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It is not for Man to Determine, or Imagine, whatNumber of such Holy Supplicants may suffice to Avert the Wrath of God, that he may spare the place, for their sakes. But we are certain, from the Scriptures, that he Particularly Regards the Duties of such Faithful and Devout, and Zealous Servants, as Oppose themselves to the Iniquities of their Countrey; And Therefore it is, that, after he had charged the jews with all their Abominations, before he Proceeds to execute his Vindićtive Justice upon Them, he gives in this Observation, “I fought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and sland in the Gap before me, for the land, that I should not desiroy it; but A found mone. In one Inftance, He condescended to Declare, what Determinate Number of Righteous persons in a Government should suffice , to Prevent the Destruction of the Whole, And who would not Wish and Labour to be ranked in such a Blessed Number? Who would not Crown his Repentance

* Ezek. xxii. 30.


for his Own Sins, with all the Effios of a True Sorrow for the Sins of his

Brethren, thereby Contributing to 7%eir Present Safety and Happiness, as well as

his Own? But if any man should fail, This Day, of Testifying in his Heart, under the Presence of God, the Searcher of Hearts, and Hereafter, in his //ords and Aotions, as Occasions shall Require, his Abhorrence of any of the Sins, which Appear in the Nation, and Threaten to bring Mischief upon it; let him be well Apprized, how far he would be Answerable to his Countrey, if it should be Depopulated by a Monster, which he will not lend a hand to Destroy; how Properly he may be accounted a Partaker of the Sins, which he does not, Proportionably to his Power and Opportunities, Oppose and Discountenance, and not only so, but which he does not so much as Disapprove and Detest; and, by Consequence, how far he may be Accountable for those Calamities, which National Guilt may bring upon us. *.

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And, that the Reasons of the Duty, which have been offer'd, may be the more subservient to the Present Great purpose of our Reconciliation to God, let us Apply them, briefly, to a Few Particulars, under which every one may try himself, by the General Observations that have been made, and form a Competent . Knowledge, whether he Contributes, by an utter Disapprobation of his Brethren's Sins, and the Proper Effects of it, to the Preservation, or, by his Approbation of them, and the Effects of That, to the Defruttion of his Countrey. The Particulars, which I shall mention, do nearly concern All Christians; and yet, to such an Inexcusable and Prodigious Length are we run, in our Divisions and Animosities, that they now reach to Points, which are the Common Cause of all the Faithful Disciples of Christ. And This very Thing might be here insisted on, as a Principal Article amongst those Sins of Others, which every Man ought to Detest and Bewail, if the Charge of it were not so General and Comprehenfive, that I thought it Proper to be - . mention'd mention'd under the First Head of this Discourse, concerning every Man's Repentance for his own Particular Sins. There is little stress to be laid upon our Repentance, so long as we Aćt by the Flagitious Principles of Partiality, Prejudice, and Respett of Persons, and that even in the Things of Religion. It can neither be Concealed, nor Excused, that we are beset with Men so Abandon'd to Bigotry and Prejudice, that they commonly graft a Disesteem and Negle&t of the Duties and Principles of Christianity, upon their Aversion, and Unjust Aversion too, to the Person, by whom they are vindicated, or recommended, if he Differs from Them in any Point relating to their Secular Interest. This is such Consummate Iniquity, such a Readiness to Offer up God upon the Altar of Mammon, that nothing Less, than the Streams Issuing forth from the Fountain of Infinite Mercy, could Hitherto have sufficed to wash off the Stains of it's Transcendent Guilt. 'Tis next to an Impossibility, that a Kingdom, so Wretchedly, so Impiously Divided, should stand. T 3 This


This being observed concerning This , , Depravity, the Wild Spirit of Division, which indeed mixeth more or less, with Most of our other Depravities, I proceed to those Particular Sins of Other Men, which were proposed to be mention'd, as worthy of our Detestation and Sorrow. And the ~ 1. First of them is, A Negle&t and Contempt of Revealed Religion. There are Men to be found, who have set up their Reason for their Idol; who have fixed their own Natural Notions for their Only Guides, Disregarding and Despifing the Guidance, and the Authority of God's Holy Word, which is given them, from Heaven, for the Adequate Rule of their Lives. Let those for ever give up their Pretensions to jus; Thinking, as well as to Religion, who will not Allow the Highest Reverence towards those Scriptures, whose Divine Authority is attested by such Evidence, as Nothing but Perverseness can Rejećt, and CommonSense obliges us to Believe. We must strike out of our Minds all our Notions of the Distance betwixt the Almighty, and our


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