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the Hazard of being, Themselves, cast into the fire that shall never be quenched. This Remarkable Caution against Unbelief, given by the Apostle, * deserves to be well and often weighed by all Those, who Rejeff and Disdain the Great Truths of the Gospel, and by all the Favourers of that Contemptuous Opposition, which is made to Them; Beware, left that come upon you, which is spoken of in the, Prophets, Behold, ye Despisers, and Wonder and Perish. 3dly, All Kinds of Profanation, observable in the World, are Proper Objećts of our Detestation and Sorrow. The Profanation of God's Holy Name is charg— ed, as a Crying Sin, against God's People, and in it are included, Perjury, Common Oaths, Execrations, and every Expression which derogates from the Ma

jesty of this Great and Glorious Name, 7 HE LORD 7 HT GO D. The Profanation of Places Consecrated to God is an Offence, which He hath distinguished, in these Words, by the

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Prophet"; As I live, saith the Lord God,

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&uary with all thy deteffable things, and with all thy Abominations; therefore will I

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shall die with the Peshlence. The Profanationalso of Times Dedicated to God, does incur his Displeasure, and bring Punishments upon a People. To which Purpose, we are thus taught our Duty, and our Danger, relating to the Sabbath, the Violations whereof are Sinful, under the Christian, as well as

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with the Nobles of judah, and said unto them, What evil thing is this that ye do, and Profane the Sabbath day? Did not

your Fathers thus, and did not our God.

bring all this evil upon us, and upon this City???t ye bring more wrath upon Israel, by profaning the Sabbath. These words should be Maturely considered, by all Persons, who are addićted to Profaning

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who run even into the Neglect of the

* Ezek, v, 1 1, 12. f Nehem, xiii. 17, 18.


Publick Worship; whether they run into it, out of a Pretence, that they do not Want Instrućtion, nor Expect Improvement, by the Publick Ministry of the Word, as if it were no Offence, to Negle&t and Despise those Ministrations which God hath appointed, or, as if Their Skill in the Rules of Duty could excuse Them from the Performance of it, or, their mighty Knowledge of the Word could Cancel Those Obligations to the Publick Worship of God, which are Equally In

cumbent upon the Learned, and Unlearn

ed, High and Low, Rich and Poor, equally Incumbent upon all the Servants of God, who are Particularly caution'd against the Sin of forsaking the Assembling themselves together, as the manner of some is; or, whether they run into it, out of Sloth and Idleness, or, on account of engaging themselves in Temporal Affairs and Employments, or, for the Sake of Indul

ging Themselves in Luxury: For All such Persons, whatsoever Fanciful Opinions they may muster up in their own Favour, are Highly Criminal, and do Increase the Guilt, and the Dangers of the Nation, - - And, And, not to urge any more Particulars, All Things whatsoever, which are Dedicated to God's Honour and Service, have a Divine Charaćter stamp'd upon Them, and whosoever Defaceth that Charaēter, making no Dislimëtion betwixt Them and Common Things, and, much more, whosoever does Brand Them with Peculiar Ignominy, and makes the Dis: dain and Contempt of Them, the Only Mark of Distinétion betwixt Them and Common Things, falls under this heavy Charge of Profanation; * Thou has despised mine Holy Things They have put no Difference between the Holy and Profane, and I am profaned among them. And this Abomination is One Great Reason of what follows, in the Close of the Chapter, Therefore have I poured out mine , Indignation upon them, I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath. How great reason then hath a Nation, to be Earnest in the Deprecation of Impending Judgments, when 'tis Miserably Infested with Profane, Open Assaults upon Sacred

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it no Fears, Jealoufies, or Suspicions, that the Desolation thereof is migh.

What hath been hitherto observed, re

lates to the Divine Law, and Divine Authority; But indeed the Neglett of

putting Humane Laws in Execution, or,

of exercising Humane Authority, for Suppressing of Vice and the Encouragement.

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with any, even the Lowest degrees of such Authority, is exceedingly Sinful,

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tion as worthy of our Sorrow and Abhor

rence, and our Deprecations of the Publick Sufferings, which may be its Just Recompence and Reward. And such a Concern for their Imiquity is so far from

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