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al Influence of his Holy Spirit upon us, through the Merits and Intercession of Jesus Christ our Saviour; 7% whom be a

/cribed all Honour and Glory henceforth and for Evermore, Amen.

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As touching the Resurrešion of the dead, have ye not read that which was spoken unto you by God, saying, I am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of jacob? God is mot the God of the dead, but of the living.

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are swayed by it, do generally become as Tenacious of a False opinion, as of a True one. And thatunhappy Turn, which it gives to the Mind, does not only appear in matters of little moment, - - E.4 but but upon the most Important occasions too. For ’tis notorious, that some men, who have embraced Errours inconsistent with Happiness it self, have immoveably adhered to them; though they did not want sufficient means of Convićtion. And this is partly owing to Obstinacy in some, and to Arrogancy in others; but in all Chiefly to a Disingenuo is fear of being exposed to Shame for Retrading those Principles, which 'tis their utmost Dis

honour to Retain. Though the Resurrešion be a most Glorious priviledge, and the Expectation of it the greatest Comfort in this life, because 'tis the foundation of our Complete felicity in that which is to come, and though Humane nature Abhorreth a Final dissolution, and every reflection upon it is beyond expression Disagreeable and Frightful; yet when the Sadducees have once taken upon them to Determine and Declare, that there is no Resurreštion, they resolve to perfist in their Infidelity, and Rejećt all evidence of that doćtrine, which a due sense of their own Interest should have engaged them to ReCCIVC

ceive with Approbation and Joy. And since they were so Wedded to this mistake that they could not bear the thoughts of Discarding it, 'twas natural for them to contrive the best means they could of Depreciating the contrary Truth, which deserved their highest Esteem. They therefore proposed a Case to our Saviour, which, they thought, could never be resolved to their Disadvantage. But Vain were their hopes of producing a Good reason in defence of so Bad a cause. Their objećtion did only expose their own Ignorance, and give our Blessed Lord an occasion of displaying his Divine Knowledge. He taught them, from the Different circumstances of men in This and a Future State, that the Instance, which they urged, did neither Interfere with the Resurrettion, nor any way Relate to it. And having so removed what they thought a great Difficulty, he pressed them, in the words of the 7ext, with an Argument in vindication of the Article, which they Denied, taken from the writings of Moses, which they Believed.


In treating of this Subjećt, I shall endeavour to evince the Certainty of the

Resurreàion of the Body, and that

I. FIR's T, By a Direét proof of it, from
Holy Scripture, and
II. SF con D ly, by the solution of some
objećtions, that have been advan-
ced against it. -

I. UN DE R the first head of discourse, wherein the Resurrešion of the Body is to be proved from Holy Scripture, it will be Necessary in the first place fully to examine the Importance of the words in my 7ext, before they will pass for a satisfactory evidence of this Article; because they are attended with a Difficulty, which hath been thought Insuperable, and they have therefore been accounted for by such an Interpretation as does Invalidate our Saviour's Argument, and represent it as Insufficient to prove the Resurrettion of the Body. 'Tis urged, that if this Reason of our Saviour, that God is not the God of the dead, but of the living, did Directly prove the Resurretti

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