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braced and Indulged, when the Fear of misery is the means of Avoiding it. And though this be not so Generous and Excellent a principle of obedience, as the Love of God; yet our Blessed Saviour and St. Paul have proposed it, as an Engaging motive. And wheresoever Reformation of life is One effect of it, . the Love of God will certainly be Another. Thus may a due apprehension of Danger become the cause of Safety, Fear be turn'd into Hope, and Sorrow into Joy. III. Thirdly, Those who are sincerely

Religious should look forward to the Resurrečfion, as the fountain of Patience and Comfort under all Calamities, and of Resolution and Constancy under the most Difficult duties that Religion enjoyns. For the Worst circumstances in the Wilderness will easily be dispensed with, if the Promised land is but kept in view. The Heaviest afflićtions, that the Body sustains here, will appear Light

when put into the Balance with its

Future Glory. Self-denial will be less troublesome, when attended with cer-- tain

certain hopes of the Enjoyments that follow. And 'tis a sufficient encouragement to Mortification, that it is the means of being Raised to eternal Life. Those may very well be Indefatigable in all the duties of Religion, who are Refresh'd with a Constant and Lively sense of that place, where they shall not only rest from their labours, but receive the Inestimable Reward of them. IV. Fourthly therefore and Lasily, Since we shall certainly be raised from Death, we should not propose to our selves happiness in this life, as the End of our obedience, Indeed in the Old Teslament, wherein a Future state is but Obscurely reveal’d, Temporal blessings are very frequently proposed, as an encouragement to the observance of God's Commands; but in the Gospel, wherein Life and Immortality are brought to light, they are very seldom mention'd, and are never to be the Principal motive to Religion; unless it can be Imagin'd, that our Hopes and Defires may Terminate in that, which we are forbid to Love. For thus

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it is written: * Set your affe?ions on things above, not on things on the earth; and, † Love mot the world, meither the things that are in the world: If any man. love the world, the love of the Father is not in him : Which Texts are not to be understood of those things alone, which are in their own nature sinful; for 'tis unquestionably true, that the fixing our Affections, even upon such Present enjoyments as are in themselves Lawful, does Alienate us from the Love of God, and a Future state. And after all, Temporal blessings, which have sometimes been with too much Earnestness and Artifice recommended, are frequently denied to the Best of men. And that Goodness must be Uncertain, which is not supported by the expe&tation of a Certain reward: That Religion cannot stand very long, which is built upon an Unstable foundation. But the strongest temptations . will hardly Shake the virtue of those, whose Love and Hopes are devoted to

* Col. iii. z. f 1 John, ii. 15.


the Treasures, which will Infallibly be dispensed in that day of Retribution, when they shall be rescued from the Tyranny of Death, and appear Pure and Perfeót before the judgment Seat of Christ; when they shall Hear the Blessed sentence pronounced upon them, and See the first rays of Endless glory; when they shall meet the Lord in the air, and thence with Him and the Holy Angels ascend to the mansions of Heaven; where they shall reign for ever, without any danger of revolting to Sin, or relapsing from Bliss.

Unto God Blessed for ever, Father, Som, and Holy Ghost, be all Homour, Praise and Thanksgiving, from generation to generation, Amen.

* * H - SERMON



The Necessity and Measures, the Excellency and Efficacy of Works of Charity Represented.

LUKE xvi. Ver, 9.

Make to your selves friends of the Mammon of unrighteousness, that when ye fail, they may receive you into everlasting Habitations.

. I NHE Rule here given by our Bles. sed Saviour, is grounded upon the Parable of the Unjust Steward; who, finding that he must be put out of his Stawardship, improved the short Season, which was still in his Hands, to the utmost Advantage. He had

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