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jefty defiring moft fincerely to concur in the speedy re-establishment of peace, accedes, in vertue of the prefent act, to the faid definitive treaty and separate articles, as they are above tranfcribed, without any referve or exception, in the firm confidence that every thing that is promised to his faid majefty, will be bona fide fulfilled, declaring at the fame time, and promifing to fulfil, with equal fidelity, all the articles, claufes, and conditions, which concern him. On his fide, his Britannic majefty accepts the prefent acceffion of his moft Faithful majefty, and promifes likewife to fulfil, without any referve or exception, all the articles, claufes, and conditions, contained in the faid definitive treaty and feparate articles above inferted. The ratifications of the prefent treaty fhall be exchanged in the fpace of one month, to be computed from this day, or fooner if it can be done.

In witness whereof, We, ambaffadors and minifters plenipotentiary of his Britannic majefty, and of his moft Faithful majefty, have figned the present act, and have caufed the feal of our arms to be thereto. put Done at Paris the 10th of February, 1763.

(L. S.) BEDFORD, C. P. S. (L. S.) De MELLO & CASTRO.

Declaration of his moft Faithful majefty's ambafador and minifter plenipotentiary, with regard to the alternating with Great Britain

and France.

WHEREAS on the conclufion of the negotiation of the definitive treaty, figned at Paris the 10th day of February, a difficulty arofe as to the order of figning,

which might have retarded the conclufion of the faid treaty. We the underwritten, ambaffador and minifter plenipotentiary of his mot Faithful majefty, declare, that the alternative obferved, on the part of the king of Great Britain, and the moft Chriftian king, with the most Faithful king, in the act of acceffion of the court of Portugal, was granted by their Britannic and most Chriftian majefties, folely with a view to facilitate the conclufron of the definitive treaty, and by that means, the more fpeedily to confolidate fo important and fo falutary a work; and that this complaifance of their Britannic and moft Chriftian majefties fhall not be made any precedent of for the future; the court of Portugal fhall not alledge it as an example in their favour; fhall derive therefrom no right, title, or pretenfion, for any caufe, or under any pretence whatsoever.

In witness whereof, We, ambaffador and minister plenipotentiary of his mot Faithful majefty, duly authorized for this purpofe, have figned the prefent declaration, and have caufed the feal of our arms to be put thereto.

Done at Paris the 10th of February, 1763.


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XIII. After the ratification of the preliminaries, France fhall evacuate, as foon as it can be done, the fortreffes of Cleves, Wefel, and Gueldres, and in general all the countries belonging to the king of Pruffia; and, at the fame time, the Bri-kirk tish and French armies fhall evacuate all the countries which they occupy, in Weftphalia, Lower Saxony, on the Lower Rhine, the Upper Rhine, and in all the empire; and each fhall retire into the domi

nions of their respective fovereigns: and their Britannic and moft Chriftian majesties further engage, and promife, not to furnish any fuccour, of any kind, to their refpective allies, who fhall continue engaged in the prefent war in Germany.

XIV. The towns of Oftend and Nieuport fhall be evacuated by his moft Chriftian majefty's troops, immediately after the fignature of the prefent preliminaries.

IS moft Chriftian majefty de-
clares, that in agreeing to the
XIIIth article of the preliminaries,
figned this day, he does not mean
to renounce the right of acquitting
his debts to his allies; and that the
remittances made on his part, in
order to acquit the arrears that may
be due on the fubfidies of preceding
years, are not to be confidered as
an infraction of the faid article.

X. In the East Indies, Great Britain shall restore tn France the feveral comptoirs which that crown had, on the coaft of Coromandel, as well as on that of Malabar, and alfo in Bengal, at the commencement of hostilities between the two compa

Declaration, figned at Fontainbleau, nies in the year 1749, in the conthe 3d of November, 1762, by the French plenipotentiary.

dition in which they now are, on condition that his moft Chriftian

In witnefs whereof, I, the underwritten minifter plenipotentiary of his moft Chriftian majefty, have figned the prefent declaration, and have caufed the feal of my arms to be put thereto.

Done at Fontainbleau the 3d day of November, 1762.

CHOISEUL, Duc de Pralin. (L. S.)

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The ftipulations relative to Dunand the East Indies, stood as follows in the preliminaries.

kirk fhall be put into the ftate fixed V. The town and port of Dunby the late treaty of Aix la Chapelle, and by former treaties: the cunette hall remain as it now is, provided that the English engineers, and received at Dunkirk by order by his majesty, of his moft Chriftian majefly, verify, that this cunette is only of ufe for the wholesomeness of the air, and the health of the inhabitants.

majefty renounces the acquifitions

which he has made on the coast of

Coromandel, fince the faid commencement of hoftilities between the two companies in the year 1749.

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By the K IN G. GEORGE R.

WHEREAS a definitive treaty of peace and friendship between us, the moft Chriftian king, and the king of Spain, to which the king of Portugal hath acceded, hath been concluded at Paris on the 10th day of this inftant March; in conformity thereunto, we have thought fit hereby to command, that the fame be published throughout all our dominions: And we do declare to all our loving fubjects our will and pleasure, that the faid treaty of peace and friendship be observed inviolably, as well by fea and land, and in all places whatsoever; ftrictly charging and commanding all our loving fubjects to take notice hereof, and to conform themselves thereunto accordingly.

Given at our court at St. James's,

the 21st day of March, 1763, in the third year of our reign. GOD fave the KING.

The definitive treaty of peace between the empress queen and the king of Fruffia, is in fubftance as fol



THERE fhall be henceforth an inviolable and perpetual peace, and fincere union, and perfect friendship, between the Apoftolic emprefs queen on the one part, and the king of Pruffia on the other, their heirs and fucceffors.

II. There fhall be on both fides an eternal oblivion, and a general amnesty of all hoftilities, loffes, damages, and wrongs, committed du

ring the late troubles, by either party, of what nature foever; fo that there fhall be no farther mention made of them, nor any com

penfation demanded, under any pre

tence, or upon any confideration whatfoever. The refpective fubjects of each power fhall never be molefted upon that account, but fhall fully enjoy, this amnefty, and all its confequences, notwithstanding the avocatory letters which have been iffued and published. All confifcations fhall be entirely taken off; and fuch goods as have been confifcated or fequeftered, fhall be restored to the proprietors, who were in poffeffion of them before thefe laft troubles.

III. Both parties renounce all claims on each other's dominions or territories (particularly the empress queen renounces all claim to those which were ceded to the king of Pruffia by the preliminary articles of Breflau and the treaty of Berlin) and alfo all indemnification for damages fuffered during the laft war..

IV. All hoftilities fhall entirely ceafe on both fides, from the day of the fignature of the prefent treaty of peace. For this end the neceffary orders fhall be immediately dif patched to the armies and troops of the two high contracting parties, wherefoever they may be; and in cafe, through ignorance of what has been ftipulated in this refpe&t,. any hoftilities fhall have been committed after the day of the fignature of the prefent treaty, they fhall not be deemed to affect this treaty in any manner; and in this cafe, the men and effects, which may have been taken and carried away, fhall be faithfully reflored.

V. Her Apoftolic majefty, the empress queen of Hungary and Bo[R] 4 hemia,

hemia, fhall withdraw her troops from all the countries and ftates of Germany, which are not under her dominion, within the space of 21 days after the exchange of the ratifications of the prefent treaty; and within the fame term he fhall caufe to be entirely evacuated, and reftored to his majesty the king of Pruffia, the county of Glatz, and, in general, all the ftates, countries, towns, places, and fortreffes, which his Pruffian majefty poffeffed before the prefent war in Silefia, or elfewhere, and which have been occupied by the troops of her Apoftolic majesty the emprefs queen of Hungary and Bohemia, or by thofe of her friends and allies, during the course of the prefent war. The fortreffes of Glatz, Wefel, and Gueldres, fhall be reftored to his Pruffian majefty in the fame ftate, with regard to the fortifications in which they were, and with the artillery that was found therein when they were taken. His majefty the king of Pruffia fhall withdraw, with in the fame space of 21 days after the exchange of the ratifications of the prefent treaty, his troops from

all the countries and ftates of Ger

many, which are not under his dominion; and he shall evacuate and restore, on his fide, all the ftates, countries, towns, places, and fortreffes, of his majesty the king of Poland elector of Saxony, agreeably to the treaty of peace, which has been concluded this fame day between their majefties the kings of Pruffia and Poland; fo that the reftitution and evacuation of the provinces, towns, and fortreffes refpectively occupied, fhall be made at one and the fame time.

VI. The contributions and deliyeries, of what nature foever they

be, as well as all demands of recruits, pioneers, waggons, horses, and in general, the things furnished upon account of war, fhall ceafe from the day of the fignature of the prefent treaty, and every thing that fhall be exacted, taken, or received, after this epoch, fhall be reflored punctually and without delay.

Each party fhall renounce all arrears whatsoever of contributions and deliveries. The bills of exchange, or other written promises, which have been given on either fide refpecting these matters, fhall be delared void and of none effect, and fhall be restored gratis to those who gave them. The hostages alfo, which have been taken or given, with regard to the fame, fhall be releafed without ranfom: every thing above-mentioned fhall take place immediately after the exchange of the ratifications of the present treaty.

VII. All prifoners of war fhall be reciprocally and faithfully reftored, without ranfom, and without regard to their number, or military rank, on their paying however previously the debts which they fhall have contracted during their captivity. Each party fhall mutually renounce what has been furnished or advanced to them for their affistance and maintenance; and the fame proceeding, in all refpects, fhall be obferved with regard to the fick and wounded immediately after their recovery. To this purpose, each party shall name generals or commiffioners, who fhall, immediately after the exchange of the ratifications, proceed, in the places that hall be agreed upon, to the exchange of all the prifoners of war. Every thing that is ftipulated in this article

article fhall equally take place with refpect to the states of the empire, in confequence of the general ftipulation contained in the XIXth article. But as his majefty the king of Pruffia, and the ftates of the empire have themselves fubfifted and maintained their respective prisoners of war, and as, upon this account, fome individuals may have made advances, the high contracting parties do not mean to derogate, by the above stipulations, from the pretenfions of the faid individuals in this refpect.

VIII. The fubjects of either party forced to enter into the fervice of the other, fhall be discharged.

IX. The empress queen fhall return all the deeds, writings, and letters belonging to the places reftored to the king of Pruffia.

X. The inhabitants of the county and city of Glatz fhall be at liberty to remove with their effects, in two years, without paying any duty.

XI. The king of Pruffia fhall confirm the nomination made by the empress queen during the war to vacant benefices, and to places in the excise, in the duchies of Cleves and Gueldres.

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XIX. The whole empire is comprifed in the ftipulations of the IId. IVth, Vth, VIth, and VII articles. And by virtue thereof, all the princes and states shall fully enjoy the effects of the faid ftipulations. And whatfoever is therein ftipulated and agreed on between her majesty the emprefs queen of Hungary and Bohemia, and his majesty the king of Pruffia, fhall take place equally and reciprocally between their faid majefties and all the princes and ftates of the empire. The peace of Westphalia, and all the other constitutions of the empire, are likewise confirmed by the present treaty of peace.

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