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Folly in having neglected so Great Salva

tion? How will they Despise and Hate Themselves, for having been prevailed on by Trifles, in their State of Probation on Earth, to lose all the Opportunities of being Happy, which now can never be retrieved; and to expose themselves to the Direful Sentence of Condemnation, now to be pronounced, and never to be Revoked P And as These refle&tions are of such near concernment to us, and in Themselves so Grating and Shocking, that if they be well attended to, they will not suffer a man to perfist, easily, in a course of Sin and Danger; so the serious Thoughts of the Triumphant and Transporting Joy, which, in that Final Day of Retribution, shall shine in

all Holy men, are abundant Encourage

ments to the Faithful Discharge of their Duty. With what unspeakable Delight will they Then Caress and Applaud themselves, when they see themselves applauded and caressed by the Judge of the World, and by all the Ranks and oo:: O

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of Angels, for their Wisdom in having seen through, and Rejećted all the Deceitful Temptations of Sin, in the former Transient State, for the sake of that Everlasting Reward which is now to be Immediately bestowed upon them? O Blessed Reception l Blessed Consummation! Who can forbear spending his whole Life in making Provision for it? 5. Let us entertain our minds with Daily Thoughts of Happines in Heaven. It must needs be, that This World will engage our Affections, whilst we do not suffer it to be rival’d by the Other; It must needs be, that we shall pursue Temporal Satisfactions, whilst no Other Satisfactions are so much as Thought of But if we can persuade our selves to rouze our Thoughts, and carry them up into a Survey of that Heavenly Countrey, which is Revealed and tendred to us in the Gospel, Comparing the Happiness of That State with the Enjoyment of This, we shall easily and presently be convinced, that Common Prudence obligeth us, to govern our Lives by the Rules of Religion. For in such a Comparison, it will - I undeundeniably appear, that Things present have the Advantage over Future Happiness, in no Other respečt but This, That they Are present. Whereas all the Other advantages, which lie on the Other Side, do so strongly bear down this One, that 'tis of very little or no Weight, and Unworthy of our Regard. Though worldly Satisfactions are present, yet the Vanity of them is such, that indeed they should not even be Compared with the Bliss of Heaven, if our Folly did not make such a Comparison Necessary, to prevent our running into Fatal Mistakes. And if Temporal Happiness were not, in its Nature, so Empty and Unsatisfying

as it is; yet the Duration of it is so very

Short, that it does not deserve our Notice, any Otherwise, than that our taking of it may serve to render it Little and Contemptible in ourSight. For what Esteem can be due to those enjoyments, which Flie from us, as soon as ever we Overtake them; which Appear and Vanish in one and the same moment, never failing to Leave us, at least as Unsatisfied as they Found us. But the Duration of Future Happiness Happiness, is equal to the other perfeótions of it. 'Tis an Eternal, as well as an Exceeding Weight of Glory. But Here we must not Attempt Description; for Words cannot reach the conceptions of Eternity. Surprizing Etermity of Bliss'

. In all Good men, at once the Parent of

Holy Admiration, and Ineffable Joy! Can any man's Spirits fail him, in running the Race set before him, whilst he maintains in his Thoughts, a Distinét View of the Incorruptible and Eternal Crown of Glory prepared for him? But as to This, and the Other Meditations which I have been proposing to you, give me leave to intreat you, that Every one of them may be Frequent and Habitual; for the Efficacy and all the great Benefits arising from them depend, chiefly, upon our being Constant,

as well as Attentive in the Exercise of

Them. And if an account could be taken of all the Souls, now in a state of Misery; not any One perhaps could be found There, but who had negle&ted to exercise himself Habitually, with These, or the like Meditations, and to Implore the Di

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with Success. For 'tis not to be Imagin'd, that the Habitual Exercise of Them, attended with proper Applications to the Throne of Grace, should consist with an Habitual Course of Sin, and Final Impenitency. Therefore

6. Lasily, To our Meditations, and

all other means of accomplishing a Com-
versation becoming the Gospel of Chrift,
let us add Constant and Fervent Prayer
for the Direétions and Aids of the Holy
Spirit; That he may enlighten us with
a most Affecting Sense of all the Revela-
tions made from Heaven; That he may
sufficiently Quicken usin Discerning, and
Strengthen us in Resisting all the Powers
of Temptation; That He may Inflame us
with an Ardency of the Love and Desire
of Spiritual and Heavenly Things; and
that His Continual Motions and Influences
upon us, in all Circumstances, may Ef-
feótually enable us to make our Calling
and Ele?ion sure. Many and clear are
the Encouragements and Promises in the
Scripture, that God will give the Holy
Spirit to them that ask him. And if the
- Fervency

Fery the C will Wan

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