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when all the the Comforts and Beauties of it are Vanished, and when it appears in no Colours but the Sable and Mourn– ful ones of Perplexity and Astomishment; When we shall be continually Haunted with a Dread, not Unlike to that of Cain, that every one that meeteh us, will Slay us; When we shall, at once, wish for the Comfort of Conversing with our Friends, and yet Shrink under that Wish, left They should indeed prove our Enemies, and Undesignedly give us the Mortal Wound; When at once, Natural Asppetite shall push us forward to a necessary Supply of Nourishment, and more Cautious Thought Forbid our Approaches to it, left it should be Impregnated with the Fatal Poyson; When we shall be Incessantly racked with Fear of Admitting the very Air, we Live by, left we should draw in Death with it; When Time shall be Intirely swallowed up in One Uninterrupted Funeral; When we shall be ever Uncertain, whether the Terrors of the Present Moment are Risen as High, as Terrors can Rise, or, whether the Next Moments, proving as Deceitful as the *. + ent sent, shall bring on a Scene of stilibhaftlier Thoughts, or Ghaftlier Sights, than Those that usher'd in the moments, which Now fit so very Heavy, that they seem to have lost their Fleeting Nature, and to Dwell upon us; When Clouds of Horror Drive so thickover our Minds, that there is no Room for one Gladsom Ray of Light, or Comfort to break in between them; and, When we shall be scarce able to Determine, whether such a Death, or such a Dread, be the Greater Evil. We are at present to confider, what our Opinions of things will then be; how Willing and Ready we shall then be, to purchase Relief under our Insuperable Difficulties, Freedom from our Insupportable Reflexions, and an Intire Sense of Safety, at any Rate, or by any means; either, by an Utter Detestation of the Sins of Other Men, without respett of Persons, or without any Other Respect and Difference, than That of turning the Greatest Weight of our Abhorrence, upon the Iniquities and Abominations of Those, who seem to have been the Greatest Occasions of our Misery; or, by Boldly Exhort

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ing and Reproving the most Profligate, or Powerful Sinner alive; or, by Abandoning, Utterly, our Infidelity, or Impenitency, our Corrupt Principles, or Corrupt Pračtices, all the Dearest of our Sinful Gratifications, of Body or Mind; Tamely submitting our Reason to an Unshaken Belief of the Mysleries, and our Passions to an Intire Obedience to the Precepts of the Gospel. Let us therefore Now, by a wise Choice,

take into our Minds, such a Judgment of Things, as we shall not Then be able to keep Out of Them; Let us now be Industrious in Performing the Duties, which we shall Then Hate the Thoughts of Neglećting. Though our Endeavours may Now be sufficient to Prevent the Judgments of God, they may not Then suffice to the Removal of Them. Let us turn to the Lord with all our Hearts, and diligently seek him, whilst he may be found. Behold, now is the Accepted time,

behold, now is the day of Salvation. Let our Apprehensions of the Evils, which surround us, work so Happy and Lasting a Change in us, that those Evils Themselves

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S E R M O N VII. 297

Themselves may never Invade and overtake us, but that we may obtain the Mercy and Favour of the most High, such Degrees of his Mercy and Favour, as may Effectually Preserve us from Destruction, both Temporal and Eternal, through the Powerful Merits and Mediation of our Blessed Lord and Saviour, jesus Christ; To whom with the Father, and the Holy Ghost, Three Persons, and one God, be all Honour, Praise, and Thanksgiving, both Now, and for Evermore. Amen.




The Temporal Advantages of Religion.


Length of days is in her right hand; and in her left hand Riches and Honour.

ISDOM, or Religion, is here introduced Holding out to men's View, the greatest

Temporal Blessings, as Inducements to engage them in her Service. And the same Encouragements to Virtue and Goodness, are offer'd in Other places of: Holy Scripture. Thereforest. Paul assures us,” that Godliness is profitable to all things, having promise of the life that Now is, as

* 1 Tim, iv. 8.


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