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for Succour and Consolation, to * the Lively hope of an Inheritance Incorruptible; to which we are begotten by the Resurreàion of Christ jesus from the Dead. But I have so Few minutes left, for addressing my self further to you, that I must go on to the II. Second General Head of this Discourse, Namely, Some Short Directions to be observed, as Means of accomplishing that Conversation, which becometh the Gospel of Chrift. And 1. Let us frequently read the Holy Scripture with Reverence, as well as Attention; ever Considering it, as the Word of God himself, and the Indispensable Rule of Our Condućt. If we Mean any thing, if there be any Reality in our professing a Belief of the Scripture; let that Reverence be paid to it, which is its Just Due. We shall one day find, that we are obliged to pay the same Awful Regard, and Exaćt Obedience, to the Word of God, as if we should hear him Heaven. When we once come to a Particular, Intire knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, by reading them with Constancy and Seriousness; and when our minds are become habitually affected with a deep Sense of their Divine Authority; Then the Promises and the Threatnings in them will be apt to work so Strongly and Effectually upon tis, that we shall be Restless in our selves, till our Obedience is fulfilled. 2. Let us entertain our Minds with Daily meditations upon the Omnipresence and Omnistience of God. Hope of Secresy is a Principal Instigation to Sin. When the Wicked think themselves Se— cure, that no Eye can see them; then they transgress, without Restraint and Reserve. Vain and Unthinking Man! who would thus build up Safety for himself without a Foundation; who thus hopes to intrench himself in a Shadow, and whose trust is in a Spider's //eb / Darkness may conceal us from Humane Eyes; but we Still lie open to the Sight of God; for the Darkness is no Dark– mess with Him, and to Him Darkness and Light are both alike. Let This consideration sink deep into our Minds, and for ever remain There; and Then Audacious, and Presumptuous indeed must we be, if we can persuade our selves, Wilfully to commit even the most Secret of Sins, fince All fins are equally manifest to Him, who is Present in every place, beholding , the Evil and the Good. And as this Persuasion is a Powerful restraint from Sin; so will it supply us with abundant Support and Satisfaction, under the most Laborious Duties Incumbent upon us. How can we grow weary in well doing? How can we fail of being Refreshed, and Revived and Delighted in sustaining the Difficulties of the Christian Life, whilst we confider, that none of our Holy Labours can be Lost, or Disregarded; that God is continually with us, observing and weighing our Fideli to Him and his Laws, and that all our Duties which are thus particularly seen and observed, will be for ever Punétually Remembred, and followed with an Eternal Reward? 3. Let us accustom our selves to Daily reflections refle&ions upon Death. For They are apt to contribute greatly towards Removing the main Obstacles of Christian Conversation. When a Covetous man, is running on most Eagerly, in the Pursuit of Riches; will it not stop him in his Career, to think seriously, that if he should Successfully gain the Possession of them, yet the Day will Inevitably and Soon come on, when he must bid a Final adieu to the World, and Finally leave his Riches behind him 2 Or, would it not check Any Man, in a sinful Course of Sensual Pleasures, to Think that his Unavoidable Portion is, that the Body, which he is thus enslaved by, shall very Speedily become a Prisoner of the Grave, and the Worm shall feed sweetly on him? Or, would it not bring Any man down, from the Height of Ambition, to confider Thoroughly, that All Glory, besides That in Heaven, is Fading, and in a very little time all Mortals, High and Low, shall lie mixed in the Common dust together? One would think it scarce possible that any kind of Temporal gratifications should prevail with us to neglect our 8alvation, if this Thought were but Continually kept up in our minds, that all these gratifications will Presently be past and gone, and as if they had never been; As if they had never been, in every respect, but that the Influence they have had upon our Lives will be Particularly examined, and receive its Just recompence, in the judgment of the great day. 4. Let the Future judgment be another Subjećt of our Daily Meditations. That any man should be under a firm Persuasion and Expectation, that he Must hereafter appear before Christ our judge, and before all the World, as Certainly and as Plainly, as we now appear before one another, at the same time his Vices appearing as plainly as his Person, and that he should, under this Expectation, wilfully suffer himself to be defiled by Sin, and to Continue under the Habit of it, is Unaccountable. How confusedly and Ghastly will be the Consciences and the Countenances of all Impenitent Sinners, whilst they stand a Spectacle before the Judgment Seat, with all their Abominaons about them; And when they observe the

pronounce it by a Miraculous Voice from

* I Pet. i. 3, 4, Heaven,

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