Modern Domestic Cookery, and Useful Receipt Book: Adapted for Families in the Middling and Genteel Ranks of Life

T. Kinnersley, 1828 - 358 páginas

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Página 307 - ... it melts on the top, strew on more. Lay a coarse cloth over the pan, a board over that, and a weight on the board, to keep the pork down in the brine. If excluded from the air, it will continue good for nearly 2 years.
Página 107 - ... meat cut into small pieces, adding a piece of butter, the size of a walnut, rolled in flour.
Página 39 - Then strain it, and thicken it with a quarter of a pound of butter mixed with flour, and boil it five or six minutes.
Página 164 - ... with about a gill of cream, and a piece of butter rolled in flour. Boil it five minutes, pour it on a plate. Lay Parmasan cheese roasted all over it, and send it up in a water-plate.
Página 27 - ... will be burnt before it is warm through ; joint it nicely, and crack the Ribs across as you do Ribs of Lamb. When you put it down to roast, dust on some flour, and baste it with a little butter ; dry a dozen Sage leaves, and rub them through a hair sieve, and put them into the top of a...
Página 284 - Jamaica and black pepper, and ginger, one ounce each, and half a pound of common salt. Set it on a slow fire, and let it boil till half the liquor is wasted away.
Página 47 - BOILED. Boil them in salt and water, when done pour away part of the water, and add to the rest a pint of red wine, some salt and vinegar, two onions sliced, a bunch of sweet herbs, some nutmeg, mace, and the juice of a lemon; boil these well together with two or three anchovies, then put in the fish, simmer a short time, and serve it with the sauce strained over it ; shrimps or oysters may be added.
Página 348 - Put another skewer in the small of the leg, and through the sidesman; do the same on the other side, and then put another through the skin of the feet.

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