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be Forgot. Blessed the Man, who thus Cultivates and Inricheth his Countrey, by

his Passage through it!

Honour is the Last Talent mention'd in the Text; And this also the same Faithful Hand hath Preserv'd without /?olation, and Improved to the Utmost Advantage; For where a Title of Honour, and an Homourable /ife, do refle&t a Mutual and Constant Lustre upon one another, There ... is Honour Indeed. And yet, the Honour thus Descended, and thus Adorned, does not stand Alone, but in a Happy Union with the Honour of Episcopacy, and That Episcopal Honour This day risen, in it's Duration, to the Meridian of a Century, and shining forth in it's Full Strength. Abundant Reason have we to Rejoyce under the Benign Aspećt of the Mitre and the Coronet in Conjunétion, a Conjunction which hath Seldom appeared in the World. A Few Persons indeed of Noble Descent are recorded amongst the Bishops of the First Ages: But of Some we know Little more than their Names; and the Account of Others is, that Their Enjoyment of this Double Honour was but Short.

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Short. It Rested upon the Great St. Basil, but a little more than Eight Years, before he followed his Noble and Pious Ancestours to the Mansions of Glory Above. May the Sun bring many Returns of This Joyful and Memorable Day, before the Like Event ariseth in This Place! *. So Many and so Great Blesfings hath Heaven bestowed upon this Honourable, and /enerable Person. Indeed in That Church, which hathadded Covetousness to it's Other Idolatries, and so Aggrandized it's Spiritual Stations, that Many Mighty and Many Noble are Tempted to Press into Them, Episcopacy, Secular Honours, and Vast Treasures do often meet together. But in the Catholick Church of Christ, Before They of the Roman Communion, by Unwarranta- . ble Tenets and Pračtices, Separated from it, and Since We have, by Relinquishing Them, been Re-united to it, All These Blessings have scarce even been Found Centring in One man, and in the same Degrees of Perfeótion and Duration, as in This Illustrious Person, whom the King of Heaven hath thus Blessed, and the

Kings of the Earth have delighted to Ho#10//?", What then remains, but that our Prai/*s and Thanksgivings, on His account and our Own, should be succeeded by our Prayers, that in Him may be Fulfilled All the Promises of God to Good men, and that the Happy Effects of all the Other promises may finally Terminate in the Accomplishment of This: With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my Salvation,

Unto God, the Father, Som, and Holy
Ghoff, be ascribed all Power, Domi-
mion and Glory, Henceforth and for
Evermore. Amen.


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HIS Important Caution was gi- ven by the Prophet Samuel to - the "jews, and was occasion'd by a Remarkable Effect of these odious Qualities in them, the Ingratitude, and the Perverseness, which stand Distinguish’d by the peculiar Liveliness and Boldness of the Figures, amongst the Images of that People, drawn in the Sacred History, - .

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Their Civil Government had, for ma

ny Years, been administred by judges, according to the Designation of God himself; who had, many a time, Dełiver'd and Blessed them in an Extraordinary and Miraculous Manner, under that Administration. But they were so far from any just Notions of the Supreme Authority, prescribing this Administration to them; and so far from all Due Regard to the signal Blessings attending it, that, with one Consent, they attempted a direét Violation of it, and obstinately perfisted in that Attempt. * All the Elders of Israel said unto Samuel, Make us a King to judge us, like all the Nations. This Audacious Invasion upon the Divine Appointment, in assuming an unwarrantable Authority, to Dissolve. that Form of Government which they had receiv'd from Heaven, and to substitute a New Scheme in its room, being, by the special Direétion of God to the Prophet, fully represented to Them, is conveyed to Posterity, under this Mark

* I Sam, viii. 4, 5.


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