da- V. Her A poítolic majetty, the mages, and wrongs, committed du empress queen of Hungary and Bo

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hemia, shall withdraw her troops be, as well as all demands of re, from all the countries and states of cruits, pioneers, waggons, horses, Germany, which are not under her and in general, the things furnishdominion, within the space of 21 ed upon account of war, shall cease days after the exchange of the rati- from the day of the signature of fications of the present treaty ; and the present treaty, and every thing within the same term he shall cause that shall be exacted, taken, or reto be entirely evacuated, and re- ceived, after this epoch, shall be ftored to his majesty the king of restored punctually and without dePrussia, the county of Glatz, and, lay. in general, all the ftates, countries, Each party shall renounce all artowns, places, and fortresses, which rears whatsoever of contributions his Prussian majetty posseffed before and deliveries. The bills of exthe present war in Silefia, or else- change, or other written promises, where, and which have been occu- which have been given on either pied by the troops of her Apostolic fide respecting theie matters, shall majesty the empress queen of Hun

be delared void and of none effect, gary and Bohemia, or by those of and shall be restored gratis to those her friends and allies, during the who gaye

them. The hostages course of the present war. The also, which have been taken or fortresses of Glatz, Wesel, and given, with regard to the same, Gueldres, shall be restored to his shall be released without ransom : Pruffian majesty in the same ftate, every thing above-mentioned shall with regard to the fortifications in take place immediately after the exwhich they were, and with the ar: change of the ratifications of the tillery that was found therein when present treaty. they were taken. His majesty the VII. All prisoners of war shall king of Prussia shall withdraw, with be reciprocally and faithfully rein the same space of 21 days after stored, without ransom, and withthe exchange of the ratifications of out regard to their number, or mithe present treaty, his troops from litary rank, on their paying how. all the countries and states of Ger- ever previoully the debts which they many, which are not under his do- hall have contracted during their minion; and he shall evacuate and captivity. Each party shall mutyalrestore, on his fide, all the states, ly renounce what has been furnished countries, towns, places, and for- or advanced to them for their alliita tresses, of his majesty the king of ance and maintenance; and the Poland elector of Saxony, agree- fame proceeding, in all respects, ably to the treaty of peace, which shall be observed with regard to the has been concluded this fame day fick and wounded immediately after between their majesties the kings of their recovery.

To this purpose, Prussia and Poland ; so that the re- each party shall name generals or ftitution and evacuation of the pro- commissioners, who shall, immedivinces, towns, and fortresses re- ately after the exchange of the ratispectively occupied, shall be made fications, proceed, in the places that at one and the same time.

shall be agreed upon, to the exVI. The contributions and deli- change of all the prisoners of war. yeries, of what nature soever they Every thing that is ftipulated in thiş


article fhall equally take place with

XV. The two contracting powers respect to the states of the empire, shall renew article IX. and the sein consequence of the general ftipu- parate article of the treaty of Berlation contained in the XIXth ar- lin, relative to the debts on Silesia. ticle. But as his majesty the king XVI. The two powers mutually of Prussia, and the states of the guaranty the whole of each other's empire have themselves fubfifted and dominions ; those belonging to the maintained their respective prisoners empress queen out of Germany exof war, and as, upon this account, cepted. some individuals may have made XVII. The king of Poland shall advances, the high contracting par- be comprehended in this treaty on ties do not mean to derogate, by the footing of his treaty of this day the above ftipulations, from the with the king of Pruslia. pretensions of the said individuals XVIII. The king of Prussia will in this respect.

renew his convention with the elecVIII. The subjects of either party tor Palatine in 1741, relative to Juforced to enter into the service of liers and Bergue. the other, shall be discharged. XIX. The whole empire is com

IX. The empress queen shall re- prised in the ftipulations of the IId. turn all the deeds, writings, and ÎVth, Vth, Vith, and VII articles. Jetters belonging to the places re- And by virtue thereof, all the princes stored to the king of Prussia. and states shall fully enjoy the effects

X. The inhabitants of the county of the said ftipulations. And whatand city of Glatz shall be at liberty soever, is therein ftipulated and ato remove with their effects, in two greed on between her majesty the years, without paying any duty.

empress queen of Hungary and BoXI. The king of Prussia thall hemia, and his majesty the king of confirm the nomination made by Prussia, shall take place equally and the empress queen during the war reciprocally between their faid mato vacant benefices, and to places in jefties and all the princes and ftates the excise, in the duchies of Cleves of the empire. The peace of Westand Gueldres.

phalia, and all the other conftituXII. The preliminaries of Bref- tions of the empire, are likewise lau, June 11, 1742, the treaty of confirmed by the present treaty of Berlin, July 28, 1742, the recès of

peace. the limits of 1742, the treaty

of Dresden, Dec. 28, 1745, where they are not derogated froin by this treaty, are renewed and confirmed. Papers relating to the conqueft of

Martinico. XÍII. The two parties purpose to settle a treaty of commerce as

Articles of capitulation of the citadel foon as poflible; and in the mean

of Fort Royal, in ihe island of time will favour the commerce be

Martinico, the 4th of February, tween their countries.

1762. i XIV. The Roman Catholic re

ARTICLE I. ligion shall be preserved in Silesia; THE commanding officer of the as by the treaty of Dresden, and all citadel shall march out at the other privileges of the subjects. head of the garrison, composed of


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