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fairs to settle there, shall have lic XX. In consequence of the reftiberty to sell their lands, and their tution ftipulated in the preceding estates, to settle their affairs, to re- article, his Catholic majesty cedes cover their debts, and to bring and guaranties, in full right, to his away their effects, as well as their Britannic majesty, Florida, with fort persons, on board vessels which they St. Augustin, and the bay of Penfahall be permitted to send to the cola, as well as all that Spain pofsaid island restored as above, and fesses on the continent of North which shall serve for that use only, America, to the east, or to the without being restrained on account south east, of the river Miflifippi ; of their religion, or under any other and, in general, every thing that pretence whatsoever, except that of depends on the faid countries and debts, or of criminal prosecutions; lands, with the sovereignty, proand for this purpose, the term of perty, poffeffion, and all rights, eighteen months is allowed to his acquired by treaties or otherwise, Britannic majesty's subjects, to be which the Catholic king, and the computed from the day of the ex- crown of Spain, have had, till now, change of the ratifications of the over the said countries, lands,places, present treaty: but, as the liberty and other inhabitants ; so that the granted to his Britannic majesty's Catholic king cedes and makes over fubjects, to bring away their per- the whole to the faid king, and to sons, and their effects, in vessels of the crown of Great Britain, and their nation, may be liable to that in the most ample manner and abuses, if precautions were not ta- form. His Britannic majesty agrees, ken to prevent them ; it has been on his side, to grant to the inhabiexprelly agreed, between his Britan- tants of the countries, above ceded, nic majesty and his Catholic majesty, the liberty of the Catholic religion: that the number of English vessels, he will consequently give the most which shall have leave to go to the express and the most effectual orsaid island restored to Spain, shall ders, that his new Roman Catholic be limited, as well as the number of subjects may profess the worship of tons of each one; that they shall go their religion, according to the in ballait ; shall set sail at a fixed rites of the Romish church, as far time; and shall make one voyage

as the laws of Great Britain permit: only; all the effects, belonging to his Britannic majefty further agrees, the English, being to be embarked that the Spanish inhabitants, or at the same time. It has been fur- others who have been subjects of the ther agreed, that his Catholic ma- Catholic king in the said countries, jesty mall cause the necessary paff- may retire, with all safety and freeports to be given to the said vessels; dom, wherever they think proper; that, for the greater security, it and may fell their eftates, provided Thall be allowed to place two Spa- it be to his Britannic majesty's subnish clerks, or guards, in each of the jees, and bring away their effects, faid vessels, which shall be visited in as well as their persons, without the landing places, and ports of the being restrained in their emigrafaid island restored to Spain, and tions, under any pretence whatsothat the merchandize, which shall ever, except that of debts, or cribe found therein, shall be confis. minal prosecutions : the term, licated.


mited for this emigration, being tannic and most Faithful majesties, fixed, to the space of eighteen as well as by those of their most months, to be computed from the Christian and Catholic majesties, day of the exchange of the ratifica- which are not included in the pretion of the present treaty. It is sent treaty, either under the title of moreover stipulated, that his Catho- ceffions, or under the title of restilic majesty shall have power to cause tutions, shall be restored without all the effects, that may belong to difficulty, and without requiring him, to be brought away, whether any compensation. it be artillery, or other things. XXIV. As it is neceffary to aflign

XXI. The French and Spanish a fixed epoch for the restitutions, troops shall evacuate all the territo- and the evacuations, to be made by ries, lands, towns, places, and ca- each of the high contracting parties; Ales, of his most Faithful majesty, it is agreed, that the British and in Europe, without any reserve, French troops shall compleat, bewhich shall have been conquered by fore the 15th of March next, all the armies of France and Spain, and that shall remain to be executed of shall restore them in the same con- the XlIth and XIIIth articles of the dition they were in when conquered, preliminaries, figned the 3d day with the same artillery, ammuni. of November lait, with regard to tion, which were found there : and the evacuation to be made in the with regard to the Portuguese co- empire, or elsewhere. The inand lonies in America, Africa, or in the of Belleille shall be evacuated fix East Indies, if any change shall weeks after the exchange of the ra. have happened there, all things tifications of the present treaty, or shall be restored on the same foot- sooner if it can be done. Guadaing they were in, and conformably loupe, Desirade, Maria Galante, to the preceding treaties, which sub- Martinico, and St. Lucia, three fifted between the courts of France, months after the exchange of the Spain, and Portugal, before the ratifications of the present treaty, , present war.

or sooner if it can be done. Great XXII. All the papers, letters, do- Britain shall likewise, at the end of cuments, and archives, which were three months after the exchange of found in the countries, territories, the ratifications of the present treaty, towns, and places, that are restor- or sooner if it can be done, enter ed, and those belonging to the into possession of the river and port countries ceded, shall be, respectively of the Mobile, and of all that is to and bona fide, delivered, or furnished form the limits of the territory of at the same time, if possible, that Great Britain, on the side the possession is taken, or, at latest, river Missisippi, as they are specified four months after the exchange of in the VIIth article. The ifland of the ratifications of the present treaty, Goree shall be evacuated by Great in whatever places the said papers Britain, three months after the exor documents may be found. change of the ratifications of the

XXIII. All the countries and present treaty; and the island of territories, which may have been Minorca, by France, at the same conquered, in whatsoever part of epoch, or sooner if it can be done : the world, by the arms of their Bri. and according to the VIth article, Vol. V.



France thall likewise enter into pol j. Hy in Germary, aro in iaded and fefion of the islands of St. Peter, guarantied by the present treaty of and of Miquelon, at the end of peace. three months after the exchange of XXVI. Their sacred Britannic, the ratifications of the present treatv. moft Chritiar, Catholic, and most The factories in the East Indies sha!! Fai:htul majetties, promise to obbe reitored fx months after the ex- ferve, fincerely, and bina fide, ail charge of the ratifications of the the articles contained and settled in prelent treaty, or footer if it can the present creaty; and they will be done. The furtreis of the Ha- not fuffer the fame to be infringed, vanna, with all that has been con- directly or indirectly, by their requered in the island of Cuba, thall spective fubjects; and the faid high be restored three months after the contrasting parties, generally and exchange of the ratifications of the reciprocally, guaranty to each other preient treaty, or fooner if it can all the stipulations of the present be done : and, at the same time, treaty. Great Britain ihall enter into pof- XXVII. The folemn ratifications feffion of the country ceded by of the present treaty, expedited in Spain, according to the XXth are good and due form, thall be exticle. All the places and countries changed in this city of Paris, beof his most Faithful majesty, in tween the high contracting parties, Europe, shall be restored imme- in the space of a month, or fooner diately after the exchange of the if posible, to be computed from ratifications of the present treaty; the day of the fignature of the preand the Portuguefe colonies, which fent treaty. may have been conquered, fall be In witness whereof, We the unrestored in the space of three derwritten, their ambassadors extramonths in the West Indies, and of ordinary and ministers plenipotenfix months in the East Indies, after tiary, have figned with our hand, the exchange of the ratifications of in their name, and in virtue of our the present treaty, or fooner if it fall powers, the present definitive can be done. All the fortresses, treaty, and have caused the seal of the restitution whereof is fipulated our arms to be put thereto. above, shall be restored with the Done at Paris the 10th of Feartillery and ammunition, which bruary, 1763. were found there at the time of the (L. S.) BEDFORD, C. P.S. conqueft. In confequence whereof, (L.S.) CHOISEUL, Duc de Praslin, the necessary orders thall be sent by (L. S.) El Marq. de GRIMALDI. each of the high contracting parties, with reciprocal passports for

SEPARATE ARTICLES. the ships that shall carry them, immediately after the exchange of the I. SOME of the titles made

use ratifications of the present treaty.

of by the contrading pow. XXV. His Britannic majesty, as ers, either in the full powers, and elector of Brunswic Lunenbourg, as other acts, during the course of the well for himself, as for his heirs negotiation, or in the preamble of and fucceffors, and all the domi- the prefent treaty, not being genenions and poffeffions of his faid ma- rally acknowledged; it has been


agreed, that no prejudice shall ever In witness whereof, We the unresult therefrom to any of the said derwritten ambassadors extraordicontracting parties, and that the nary, and minifters plenipotentiary titles, taken or omitted, on either of their Britannic, most Christian, fide, on occasion of the said nego. and Catholic majesties, have signed tiation, and of the present treaty, the present separate articles, and shall not be cited, or quoted as a

have caused the seal of our arms to precedent.

be put thereto. Il. It has been agreed and deter- Done at Paris the oth of Februmined, that the French language,

ary, 1763. made use of in all the copies of the (L. S.) BedFORD, C. P.S. present treaty, shall not become an (L. S.) CHOISEUL, Duc de Praslin. example, which may be alledged, (L. S.) El Marq. de Grimaldi. or make a precedent of, or prejudice, in any manner, any of the Declaration of his met Christian contracting powers; and that they shall conform themselves, for the

majesty's plenipotentiary, with refuture, to what has been obierved,

gard to the debts due to the Cana

dians. and ought to be observed, with regard to, and on the part of, powers The king of Great Britain bavwho are used, and have a right, to ing desired that the payment of give and to receive copies of like the letters of exchange and bills, treaties in, another language than which had been delivered to the French; the present treaty having Canadians for the necessaries furstill the same force and effect, as if nished to the French troops, should the aforesaid custom had been therein be secured, his most Christian maobserved.

jesty, entirely disposed to render to III. Though the king of Portu- every one that justice which is legal has not ligned the present de- gally due to them, has declared, finitive treaty, their Britannic, most and does declare, that the said bills, Christian, and Catholic majefties, and letters of exchange, shall be acknowledge, nevertheless, that his punctually paid, agreeably to 'a limost Faithful majesty is formally quidation made in a convenient included therein as a contracting time, according to the distance of party; and as if he had exprelly the places, and to what shall be ligned the said treaty: confequently, possible; taking care, however, that their Britannic, most Christian, and the bills, and letters of exchange Catholic majesties, respectively and which the French subjects may have conjointly, promise to his most at the time of this declaration, be - Faithful majesty, in the most ex- not confounded with the bills and press and most binding manner, the letters of exchange, which are in the execution of all and


the poffeffion of the new subjects of the clauses, contained in the said treaty, king of Great Britain. on his act of accession.

In witness whereof, We the anThe present feparate articles shall derwritten minister of his most have the same force as if they were Christian majety, duly authorized inserted in the treaty.

for this purpose, have figned the [R] 2



present declaration, and caused the Christian majesty, and of his Catho- . feal of our arms to be


thereto. lic majesty, having concluded and Done at Paris che roth of Febru- figned at Paris, the rooh of February, 1*63.


of this year, a definitive treaty (L.S.) CHOISEUL, Duc de Praflin. of peace, and separate articles, the

tenor of which is as follows. Declaration of bis Britannic majely's

(Fiat infertio ) ambasador extraordinary and ple- And the said ambassadors and nifotentiary, with regard to the plenipotentiaries having in a friendly limits of Bengal in the East Indies. manner invited the ambassador and

miniiter plenipotentiary of his most WE the underwritten ambassador Faithful majesty to accede thereto

extraordinary and plenipoten- in the name of his faid majesty ; tiary of the king of Great Britain the underwritten ministers plenipoin order to prevent all subject of tentiary, viz. on the part of the dispute on account of the limits of most serene and most potent prince, the dominions of the Subah of Ben- George the Third, by the gal, as well as of the coast of Co- God,

king of Great Britain, France, romandel and Orixa, declare, in the and Ireland, duke of Brunswic and name and by order of his said Britan- Lunenbourg, arch-treasurer and nic majesty, that the said dominions elector of the holy Roman empire, of the Subah of Bengal shall be re- the most illustrious and most excelputed not to extend farther than lent lord, John, duke and earl of Yanaon exclusively, and that Ya- Bedford, marquis of Tavistock, &c. naon shall be considered as included minister of state of the king of in the north part of the coast of Co. Great Britain, lieutenant general of romandel or Orixa.

his forces, keeper of his privy seal, In witness whereof, &c. We the knight of the most noble order of underwritten minister plenipoten the Garter, and his ambassador extiary of his majesty the king of troardinary and plenipotentiary to Great Britain have signed the pre- his most Christian majesty ; and on fent declaration, and have caused the part of the most serene and most the seal of our arms to be put potent prince, Don Joseph the First, thereto.

by the grace of God, king of PorDone at Paris the 10th of Febru- tugal and of the Algarves, the most ary, 1763.

illustrious and most excellent lord, (L. S.) BEDFORD, C. P. S. Martin de Mello and Caftro, knight

profeffea of the order of Christ, of Accesfion of his mof Faithful mnjesty. his most Faithful majesty's council, In the name of the most holy and un- and his ambassador and minifter

divided Trinity, Father, Son, and plenipotentiary to his most Christian Holy Ghost. So be it.

majesty ; in vertue of their full pow.

ers, which they have communicated BE E it known to all those to whom to each other, and of which copies

it shall, or may belong; The shall be added at the end of the ambasadors and plenipotentiaries of present act, have agreed upon what his Britannic majesty, of his most follows; viz. his most Faithful ma


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