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Prize Compositions. 11. The awards made for Prize Compositions wereWentworth Medals for English Essays-Subject: “ The Relations

of Poetry and Philosophy.” Prize for Graduates-D. Cowan, B.A., prox. acc., Elizabeth I. Taylor, B.A.; Prize for

Undergraduates-F. V. Dowling. University Prize for English Verse—Subject: “Mary, Queen of Scots” -J. Le Gay Brereton, B.A.

First Classes at Annual Examinations. 12. The following students were placed in the first class in Honours at the annual examinations, other than the final examinations for degrees :


First Year Examination. LATIN–R. C. Teece, J. J. Walsh, J. Parsons. GREEK—R. C. Teece, J. J. Walsh. GERMAN–G. G. Nicholson, Margaret I. White, Elizabeth J. Read. FRENCH_Margaret I. White, G. G. Nicholson, Elizabeth J. Read. MATHEMATICS—R. W. Hawken (Engineering), J. F. Morris (Engineer

ing), E. C. G. Page, D. T. Sawkins, æq., G. A. Waterhouse (Engineering).

Second Year Examination. LATIN–Isabel M. Fidler, D. P. Evans-Jones. GREEK—D. P. Evans-Jones. FRENCH—Isabel M. Fidler. MATHEMATICS-F. G. Griffiths, B. Jarvie and H. B. Mathews, æq. HISTORY-Elisabeth A. Lance, N. G. S. Pilcher. LOGIC AND MENTAL PHILOSOPHY—N. G. S. Pilcher, F. V. Dowling, and

Ethel N. De Lissa, æq.

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First Year Examination. CHEMISTRY–Mabel J. Graham and A. H. Macintosh, æq., E. V.

Barling, F. G. Griffiths. PHYSICS—A. H. Macintosh. BIOLOGY–Mabel J. Graham, and A. H. Macintosh, æq., E. V. Barling.


First Year Examination.

Second Year Examination. GEOLOGY-W.G. Woolnough.



Beaver. PHYSICS—W. R. Beaver, G. Harker (Science) and J. J. Durack, æq. CHEMISTRY-W. R. Beaver.


Annual Prizes.
13. Annual Prizes were awarded as follows:-

University Prize for Physiography-G. Harker.
Professor MacCallum's Prizes for English Essays-First Year

Margaret I. White and G. G. Nicholson, æq.; Second Year,

F. V. Dowling ; Third Year, H. S. Dettmann.
Professor Anderson's Prizes for Logic and Mental Philosophy—

Second Year, N. G. S. Pilcher; Third Year, D. Wallace.
Professor Wood's Prize for History, Elisabeth A. Lance, prox.

acc., N. G. S. Pilcher.
Professor Haswell's Prize for Zoology-Mabel J. Graham.
Professor Haswell's Prize for Laboratory Notes—E. M. Humphrey.
Dr. Dixson's Prize for Materia Medica and Therapeutics—H. J.

W. Brennand, B.A.
Dr. Wilkinson's Prize for Pathology–J. MacPherson, M.A., B.Sc.
Smith Prize for Physics—W. R. Beaver and G. Harker, æq.
Slade Prize for Practical Chemistry—R. L. Jack.
Professor David's Prizes for Geology-Second Year, W. G.

Woolnough; Third Year, Marion C. Horton.
Collie Prize for Botany–Mabel J. Graham.

Bursaries. 14. The following bursaries were awarded, each consisting of a payment to the student of £50 per annum, or in the case of a half-bursary £25 per annum, for three years, together with exemption from the payment of lecture fees in the Faculty of Arts or that of


Science :
Ernest Manson Frazer Bursary. W. C, Wentworth Bursary

No. I. W. C. Wentworth Bursary No. II. Burdekin
Bursary. Hunter-Baillie Bursary, No. II. J. B. Watt
Exhibition, Walker Bursary No. II. (half). Walker
Bursary No. IV.

Walker Bursary No. V.

The Struth Exhibition for a Medical student was also awarded.

The number of students permitted to attend lectures without paying fees was 52, including 43 State bursaries and holders of the University bursaries. The payments to bursars amounted to £747 10s., and to scholars £915 10s.

Three students of State Training Schools attended at a reduced scale of fees.

Public Examinations. 15. The Junior Public Examination was held in June, in Sydney, and at the following local centres :

NEW SOUTH WALES.--Albury, Armidale, Araluen, Bathurst, Bega, Bourke, Bowral, Braidwood, Brushgrove, Bungendore, Camden, Carcoar, Casino, Cooma, Cootamundra, Cowra, Cudal, Deniliquin, Dubbo, Forbes, Glen Innes, Goulburn, Grafton Grenfell, Hay, Hillston, Hornsby Junction, Inverell, Kempsey (West), Kiama, Lismore, Lithgow, Liverpool, West Maitland, Noama, Molong, Moruya, Mount Victoria, Mudgee, Newcastle, Nowra, Orange, Parkes, Parramatta, Richmond, Singleton, Tamworth, Taree, Temora, Tenterfield, Wagga Wagga, Wellington, Wilcannia, Windsor, Wingham, Wollongong, Yass, and Young

QUEENSLAND.-Brisbane, Bundaberg, Charters Towers, Ipswich, Mackay, Maryborough, Rockhampton, Toowoomba, Townsville, and Warwick.

There were 1,471 candidates, and 859 passed.

16. The Senior Public Examination was held in November, concurrently with an examination for Matriculation Honours and Scholarships in Sydney and at the following local centres :

New SOUTH WALES.—Bathurst, Bowral, Goulburn, Parramatta.

QUEENSLAND.-Brisbane, Ipswich, Maryborough, Rockhampton, Townsville.

There were 119 candidates, and 101 were successful.

17. The prizes for general proficiency in the Senior and Junior Public Examinations were awarded as follows:

John West Medal and Grahame Prize Medal -

Frederick Augustus Todd.

Fairfax Prize for Female Candidates-
Theodora Emilie Johanna Copas.

University Prize for Boys—

John Neville Griffiths.
Fairfax Prize for Girls-

Lilian Mary Armitage and Blanche Jennette Harkess, æq.,

prox. acc., Blanche Vavasour Sandford. 18. Three Law examinations were held similar and equal to that prescribed for Matriculation, for candidates for Articles of Clerkship with Solicitors. At these there were 34 candidates, and 12 passed.

Meetings of Senate. 19. The Senate held eleven ordinary meetings, two special meetings, one adjourned meeting in addition to the annual commemoration, and three meetings of the Conjoint Board, consisting of the Senate of the University and the Board of Directors of the Prince Alfred Hospital.

The attendances of the various Fellows were as follows:-
MacLaurin, the Hon. H. N., M.A., LL.D., M.D., M.L.C.,

Backhouse, His Honor Judge, M.A.; Vice-Chancellor

17 *Anderson, H. C. L., Esq., M.A.

10 Barton, the Hon. E., M.A.

4 Butler, Professor, B.A.

17 Cobbett, Professor, M.A., D.C.L.

15 Cullen, the Hon. W. P., M.A., LL.D.

14 Jones, P. Sydney, Esq., M.D.

16 Knox, Edward W., Esq.

13 Liversidge, Professor, Å.A., LL.D., F.R.S.

15 O'Connor, the Hon. R. E., M.A.

5 *Oliver, Alexander, Esq., M.A.

5 Renwick, the Hon. Sir Arthur, B.A., M.D.

14 Rogers, F. E., Esq., M.A., LL.B., Q.C.

12 Russell, H. C., Esq., B.A., C.M.G., F.R.S.

Scott, Professor, M.A...

+Simpson, His Honor Mr. Justice A. H., M.A.
Stephen, C. B., Esq., M.A.
*Stuart, Professor T. P. Anderson, M.A.

Teece, Richard, Esq., F.I.A...

11 20. Thirty-four meetings of Sub-Committees of the Senate for finance, by-laws, and other matters, were held during the year, the attendance of members being as follows:- The Chancellor

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* Absent on leave.

+ Elected November 20, 1897.

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(the Hon. Dr. MacLaurin), 33; the Vice-Chancellor (His Honor Judge Backhouse), 32; Professor Cobbett, 2; the Hon. Dr. Cullen, 3; Dr. P. Sydney Jones, 6; Edward W. Knox, Esq., 19; Professor Liversidge, 4; Alexander Oliver, Esq., 1; The Hon. Sir Arthur Renwick, 14; H. C. Russell, Esq., 4; Professor Scott, 3; C. B. Stephen, Esq., 12; R. Teece, Esq., 8.

The Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor, in addition, each attended 4 meetings of Faculties.

Vice-Chancellor. 21. The annual election to the office of Vice-Chancellor, in the month of April, resulted in the unanimous re-election of His Honor Judge Alfred Paxton Backhouse, M.A.

Vacancy in the Senate. 22. A vacancy occurred in the Senate through the death in October of the Hon. Sir William Charles Windeyer, M.A., LL.D.

Sir William Windeyer was the first graduate of the University, and he rendered valuable service during his tenure of office as a Fellow of the Senate from 1866 to the time of his death. He was Vice-Chancellor of the University in 1883, and he succeeded Sir William Manning as Chancellor in 1895, resigning that office in 1896, in consequence of his extended absence from the Colony.

The Senate passed the following resolution on the 11th of October:

That the Senate desires to place on record its sense of the great

loss which the University has sustained by the death of the Hon. Sir William Charles Windeyer, M.A., LL.D., and its

sympathy with his widow and family in their bereavement, 23. A Convocation for the election of a Fellow in the room of Sir William Charles Windeyer was held on Saturday, November 20th, and resulted in the election, without opposition, of His Honor Mr. Justice Archibald Henry Simpson, M.A.

Staff Appointments, fc. 24. A vacancy occurred in the beginning of the year through the resignation by Dr. C. J. Martin of the office of Demonstrator of Physiology, in consequence of his appointment as Acting

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