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Founded in 1877 by a bequest of £1100 from Andrew Robertson Cameron, Esq., M.D. Awarded every third year for general proficiency at the Matriculation Examination. £50, tenable for three years.

1893-Mitchell, E. M.

1896-Teece, R. C.


Founded in 1880 by a gift of £1000 from the Freemasons of New South Wales under the Constitution of the Grand Lodge of England, for the endowment of a Scholarship in honour of the District Grand Master of the Order, John Williams, Esq. Awarded for general proficiency at the Matriculation Examination. Competitors must be sons of Freemasons of five years' standing of the United Grand Lodge of New South Wales. If at any time there shall be no candidates for Matriculation eligible to compete for the Scholarship, or if any such candidates fail to show sufficient merit, it will be open to like competition at the First Year Examination. The Scholarship may be held in any Faculty. £50, tenable for three years, provided that the scholar shall so long faithfully pursue his studies in the University, and shall pass the Annual Examinations with credit. Applications for permission to compete for the Scholarship will be received not later than the last day for receiving entries for the Examination for Matriculation Honours and Scholarships. 1893 Strickland, T. P. 1896-Teece, R. C.


Founded in 1886 by a gift of £1000 from George S. Caird, Esq., for the encouragement of the study of Chemistry. Awarded at the Second Year Examination in the Faculty of Science. Candidates must have attended the courses of instruction of the Second Year upon Chemistry and Physics. The Scholar is required to attend the theoretical and practical courses of instruction in Chemistry during the Third Year of the Faculty of Science. £50, tenable for one year.

1891-Fell, J. W.

1894-Simpson, E. S.

1898-Harker, George

* E. C. G. Page did not comply with the regulations for holding the Scholarship.


Founded in 1878 by a bequest of £1000 from James Aitken, Esq., of Grafton, for a Bursary or Scholarship. Up to 1893 it was applied as a Bursary. It is now awarded as a Scholarship for general proficiency at the Matriculation Examination in the years in which the Bowman-Cameron Scholarship is not awarded. £50, tenable for one year.

1894-Dettmann, H. S. 1895-Griffiths, F. G.

1897-Horn, W. R.

Bourne, Eleanor E., prox. acc.

1898-Todd, Frederick A.

18. JAMES KING OF IRRAWANG TRAVELLING SCHOLARSHIP. Founded in 1888 by a bequest of £4000 from William Roberts, Esq., of Penrith, for the Foundation of a Scholarship or Scholarships, in memory of the late James King, of Irrawang, near Raymond Terrace. By the terms of the will, the choice of competitors and the decision of their respective merits are vested in the Senate, acting upon the advice of the Professors of Classics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and Natural History. It has been decided that the sum shall be devoted to the foundation of a Travelling Scholarship, to be called the James King of Irrawang Travelling Scholarship, and to be awarded on the following conditions:

1. The Scholarship shall be awarded to a Graduate of not more than four years' standing, reckoned from his qualification by examination for his first degree.

2. The holder will be required to prosecute his studies or researches to the satisfaction of the Senate, in some approved place or places during the tenure of his Scholarship.

3. The amount of the Scholarship is £150 per annum, tenable for not more than two years.

1889-Newton, H., B.A.

1892-Brennan, C. J., B.A.

1894-Henderson, G. C., B.A. 1896-Smith, G. E., M.D., Ch.M.

1898-Chalmers, S. D., B.A.


Founded in 1887 by a gift of £1000 from John Harris, Esq., then Mayor of Sydney. Awarded for proficiency in Anatomy and Physiology at the Third Year Examination in Medicine. £40, tenable for one year.

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1895-Dixon, G. P.

1896-MacPherson, J., M.A., B.Sc. 1897-Willis, C. S.

1898-Burfitt, W. F., B.A.


Founded in 1889 by a gift of £300 from the Trustees of the subscribers to a Memorial of the late Council of Education for the foundation of a Scholarship to be called the Council of Education Scholarship. Competition for the Scholarship is to be confined to the sons of teachers or officers in the Department of Public Instruction. It is provided by the deed of gift that before any award is made the fund shall be allowed to accumulate until it shall reach such a sum as will provide a Scholarship of not less amount than those already established in the University. It is to be awarded at the Matriculation Examination for general proficiency, but only when the candidates show such proficiency as in the opinion of the Examiners will entitle them to the award of a Scholarship, and is to be tenable for three years. The fund in April, 1898, amounted to £434 2s. 1d. 21.-SCIENCE SCHOLARSHIPS OF HER MAJESTY'S COMMISSIONERS FOR THE EXHIBITION OF 1851.

Given by Her Majesty's Commissioners of the Exhibition of 1851, to be awarded to a student of three years' standing for the prosecution of study and research in any branch of Science with a view of developing the Manufactures and Industries of his country. £150, tenable for two years.

1892-Barraclough, S. H., B.E. 1893-Ledger, W. H., B.E.

1895-Watt, J. A., M.A., B.Sc. 1897 Strickland, Tom P., B.E.


Founded in 1890 by a bequest of £2000 from the Hon. John Frazer, M.L.C. £80.

1. The Scholarship is awarded upon the result of the Third Year Examination in History, combined with such further examination, or other test, as the Professor of History may from time to time deterinine,

2. Those students only are eligible who have just completed their Third Year, and who at the time of the election are qualified for the B.A. Degree.

3. One half of the Scholarship money will be paid to the successful candidate at the time of election. The second half will be paid to him (i.) on his passing an examination qualifying for the Degree of M.A., with Honours in History, within two years of the date of his election, or (ii.) on his having within the same period pursued for at least one year, to the satisfaction of the Senate, some other course of historical study or research.

The Scholarship will be awarded in March, to the student who shows most proficiency in the papers and essays set in connection with the Examination for Honours in the third year.

1893-Henderson, G. C., B.A.

Wearne, Amy I., B.A.,

prox. acc.

1894-Finney, J., B.A.

1896-Doust, Edith L., B.A. Yarnold, A. H., B.A. Murray, Florence J., B.A., prox. acc.


1898-Lance, Elisabeth A., B.A.

Harriott, Georgina J., B.A.. | 1897-Chalmers, S. D., B.A.

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Pilcher, N. G. S., }



The late Edwin Dalton, Esq., of Sydney, by his will in 1875, bequeathed his residuary estate, subject to a life interest on the part of his widow, and an annuity of £75, to the University to found "a Scholarship or Scholarships in commemoration of the late Dr. Woolley, its first Principal and Professor," desiring that the Scholarship or Scholarships so to be founded should "have reference to that branch of teaching or philosophy which the late Dr. Woolley chiefly inculcated." By the death of his widow in 1893 the University became entitled to the residuary estate, amounting to about £8000, subject to the annuity of £75. The regulations for the award of the Scholarship or Scholarships have not yet been made.



A Commission in the British Army is offered annually to a student of this University under the regulations issued with Army Orders, dated 1st January, 1892. These will be found in full in the University Calendar for 1896.

Under the provisions of No. 11 of the Regulations, the the Senate has decided that candidates for a nomination must be Matriculated students who have completed one year in the Faculty of Arts, and passed the First Year Examination, and who have also passed a satisfactory examination in Geometrical Drawing,

After nomination by the Senate the candidate is required to pass in the following September the examination in Military subjects referred to in regulation 13. The War Office will make arrangements for this examination to be held in Sydney. 1896-Johnson, Robert B. I.

1895-Harris, John




Founded in 1858 by a gift of £500 (with accumulations) from Severin Kanute Salting, Esq., to be applied for the promotion of sound learning. Awarded on the recommendation of the Trustees of the Sydney Grammar School to a student proceeding thence to the University. £25, tenable for three years in the Faculty of Arts. 1891-Garnsey, A. H. 1894-Whitfeld, H. E.

1897-Stephen, H. M.


Founded in 1876 by a gift of £1000 from the Honourable John Brown Watt, and two subsequent gifts of £1000 each in 1888 and 1889. The Exhibitions are bestowed on the bursary principle (see p. 160), being not tenable in the Professional Schools, and are awarded to boys or youths who have been for at least three years in private colleges or schools. They are tenable for three years, and entitle the holders to £30 for the first year, £40 for the second, and £50 for the third year. The candidates must have passed with special credit either the Junior or Senior Public Examination. The Exhibition is intended to enable the holder to obtain a course of higher education, either at the University or elsewhere, subject to the direction of the Senate. The complete conditions of award will be found in the Manual of Public Examinations.


Founded in 1883 by a gift of £1000 from John Struth, Esq., for the foundation of an exhibition to assist students of intellectual promise, but whose means are not otherwise sufficient for the purpose, in obtaining a Degree in the Faculty of Medicine. The Exhibition is awarded to a student who has completed the First Year of the Arts course upon the following conditions:

1. The Deans of the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Medicine shall receive a satisfactory assurance that the means of the applicant are insufficient to enable him to proceed with the Medical course without some such pecuniary assistance.

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