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Preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord-
Mayor, the Aldermen, Sheriffs and Governors
of the several Hospitals of the City of Lon-
don, in St. Bridget's Church, on Wednesday in
Easter-h’eek, April 8, 1713. -

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Preach'a before the sons of the Clergy, at their
Anniversary Meeting in the Catheral Church
of St. Paul, Dec. 5, 1717.

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Preach'd before the Right Reverend and Right
Honourable Nathanael Lord Crewe, Lord Bi-
shop of Durham, and Baron of Stene; in the
Chapel at Stene, july 2, 1721. being the
Anniversary of his Consecration, his Lordship
To having Then been fifty Years a Bishop.

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Preach'd before the Honourable House of Com-
mons at St. Margaret's Westminster, on the
30th Day of january 1724, being the Anni-
versary of the Martyrdom of King Charles I.

* . . . .

; , - I SAM, XII. 25.

If ye shall still do wickedly; ye shall be consumed,

both ye and your King. p. 327

- - - - S E R M ON

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