Sancho, or The proverbialist [by J.W. Cunningham].


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Página 159 - By thine Agony and bloody Sweat ; by thy Cross and Passion ; by thy precious Death and Burial ; by thy glorious Resurrection and Ascension ; and by the coming of the Holy Ghost, Good Lord, deliver us.
Página 107 - the eleventh," said the archbishop, " and you " certainly will. — A new commandment I give " unto you, — that ye love one another.
Página 104 - ... and benevolence is more intelligible and pardonable, to arise, and thus to address his countrymen : " ' Peruvians — You are far too precipitate. Consider, I beseech you, the character and circumstances of the persons for whom this privilege is demanded. " ' In the first place, they are civilized nations — they read and write, they sleep in beds, and ride in coaches-- they wear coats and trowsers : who then will say that bark is meant for such persons as these " " 'In the second place, their...
Página 182 - A FAMILIAR EXPOSITION and APPLICATION of the EPISTLE of ST. PAUL to the COLOSSIANS, in a Course of Eight Sermons: including an Examination of the General Nature and Use of the Epistles of the New Testament. To which are subjoined, Two Sermons, on Parts of the Example of Saint Paul.
Página 182 - A FAMILIAR SURVEY of the CHRISTIAN RELIGION, and of History as connected with the Introduction of Christianity, and with its Progress to the present Time. Intended primarily for the Use of Young Persons, of either Sex, during the Course of Public or of Private Education. By the same.
Página 103 - Imagine him to arise amidst the tawny multi102 hide, and, with much feeling and emphasis, to state, that at least sixty millions of people de.pended upon their determination for health and life. At once, I am persuaded, the cry of that multitude would interrupt the pleadings of the orator, and one, and all, would exclaim, ' Give them bark ! give them bark ! and let not an European perish, whom it is possible for a Peruvian to save.
Página 103 - ... exclaim, • Give them bark ! give them bark ! and let not an European perish, whom it is possible for a Peruvian to save.' Thus far all would be well. But conceive, instead of the assembly being permitted to act upon this benevolent decision, some Peruvian, of an age in which the prevalence of policy or mere prudence over justice and benevolence is more intelligible and pardonable, to arise, and thus to address his countrymen: • " ' Peruvians, you are far too precipitate. Consider, I beseech...
Página 105 - Sixthly, when the time comes for the general cure of fevers and agues, 1 have no doubt but the Great Spirit will give us some sign from the mountains. " ' Such, Peruvians, are my reasons for opposing the wish of the speaker ; and whoever promotes it, or opposes me, is a madman, and an enemy both to the incas and the Great Spirit*
Página 102 - Having made my speech, I will own that I F3 101 expected, as the very smallest return, the loud acclamations of the astonished assembly. But a most profound silence ensued ; till a clergyman, who, as I then thought, looked old enough to know better, arose, and thus addressed the assembly: — " Instead, Sir, of replying directly to the reasonings of the speaker who has preceded me, I will simply put another case, and request his decision upon it. Suppose, instead of the present assembly, a thousand...
Página 100 - Heathen, convened a meeting near my aunt's mansion-house, to consider the means of extending to about sixty millions of poor idolatrous Hindoos the knowledge of Christianity. Now, whatever Religion and sound Wisdom might urge upon so plain a point, mere Prudence could not but be alarmed at an attempt, however quiet, to disturb the creed of sixty millions of people. Accordingly, having entered the assembly, I rose, and to the admiration of my aunt, made the following oration. '" I rise, Sir, to oppose...

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