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charged upon us, how shall we sink under a Weight of Shame and Confusion of Face? - Indeed the Power of Imagination it self can now scarce represent to us that

Piercing Sense of Shame, which, in Pro

portion to our Guilt, will wound our Souls, in that Great and Solemn Day, when all our Aćtions and Circumstances

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sembly of Angels and Men. It is not Evident from the Scripture, that even Those persons shall escape the Shame of their Sins in the Judgment, who may escape Condemnation to the Eternal Punishment of them. 'Tis not easy to conceive, how Their Sins shall be so Particularly Examin'd, as the Scripture represents, without having all those Sins Exposed and laid Open in the Judgment, or,

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their Sins, without the Manifestation and View of those Sins, which are to be Examin'd, before they are Forgiven. And when Infinite Knowledge is to account


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for our Iniquities; the Occasions and Degrees of our Shame must be much Greater, than we our Selves could Before Apprehend. 5ly, and Lastly; The Omniscience of God yields Proper matter of Comfort to all Good men. They are from This Principle Assured, that All their Duties, whether Open or Secret, are now Punc

tually Observed and Regarded by the

most High, and will therefore be Undoubtedly followed with an Abundant and Eternal Reward. And they are,

upon This Principle, Cheer'd and Re

freshed with the Thoughts, that all

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Virtue and Goodness, which are now as Difficult to be Born as to be Avoided, will, in due Time, be taken off, and their Sincerity set in its Proper Light.

Their Scrupulous and Conscientious

Discharge of their Offices and Employ

ments; Their Serious and Constant Endeavours to avoid all Appearance of Evil; Their Faithful expressions of

- Zeal

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Zeal and of Charity; Their Com/lamcy and Fervency in Prayer, and all their other Aćtions and Demeanour, which are now wont to be Charged with the Imputations of Pretence and Singularity, shall then be clear'd up, and their Outward Aćtions and Appearances will be plainly found to have been the True Representations, and Effects of Real, Inward Goodness. Therefore at Present, their Proper Business is a Patient waiting for the Time, when these Ble

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Because we are exhorted to Beware of Wolves coming in Sheeps clothing, Therefore in some Mens Candid way of Thinking, every one, who Appears to be Good, must be concluded to be Evil. There are Persons in the World so Intirely Corrupted, that they are under an Utter Indisposition and Averson to Goodness; And this their Indisposition makes them think, that all Evidences of Goodness in Others must be CounCounterfeit, because they have no notion of Any Man's being Really so very Good, as some Men Appear to be, Hence it is, that Good men have so many Severe Censures passed upon Them. But, in the Last judgment, all these Points will be Adjusted by the All-Seeing God, who hath all along Observed and Approved his Faithful Servants in Secret, and shall Then Justify, and Reward them Openly. And how can we conceive this to be done, without a Particular Manifestation of that Real Goodness, which had all along Before been Misrepresented and Traduced? Welcome the Day, when this Hard Fate shall be Finally Superseded and Over-ruled; when the Beauties of that Innocence, which Before had been Condemned or Suspected, shall be made Manifest as the Light: And Blessed the Man, whose Case will bear so Full a Light, as it must Then Appear in; who, after all the Discoveries which Omnistience it self can make, shall be Crowned with S Appro

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Approbation, and Honour, and Eternal
Life. -

To God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost, be all Homour, Praise, and Thanksgiving, both Now, and for Evermore. Amen,


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