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It shall be the duty of the Chairman of the Professorial Board to exercise a general supervision over the discipline of the University.

Every fine shall be paid to the Registrar within forty-eight hours from the time of its imposition. If not so paid, the fine shall be doubled; and if the double fine be not paid within one week from the time when the original fine was imposed, the Registrar shall report the fact to the Professorial Board, in order that suitable means may be taken against the offender for his contumacy.

The Dean of each Faculty shall call upon every student in his Faculty who shall have absented himself from more than ten per cent. of any prescribed course of lectures in any one term, to show sufficient cause for such absence. The Dean shall at his discretion either decide that the cause shown is sufficient, or submit the matter to the Professorial Board for decision. Such students as fail to show sufficient cause for such absence are, under Section 2 of Chapter XIII. of the By-laws, excluded from admission to the Yearly Examinations.

Matriculated students who have lost their places in their own proper year, either by non-attendance at the prescribed courses of lectures, or by failing to pass the required examinations, are not allowed to compete for honours, scholarships, or prizes at subsequent Yearly, Professional, or Degree Examinations unless by express permission of the Professorial Board.

No student in the Faculty of Medicine who has not been specially exempted shall receive a certificate of attendance upon any course of instruction who shall not have been present at sixty per cent. at least of the meetings of the course.


For books allowed to be taken out of the Library.

1.-No person shall be allowed to take books out of the Library but Fellows of the Senate, Professors, and other Public Teachers in the University, Officers of the University, or other persons who shall have obtained this privilege under a special resolution of the Senate, and Graduates having their names on the books of the University, and being resident in Sydney or its suburbs.

2.-No books shall be taken out of the Library except with the sanction of the Librarian, who shall enter in the book kept for the purpose the name of the borrower, the title of the book borrowed, and the date of the loan, and this entry shall be signed at the time by the borrower.

3.-No person shall be allowed to have in his possession at one time more than ten volumes belonging to the Library, but the Library Committee may dispense with this order in any particular case if they shall be of opinion that sufficient reasons have been assigned for such dispensation; such dispensation, however, shall continue in force no longer than to the end of the current quarter, but upon fresh application may be renewed by the same authority.

4. Every one who shall borrow or take any book out of the Library shall return it thither again on demand of the Librarian at any time after the expiration of seven days, and without such demand on or before the next of the four following Quarter Days, viz. :-March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, December 31st, under penalty of two shillings for every folio or quarto, and one shilling for every book of less size; all penalties to be repeated every fortnight till the book be returned, or others of the same edition and equal value be placed in their room, such fortnight being first reckoned from the day on which the Library is re-opened after the Quarter Day. If any of the Quarter Days should fall on a Sunday, or on any other day on which the Library is closed by Rule 20, the day appointed for returning the books shall be the following day.

5.-No book shall be taken out of the Library on the days appointed for the return of books.

6.-Every Professor shall have the privilege of obtaining books for each student attending his lectures, and being a member of the University. Each order for the volumes so obtained shall bear the titles of the books, and be dated and subscribed as follows:

For M.N.,

C.D., Professor.

The books so obtained shall not be taken out of the Library till the day after that on which the Library is re-opened for the Quarter, and they shall be returned at any time after the expiration of seven days, if demanded by the Librarian, and, if not so demanded, not later than the day before the next Quarter Day. The Professor shall be responsible for the books so obtained, and for the penalties under Rule 4; and no student shall have in his possession at one time more than five volumes.

7.-A list of the books omitted to be returned at the end of any Quarter, together with the names of the borrowers, shall be posted up in some conspicuous place in the Library.

8. No person from whom any fine is due to the Library shall be allowed to take out books until such fine has been paid.

9.-If any book be injured or defaced by writing while in the possession of any person taking it out of the Library, he shall be required to replace it by another book of the same edition and of equal value. Persons taking books out of the Library are required to report, without delay, to the Librarian any injury which they may observe in them.

For books not to be taken out of the Library without a countersigned by the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor.


10. Certain printed books, of which a list shall be prepared under the authority of the Library Committee, and kept by the Librarian, shall not be taken out except by a note countersigned by the Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor, nor until the day after that on which the note is presented; and no such note shall be given to any Undergraduate member of the University, nor shall any person have more than five volumes of such books out of the Library at one time. A register shall be kept of all such books taken out of the Library, and of the date on which they are returned; and after the books are returned the plates in them shall forthwith be collated, and the collation be registered; and

until such collation shall have been made, the books shall not be accessible to persons using the Library, nor shall the countersigned note be given up to the persons by whom the books are returned, but in lieu of it an acknowledgment signed by the Librarian or his deputy; and the name of the person by whom the acknowledgment is signed shall also be registered.

11.—The penalties for not returning such books at the Quarter Days shall be double of the penalties prescribed in Rule 4.

For MSS. and Books not allowed to be taken out of the Library.

12.-The Library Committee may cause MSS., books containing collections of prints or drawings, and other documents and books of a nature or value to render such precaution expedient, to be locked up in cases or compartments by themselves. These shall not be taken out of the Library on any pretence whatever; and access to them shall not be allowed, unless the Librarian or some one deputed by him be present. The Librarian himself shall have charge of the keys.

13.—The Library Committee may direct that certain printed books, of which a List shall be kept by the Librarian, shall not be removed from the Library.

14.-Persons desirous of referring to any particular MSS. or scarce printed books shall apply to the Librarian, who, if he see cause, may allow such MSS. or books to be consulted, but not in the compartment in which the MSS. or scarce printed books are kept.

15.-Parts of periodicals, works in progress, pamphlets, &c., until such time as is proper for binding them, shall be kept under such a system of management that they may be produced, if required, after a few minutes' notice, on application being made to the Librarian, by means of an ordinary Library note, so that persons in whose literary researches such works are necessary may consult them in the Library with the consent of the Librarian.

For admission to the Library.

16.-Except on the day when the Library is re-opened for any quarter, those Undergraduates who have obtained a Professor's order for books shall be admitted to the Library for the purpose of selecting their books, or otherwise consulting the Library, during the hour from one to two.

Admission of persons not Members of the University for the purpose of Study and Research.

17.-The Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor may grant an order of admission to the Library for the purpose of study and research to any person who shall produce to him a recommendation from any Fellow of the Senate, or Professor, or any member of the University who shall have been admitted to the degree of M.A. or any higher Degree, stating "that the person recommended is well known to him," and "that he is a fit and proper person to obtain such order." The name of the member of the Senate or the Professor upon whose recommendation any such order of admission shall be granted shall be placed after the name of the person receiving the permission in a list to be suspended at the entrance of the Library.

18. Such persons shall be permitted to use the Library whilst open, except on any days on which the Library is first open for the Quarter, or on any day on which the Library is closed for the Quarter. This admission order shall have effect only until the expiration of the Quarter in which it shall have been granted, and it shall not entitle the holder to have access to lock-up cases.

For Opening and Closing the Library.

19.-For the purpose of allowing the Librarian sufficient time to inspect the books, the Library shall be closed for the first fortnight in the month of January, and also for the two days (excepting Sunday) next after each of the other Quarter Days.

20.-The Library shall be closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

21.-The Library shall be open on Saturdays from ten till one, and other days from ten till three.


In 1885 the sum of £30,000, or thereabouts, was bequeathed to the University by Thomas Fisher, Esq., "to be applied and expended by the Senate for the time being of the University in establishing and maintaining a Library for the use of the University, for which purpose they may erect a building, and may purchase books, and do anything that may be thought desirable for effectuating the purposes aforesaid."


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