The Nautical Magazine: A Journal of Papers on Subjects Connected with Maritime Affairs, Volumen 23

Brown, Son and Ferguson, 1854

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Página 615 - From the mutilated state of many of the bodies, and the contents of the kettles, it is evident that our wretched countrymen had been driven to the dread alternative of cannibalism as a means of sustaining life.
Página 106 - Our ships or vessels of war, the captain or commanding officer shall transmit, or cause to be transmitted, as soon as may be, to the Secretary of the Admiralty, a true and perfect list of all the officers, seamen, marines, soldiers, and others who were actually on board on the occasion...
Página 229 - Hoisted the small boat out, went on shore, and found them to be nothing more than a cluster of craggy rocks, about one-fourth of a mile in extent from North to South, and nearly as much from East to West.
Página 420 - He goes by my command to bear to you my greeting and good wishes, and to promote friendship and commerce between the two countries. You know that the United States of America now extend from sea to sea ; that the great countries of Oregon and California are parts of, the United States; and that from these countries, which are rich in gold and silver and precious stones, our steamers can reach the shores of your happy land in less than twenty days.
Página 685 - Sebastopol, about half-past 6 o'clock yesterday morning, with great effect and small loss. 2. In consequence of the most urgent request of Lord Raglan and General Canrobert, it was agreed by the Admirals of the allied fleets that the whole of the ships should assist the land attack, by engaging the sea batteries north and south of the harbour, on a line across the port, as shown in the accompanying plan ; but various circumstances rendered a change in the position of the ships necessary and unavoidable....
Página 615 - ... the natives out of the kegs or cases containing it ; and a quantity of ball and shot was found below high water mark, having probably been left on the ice close to the beach.
Página 106 - Admiral for the time being, to issue such directions thereupon as may appear just and expedient ; which directions shall have the same force and effect as if specially provided for in this Our Royal Proclamation : Provided always...
Página 421 - Your empire contains a great abundance of coal ; this is an article which our steamers, in going from California to China, must use. They would be glad that a harbor in your empire should be appointed to which coal might be brought, and where they might always be able to purchase it. " In many other respects commerce between your empire and our country would be useful to both. Let us consider well what new interests...
Página 615 - At a later date, the same season, but previous to the disruption of the ice, the corpses of some thirty persons and some graves were discovered on the continent, and five dead bodies on an island near it...
Página 615 - Company on my arrival in London. None of the Esquimaux with whom I conversed had seen the ' whites,' nor had they ever been at the place where the bodies were found, but had their information from those who had been there, and who had seen the party when travelling.

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