The Percy Anecdotes: Original and Select, Volumen 10

J. Cumberland, 1826

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Página 164 - And, ever and anon, he beat The doubling drum, with furious heat ; And though sometimes, each dreary pause between, Dejected Pity, at his side, Her soul-subduing voice applied, Yet still he kept his wild unaltered mien, While each strained ball of sight seemed bursting from his head.
Página 108 - Even such a man, so faint, so spiritless, So dull, so dead in look, so woe-begone, Drew Priam's curtain in the dead of night...
Página 62 - With a figure of a hat subjoined; but he thought he would submit it to his friends for their amendments. The first he showed it to thought the word "Hatter" tautologous, because followed by the words "makes hats,
Página 18 - ... lay some terriers and the choicest hounds and spaniels; seldom but two of the great chairs had litters of young cats in them which were not to be disturbed, he having always three or four attending him at dinner, and a little white round stick of fourteen inches long lying by his trencher that he might defend such meat as he had no mind to part with to them.
Página 76 - woman, wait till I have done.' — ' No, Sir, I must speak to you immediately.' — 'Why then, what is the matter?' —
Página 5 - ... down to divert himself by giving to the Public the portrait of all the rest. Filled with wrath against the traitor of Rumford, one of them resolved to write to the printer and enquire the author's name; Samuel Johnson, was the reply. No more was necessary; Samuel Johnson was the name of the curate, and soon did each begin to load him with reproaches for turning his friends into ridicule in a manner so cruel and unprovoked. In vain did the guiltless curate protest his innocence ; one was sure...
Página 93 - Behold a proof of Irish sense : Here Irish wit is seen : When nothing's left that's worth defence, They build a magazine ! " t Besides these famous books of Scott's and Johnson's, there is a copious "Life
Página 110 - An't please your worship, they have convarted my wife. Till she went among them, she had such a tongue ! And now she is as quiet as a lamb." " Carry them back, carry them back," replied the Justice, " and let them convert all the scolds in the town.
Página 17 - This last supplied him with red deer, sea and river fish; and indeed all his neighbours' grounds and royalties were free to him, who bestowed all his time in such sports, but what he borrowed to caress his neighbours' wives and daughters, there being not a woman in all his walks of the degree of a yeoman's wife or under, and under the age of forty, but it was extremely her fault if he were not intimately acquainted with her.
Página 63 - The next observed that the word makes might as well be omitted, because his customers would not care who made the hats ; if good and to their mind they would buy, by whomsoever made. He struck it out. A third said he thought the words for ready money were useless, as it was not the custom of the place to sell on credit. Every one who purchased expected to pay. They were parted with, and the inscription now stood, John Thompson sells hats.

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