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s. d, malt, granted by act 33 Geo. II. to answer annuities, 49424 0.0 after the rate of 41. per cent. charged thereupon

2. That, to replace to the firking fund, the like fum paid out of the same, to make good the deficiency, on the 5th of July, 1760, of the several rates and duties upon offices and pensions, and upon houses, and upon windows or lights, which were made a fund, by an Ac 31 Geo. Nd. for paying annuities, at the Bank of England, in refpect of five millions, borrowed towards the supply for 1758

72011 6.1.1 3. That, to replace to the finking fund, the like fum paid out of the fame, to make good the deficiency, on the 5th of January, 1760, of the fubfidy of poundage upon certain goods and merchandizes, imported, and an additional inland daty on coffee and chocolate, to answer annuities, after the rate of 31. per cent. charged thereupon, by an act of 32 Geo. IId.

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JANUARY 20. 1. That, to enable his majefty to give a proper compensation to the respective provinces in North America, for the expences incurred by them, in the levying, cloathing, and pay, of the troops raised by the fame, according as the active vigour, and strenuous efforts, of their respective provinces, shall be thought, by his majesty, to merit

2. That, upon account, to be paid to the EastIndia company, towards enabling them to defray the expence of a military force in their settlements, to be maintained by them, in lieu of colonel Adlercron's battalion, withdrawn from thence, and now in Ireland

3. That, upon account of the reduced officers, of his majesty's land forces and marines, for 1761

4. That, for allowances to the feveral officers, and private gentlemen, of the two troops of horse-guards, and regiment of horse, reduced, and to the superanņuated gentlemen of the four troops of horse-guards, -5. That, for paying pensions to the widows of such reduced officers and marines, as died upon the establifhment of half-pay, in Great Britain, and who were married to them before the 25th of December, 1716, for 1761

6. That, upon account, for out-pensioners of Chelfea hospital, for 1761

7: That, upon account," for füpporting and maintaiping the settlement of Nova Scotia, for 1761

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for 1761

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9 8. That,

to so d. 8. That, upon account, for the civil establishment of Georgia, and other incident expences attending the fame, from 24 June, 1760, to 24 June, 1761

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JANUARY 22. That, for defraying the exraordinary expences of his majesty's land-forces, and other services incurred, from 20 November, 1760, to 24 December following, and not provided for by parliament

JANUARY 29. 1. That, to enable his majesty to pay off and discharge such Exchequer bills, as have been made out fince the 10th of December, 1760, by virtue of an act of last session, for paying off the navy debt (beforementioned)and charged upon the first aids, or supplies, to be granted in this session

2. That, for defraying the charge of his majesty's mints, and the coinage of gold and silver monies, ar.d other incident charges of the mints, and thereby to encourage the bringing in of gold and filver to be coined, a revenue, not exceeding 15000l, per ann. be made up, settled, and secured, for seven years, from 1 March, 1761, and until the end of the first feffion of parliament thep next ensuing

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FEBRUARY 9 1. That, upon account, towards enabling the governors and guardians of the foundling-hospital, to maintain and educate such children as were received into the faid hospital, on or before the 25th of March, 1760, from 31 December, 1760, exclufive, to 31 De. cember, 1761, inclusive ; and that the said fum be iffved and paid for the use of the said hospital, without fee or reward, or any deduction whatsoever

2. That, to be employed in maintaining and fupporting the fort of Annamaboo, and the other British forts and settlements upon the coat of Africa

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FEBRUARY 17. That, for discharging the extraordinary expences, not provided for by parliament, of bread, forage, and firewood, furnished by the chancery of war, at Ha. nover, in the years 1757 and 1758, to the Hessian and Pruffian forces, acting in the army in Germany

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d. FEBRUARY 18, 1. That, for the difference between the pay of major-general Anstruther's regiment of foot, on the Bri"titheftablishment, and the sum paid by Ireland for the faid regiment, from 25 December, 1761, both days inclusive, being 365 days; and of feveral aug

an mentations to his majesty's forces, since the estimates for the year 1761 were presented to parliament, from the respective times of the commencement of their establishment, to the 24th of December, 1761, inclufive

22361 11 8 2. That, in addition to the sum of 140,3581. 195. 4d. already granted, for defraying the charge of the embodiod militia of the several counties in South Bri. tain, &c. from 25 December, 1760, to 24 December, 1761, both days inclusive, being 365 days

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FEBRUARY 19. That, upon account, for paying and discharging the debts and wad sect lums, with the necessary expences attendiog 'the payment of the fame, claimed and sustained upon the lands and estate, which became forfeited to the crown, by the attainder of Simon, lord Lovat, or so much of the said debts and fums, as shall be remaining unsatisfied, according to 'the several decrees in that behalf, respectively made by the lords of session, in Scotland, and pursuant to an act of 25 Geo. Ild. intitled, An act for annexing, &c.

FEBRUARY 23: 1. That, to make good the deficiency of the grants, for the service of 1760

2. That, upon account, towards defraying the charge of the pay of the militia of England, when unembodied, and of the cloathing of the part of the Said militia, now unembodied, for one year, beginning 25 March, 1761

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· MARCH 7. 1. That, upon account, to enable his majesty to defray any extraordinary expences of the war, incorsed, or to be incurred, for the service of 1761; and to take all such meafures as may be necessary to disappoint, or defeat, any enterprizes or designs of the enemies, and as the exigency of affairs may require

2. That, on account, towards allting his majesty

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£ to grant a reasonable succour, in money, to the landgrave of Heffe-Caffel, purfuant to treaty

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Sum total of the supplies granted for the service of the year 1761

19616119 19 On the 27th of November, 1760, as foon as these resolutions of the committee of fupply were agreed to, it was refolved, That the house would, next. morning, resolve itself into a committee of the whole house, to consider of ways and means for raising the fupply granted to his majefty; and the said committee being thus established, it was continued to the gth of? March, 1961, in which time it came to the following resolutions, which were agreed to by the house as follow:

NovemBER 29. 1. A resolution, in the asual form, for continuing a land-tax of 4s. in the pound, for a year ensuing, from 25 March, 1761

2037854 19 11 2. Á resolution, in the usaal form, for continuing an annual malt-cax of 6d. per bushel, for a year en-, suing, from 24 June, 1761

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2787854 19 11 December 18. Resolved, 1. That the fum of 12 millions be raised in manner Following ; that is to say, That the sum of 11400000l. be raised by annuities, after the rate of 31. per cent. per, angam, transferrable at the Bank of England, and redeemable by parliament; and that every contributor to the said 11400cool. Thall also be intitled to an annuity of 1l. 2s. 6d. for every 100l. contributed, to continue, for a certain term of 99 years, irredeemable, and co be transferrable at the Bank of England; the said annuities of 3l. per cent. and 11. 2s. 60. per cent. to commence from the 5th day of January, 1761, and to the payable half-yearly, on the 5th day of July, and the 5th day of January, in every year; and that the sum of 600000l. be also raised, by a lottery, attendant on the said annuities, the blanks and prizes whereof to be converted into like 31. per cent. transferrable annuities, at the Bank of England, with the above-mentioned 31. per cent. annuities, to be payable in respect of the faid F140000ool. the said lottery annuities to be payable half-yearly, in like


manner, to commence from the 5th of January, 1762; and that as well the said 3 per cent. annuities, payable in respect of 1140000ol, as the annuities, payable in respect of the said 600,000l. be added to, and made part of, the joint stock of 4 percent, annuities, consolidated at the Bank of. Eogland; that every subscriber thall, on or before the 3d day of January next, make a deposit of 151. per cent. on such sum as he Mall choose to subscribe towards the said sum of 12 mil. lions, with the cashiers of the Bank of England, as a fecurity for his making the future payments, on or before the times herein limited; that is to say,

On the 120000oCl. £. 15 per cent. deposit, on or before the 3d day of January next, on the whole 12 millions,

On the 11400cool. in Annuities. f. 15. per cent. on or before the 28th day of Fe

bruary next. 10 per cent. on or before the 14th day of April next... 10 per cent. on or before the 27th day of May next, 10 per cent. on or before the 23d day of June next. 10 per cent. on or before the 31st day of July next. 10 per cent. on or before the 28th day of August

next. 10 per cent. on or before the 25th day of September

next. io per cent. on or before the 20th day of October next.

On the Lottery for 6ocoool, £. 25 per cent. on or before the 21ff day of March next.

30 per cent. op or before the 29th day of April next. 30 per cent. on or before the 15th day of July next.

Which several fums, fo received, fhall, by the said cashiers, be paid into the receipt of his majesty's Exchequer, to be applied, from time to time, to such services, as fhall then have been voted by this house, in this session of parliament, and not otherwise; and that

every Subscriber,, who shall pay in the whole of, his subscription to the said 11400ocol. on or before the 18th day of September, 1761, thall be allowed a discount, after the rate of 3), per cent, per annum, from the day such subscription shall be lo compleated, to the zoth day of October next; and that all such perfons, as Ihall make their full payments on the said lorcery, shall have their tickets delivered, as soon as they can conveniently be made out,

1. That an additional duty be paid for every barrel of beer, or ale, above fix thillings, the barrel (exclu.

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