Harvard University Bulletin, Volumen 7

Justin Winsor
Library of Harvard University, 1892

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Página 186 - FROM THE CONSTANTIUS FUND Established by Professor EA SOPHOCLES of Harvard University for "the purchase of Greek and Latin books, (the ancient classics) or of Arabic books, or of books illustrating or explaining such Greek, Latin, or Arabic books.
Página 241 - ARBITRATION.— Russell's Treatise on the Duty and Power of an Arbitrator, and the La"w of Submissions and Awards ; with an Appendix of Forms, and of the Statutes relating to Arbitration. By FRANCIS RUSSELL, Esq., MA, Barrister-at-Law.
Página 190 - East and West Florida, the Cherokee country, the extensive territories of the Muscogulges, or Creek confederacy, and the country of the Chactaws; containing an account of the soil and natural productions of those regions, together with observations on the manners of the Indians.
Página 220 - Illustrated Encyclopaedic Medical Dictionary : Being a Dictionary of the Technical Terms used by Writers on Medicine and the Collateral Sciences in the Latin, English, French, and German Languages.
Página 72 - Juan de Trasierra, Nicolas de Ovando, and others, mostly written in America between the years 1500 and 1512; the original manuscripts of Munoz's "Historia del Nuevo Mundo...
Página 268 - Texas, with a Discussion of the General Agricultural Features of the State," Tenth Census of the United States, Vol.
Página 186 - Class of 1815. This fund is $20,000, and of its income three quarters shall be spent for books and one quarter be added to the principal.
Página 107 - Fuertes's Water and Public Health i2mo, i 50 Water-filtration Works. i2mo, 2 50 Ganguillet and Kutter's General Formula for the Uniform Flow of Water in Rivers and Other Channels.
Página 4 - HISTORICAL REFERENCE-BOOK, comprising a Chronological Table of Universal History, a Chronological Dictionary of Universal History, a Biographical Dictionary. With Geographical Notes. For the use of Students, Teachers, and Readers. By Louis HEILPRIN. Fourth edition, revised and brought down to 1893. Crown 8vo. 569 pages. Half leather, $3.00. " One of the most complete, compact, and valuable works of reference yet produced.
Página 295 - LE MOYEN AGE ET LA RENAISSANCE. Histoire et description des mœurs et usages, du commerce et de l'industrie, des sciences, des arts, des littératures et des beaux-arts en Europe.

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