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sions, and such Cause have we to be very Apprehensive, of That great Evil, which is here denounced, that the Sound of the Words in the Text may well make both the ears of every one that heareth it to tingle. The Danger of this Severe Judgment, which we dread, is not very far from us; And the Reasons, which, in Respect of Religton, we have of dreading it, too Nearly S 2. COIlCCTIl

concern us: For it cannot be Denied, and ought, with all possible Humility, to be Confessed, that it would be Just in God, to bring Evil upon us, even the year. of our Positation. . Ought we not therefore to be Serious and Thoughtful, Studious and Sollicitous, Impartial and Particular, in Confidering and Applying the Reasons of God's Inflićting the Punishment here Denounced? . And These are observable from the 15th ver. It shall come to pass, if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all his Commandments and his Statutes, which I command thee this day; that all these curses shall come upon thee; And to This is subjoyned an Enumeration of the Various Curses, including That in the Text, which their Disobedience would Infallibly bring upon them, and which their Obedience would effectually PreVent. Under this Relation of the Text to the Context, the Subjećt and the Occasion of this Discourse do require our Atten

Attentive Consideration of these two points; - - I. First, The Rule and Measure of our Duty, under a Proper Sense of the Threatming in the Text; and II. Secondly, The Punishment, which may be expeded, if our Duty be not Fulfilled. - I. The Rule and Measure of our Duty, under a proper Sense of the 7%reatming in the Text, And as the Sins of the Nation are assigned for the Cause of God's Inflićting the Punishment Denounced against it; our Duty, under a Proper Sense of the Threatning, depends espe-cially, upon Two Things; 1st, A Sincere and True Repentance for our own Sins. 2.dly; 'Our Detesiing and Bewailing the Sims of other Persons, and Deprecating that Divine /engeance, which may jusly fall upon the Kingdom, on account of Their Sims, or, our Own. 1. Our Sincere and True Repentance for our own Sims, The Necessity and Efficacy of True Repentance, are Fully represented, in this Moving Account of S 3 the the Condescending and Compassionate Regard, which the Author of our Beings, hath to our Happiness; * Repent, and turn your selves from all your transgressions; so Imiquity shall not be your ruine. Why will ye die? I have no Pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord God; wherefore turn your selves and live ye. God is Abundant in Mercy and Commiseration towards Mankind; But still, Mercy it Self cannot skreen us from his Wrath, if we will not be prevailed upon, to fulfil the Conditions of Mercy. Though he hath given us This Charaćter of Himself, for our Encouragement and Consolation, that his Compassions fail mot; + yet, that we may not Groundlesly Presume upon Them, or, conceive . Them to extend unto Persons who are not Proper Objećts of Them, He gives this Remarkable Warning to Incorigible Sinners; I will dash them one against another; I will not pity, nor spare, nor have mercy, but desiroy them f. Disobedience is the Only Means of Forfeiting, and Sincere Repentance the only Means of Regaining his Favour. He, whose Hand dire&ts Those Arrows of Death, which we are now afraid of, is Distinétly observing, how Serious, or Superficial we are, in endeavouring to prevent their being levell'd at Us; and our Fate will be Determin'd by our Behaviour. It is not the Mournful Voice, or the Dejećted Looks, but the True and Deep Contrition of our Hearts, that can Avert the Impending Judgments of God from us, Is not this the Fast that F have chosen, to loose the Bands of Wickedness”? Our Conversion is the Proper Measure of our Hopes; and the Proportion of our Fears, is to be taken from our Impenitence. "Tis left to our Choice, whether we will abandon our Sins, or our Safety; whether we will be vessels of wrath, or, vessels of mercy; whether we will be Defended, or Destroyed by the Almighty. How shall we then be Particular enough in Recollečting, or Earnest and Vehement enough in Detesting and Bewailing, the

* Ezek. xyiii. 30, 31; 32. i Lament. iii. 22.

# Jerem, xiii. 14. - cere

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